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Jan 2013
Let me add a new definition to Bing's Web Dictionary today
let me start it off this way....
Because I saw it all in their faces and I saw it on her burial day.
1. I can feel it coming and many have no clue but by the end of the day
there will be many breaths taken and many minds forever will be blown away.
They all will come to learn the truth in the end, and after your funeral procession.
The private family members only get one chance to make it a lasting impression
scripted actions, looks, and a heavy carrying ****** expression.
This needed to be done no matter how strong there loving depression.
Everyone's jaws dropped to the floor when they saw the truth,
it was a sold out show and there was no ticket you could buy because there is no ticket booth.
Out the chapel, across the street and into the Catholic Church
upon the trucks they placed your casket as if it were on a perch.
Your Mass now comes to an end, I saw it all and now I see a painting right before my eyes
Because if you could see all their eyes as I opened her casket and took out the urn
you would see that, they were all stuck as I carried her through the family crowd
and carried her in my possession,
all you readers should let me rank number one and give me my turn ;)
2. optical illusion: an optical illusion of a sheet of water appearing in the desert or on a hot road, caused by light being distorted by alternate layers of hot and cool air
3. something illusory: something that appears to be real but is unreal or merely imagined
[ Early 19th century. < French < mirer "look at" < Latin mirare "wonder at," variant of mirari (see miracle) ]
Synonyms: hallucination, optical illusion, illusion, vision, delusion, fantasy, figment, imagining, phantasm
Antonyms: reality

(CARSr. 12-31-12)
Curt A Rivard Sr
Written by
Curt A Rivard Sr  Connecticut
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