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twodollar Feb 2018
lookin to ****
lookin for those habbo hotel vibes

want me a man who'll worship me
want me a girl who'll blow my mind

give me someone who makes me forget about my bed
while we're in it
give me those eyelid veins
when your head turns

i'll drink your words
if you drink mine

i'll smoke your body
if you smoke mine
twodollar Feb 2018
everything is shallow.
why is it
that the best source of my entertainment
is sitting in this chair
scrolling through posts that i don't see?
why is it
that the best source of my entertainment
is laying in this bed
scrolling through words that i don't read?
why is it
that everyone's best source of entertainment
is standing on this earth
speaking to people whose words i don't hear?
twodollar Jan 2018
if we both had the ability to write songs, i would write you so many;
as opposed to you, who wouldn't write me any
twodollar Dec 2017
the night sky is filled with stars, but there is no moon because of your absence.
you are the moon in the same way that you pretend to hover and care about me, but only to your benefit.
you want my strength you want my stupid pretty kisses all over your everywhere.
i'm not enough, that's how you make me feel, even though i am enough.
you're just too dense to see it.
this is because you're surrounded by people who love you without a purpose,
like how sons love their mothers,
like how daughters love their fathers,
like how humans love to survive.
it's puzzling, you're not that great,
your hair is ugly, your words repeat and repeat, your smile is thrown around to the point where the sight of it is meaningless.
i just want to hear your sandy voice without wondering how many other ears have been drained of their wax with your sugar lips.
your honey glazed words dribble disgustingly from your mouth, rendering anyone in the line of fire into a
that makes me want to gather up your words for myself before anyone else can even see them,
that makes me want to capture you in a mess of mumblings that allows me to taste your honey words,
and allows you the inconvenience of swallowing my coffee-bitter scowls.
but of course you wouldn't want that.
you don't need me as much as i need you.
i could leave without your burden, because if you looked to the sky, you wouldn't even notice that the moon was gone.
twodollar Dec 2017
There are
classes that I took on
human geography.
It's not about mountains or bodies of water, but
it's about
A lot of it was about the distribution of
political parties,
But one time
my professor, he said,
"all of these statistics, but there isn't a single graph about the distribution of happiness."
Of course, he then went on by never speaking about it again
because it was originally a joke.
When I got home I looked online for
happiness graphs.
I found rates of suicide, which is similar in premise,
it wasn't quite what I was looking for.
Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough.
I have never gone to the second page of Google and I didn't have any cares to start then.
I don't know.
Other people's happiness isn't nearly as interesting as your own I guess.

— The End —