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Dec 2012
Anubis the ruler of the underworld carries vast ancient fame
And today, I’m his next opponent in his weighing game.
Lying spine to spine his prep room table was cold,
made out of a lion's carcass it was formed from pure gold.
I’m in his arena and with a sold out crowd, they are all the God’s, its judgments day for me
I know all the rules; I know how to play and what it is that is expected of thee.
He makes his way into the lecture hall standing so rigid and ever so tall
Scale in one hand, his pure gold scepter staff in the other
Helping him walk so he don't fall because he then would have to drop to all fours and then crawl
Hearing his heavy breathing coming all the more closer
We now meet face to face I’m not afraid I am content in his place
Confident he looks to his audience to the left and to the right
To the balcony he then looks next and then to me suddenly with a death fright
For upon my lifeless body he saw a chain bearing charms in the shape of an urn
Fifty molded in sterling, representing all my subject’s I had to embalm while earning my intern
All around my chain they hung forever I carried them like they were my gang.
Cold wet pressing snout I feel it on my neck looking for my major one he can’t find it, what the heck
The Jackals’ ear is now on my chest he’s not given up just yet for he is no one’s pet
When were are done today he will lick my hands wag his tail and be mine forever, I will bet
No pounding sounds of my drum, he takes his scepter to open my mouth
Then sees verses and powerful words writing on my tongue
Able to speak, breath and eat I offer him everything I learned as a treat
Murmuring and shouting from the belly of Ammit they shout in rage
“Weigh his heart and do your part, you done it to all of us and right from the start”
Under duress he had no choice, then came the cutting open of my chest and out the opening he heard a voice
Eyes were amazed and his canine senses were all in disarray because in my body my heart did not stay
Paws went digging in like looking for his buried bone suddenly he had a much different tone
Because the only thing he found in me was a feather and now he’s wishing he had left me alone
Have no fear; I am just the same, I am here to help avenge that’s how my heart turned into a feather
Because I write with passion I write with respect and I write for the ones you had already met
Upon the scale it is weighed and lighter than thou, this can’t be right he now thinks somehow
A riddle is then placed upon me before forever death is on my lips asking my just how?
I answered him and told him that when I write, I write with a feather, I write from the heart
And in my ink well I put a drop of embalming fluid so forever my words would be preserved
For all the one’s I had already served.
No need for a recalibration I won and then I was then welcomed to a grand celebration.
Given eternal passage to my afterlife he quickly asked me for my parting autograph, and in return he gave me his golden scepter staff!


(SirCARSr 12-12-12)
Curt A Rivard Sr
Written by
Curt A Rivard Sr  Connecticut
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