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Apr 2017
Beatrice was the object of all his desire
Immortalized by Dante to love forever
She stole his eyes and now he walks through fire.

To see her again, he now must be clever
Overcoming obstacles along his path.              
Save me from crawling, give me wings of feather.

Nine circles this pit, I see the devil's math
Show me now, will I ever be free from here
Why this inferno, why this God burning wrath?

The sight of his love is now close, it's now near
Walking through the valley, the shadow of death
He's on a hero's journey, he has no fear.

Smitten with her beauty pure as baby's breath
He's walking all about in a flame filled haze
Remembering his vow, to love her till death.

Dragging my left hand on the wall of the maze
Can sins be forgiven, how long must I burn?
I have been on fire now for two long day's.

Tell me Lord all the things you want me to learn
Whisper to me so I will never get lost
After this quest, give her back, let her return.

So lonely, upon the flames my dreams are tossed
Shrouded in mystery she makes my heart pound
Let me, I'll care for her no matter the cost.

My hearts screaming out to her, it's screaming loud
A lifetime long ago we made a promise
From high up above she's ridding on a cloud.

Never be apart, we sealed it with a kiss
Free me from all this torment, come break the chain
Am I dreaming, how did it come to all this?

A work in progress  by Curt A. Rivard Sr.
Curt A Rivard Sr
Written by
Curt A Rivard Sr  Connecticut
     anna, Lior Gavra and Cinzia
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