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Nov 2012
(Scene 2, Take 1)

Off their table and into his gurney
Wheeling you out I start you on your next journey.
With a push of a button he unlocked the latch
Slipping you now into the back and through the hatch
Metallic flakes embedded in the darkness
Sporting twenty two inch chrome rims
He earned it, it's his pleasure, and it’s his pride
You were the second to lie in the back and go in his new ride.
Thoughts of what you will look like run through my visions.
I only know your twenty years of age and if you look into my past
And turned back the clock you would see on the top of the page
Where my first son lost his mom only three years older
From the same cause sixteen years before.
Pulling behind to the parlors back door
We slide you out and your wheels landed on the garage floor
Pulling the chain now I lock us all in and with no escape
Through the windows no one can peek, not even through the drape
With a count of three we place you on your next table
Your remains are contained in a white disaster bag
That bears a zipper with your name on the tag.
Ever so slowly pulling it down with eyes closed till the end
I prayed hard with devotion and with pure respect
Once I saw what was inside my screams were muffled by a silent gasp
Eyes were opened to only see I now was just beginning to inspect
Cause I'm now looking hard for something familiar to detect.
Scanning for the cause he made me stop and with it a long pause
Tearing and scaring the ****** flesh of my mind I then felt
Upon the sights, the true power of the reapers claws.
On a new strange quest, I see now, I'm taking a test
Mentor with a grin on his face I can't contest
I don't complain for I watched him get his fill.
Knowing this is the greatest and now to date,
I now only hope when we get done tonight
I'll get an A in the end
On my test.

(To be continued.....)

P.S. Buckle up for Scene 3 Take 1 it's all about sewing him up an putting the pieces back together for casket viewing....

(CARSr. 2012)
Curt A Rivard Sr
Written by
Curt A Rivard Sr  Connecticut
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