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 Mar 2015
Fourteen years ago when I held you in my arms, it seemed surreal. So fragile you were and like a tiny doll. Only God knows how much I miss being able to pick you up and hug you tightly close to my heart whenever I feel depressed.
And yet I love you now all the more. You are so special to me and always shall be. Our family has shared so many joys and so much heartbreak through the swiftly passing years.
You are sunshine and daybreak and iridescent rainbow hues.
The baby has been replaced with a very special friend.

Happy Birthday Sweet Daughter!

Much Love,
From Your Mother
copyright  Hilda   3/20/15
 Sep 2014
cheryl love
Of all the fairy poems I have written, this has to be my favourite and I am dedicating it to Marian.  This is just for you Marian.  I hope you enjoy it.
The Fairy of the Sloe
In its velvet skin
Hidden below
Sits the Fairy
Of the sloe.
A sprinkling of dust
Surrounds a bitter taste
The blackthorn, as it’s known
The fairies make haste
The rush of the traffic
In the Autumn haze
A steady sour drip
On sunny cool days.
As the sugar sweetens
The dark romantic skin
To enrich the tables at Christmas
With rich sloe gin.
 Sep 2014
Sweet gentle daughter of dreaming blue eyes
Reflecting visions from some distant sphere;
Untainted by nightmares of icy fear,
Nor saddened yet by fate's mocking disguise.
Unopened book of fickle tomorrow,
Not certain of how future may unfold,
With hours of lead or hours of molten gold;
Unenlightened yet by unknown sorrow.
Sands rush through the hourglass of wasted years,
While breaking our young hearts with shattered dreams.
The clock of life wrings disappointed tears,
Unhampered by our plans and clever schemes.
Beware grim reaper swinging ***** blade
Who mocks thee as childhood days slowly fade.

© Hilda September 20, 2014 4:48 PM
Dedicated to my dear daughter Marian.
 Aug 2014
Sydney Victoria
Her Heart Dainty As A New Born Kitten,
It Is Impossible To Not Become Smitten,
By A Young Mind So Pure And Bright,
Someday She Will Be The World's Light,
Her Heart Is Beautiful As A Flowery Bouquet,
And I Would Even Play A Game I Dread With Her:
Because That Is How Much I Admire Her

The Weeping Willows Smile When They See Her,
The Birds Greet Her As If She Is Snow White,
She Is Such A Beautiful Young Girl,
With A Heart Filled With Holy Light
To Hilda's And Timothy's Daughter Marian! Happy Birthday Love:)
 Aug 2014
She wakes the flowers from their beds,
washing with dew their sleepy heads.
She paints their petals fresh and new,
with crimson reds and azure blue.
The bumble bees and butterflies,
from perfumed flowers soft arise.
Taking to wing the gentleness,
of all her love and tenderness.
For my friend Marian as promised
To where Beauty's Plans by Faeries reborn
You, First-Named Maiden, inherit Dad's Cast
Which is by Good a foremost sense bylorn
Renew your Best Face from Time's Honoured Past
I meant this well; If for Forest's reveal
The Box called Identity I beg to know
Perhaps by then should my Letters proseal
And release this Magic upon your brow
Now, when the Moon does shaunt its Thirsty Head
And begs for a Sip from the Fluid's Sun
Shall we take this Pram; And skip Dots instead
Then turn to Savour these Tidbits for fun.
I know. These Words - frilly my Thoughts do Play
Just to lend your Plomb and Promote your Day.

 Aug 2014
Ahmad Cox
Marian is the
Princess of the fairies
Spreading her love
On gossamer wings

Helping those
With broken wings
Teaching them
To fly once again

She is the healer
Of hearts
Helping those
Who have lost
Their way

Carefully gliding
Them back again
As she extends
Her heart to others

Showing what
It is to truly love
With each new heart
She touches with

Her unbridled joy
And grace
And wisdom
Helping all Fairies

Big or small
Find their way
Teaching them
How to soar and fly
 Aug 2014
Anon C
Such a lovely, sweet girl
spreading kind words and happiness
anywhere her feet do twirl
if a sad face she does witness
immediately will she brush away the tears
speak of fairies and better days
I will teach my daughter to be as she in future years
for nothing is better than spreading sunshine rays
Thank you Marian for your brightness and kind words always. You will grow to be a lovely young lady I am sure of it!
 Aug 2014
who does not speak of what their heart is full of;
there is a certain Virginian
whose heart words lift you into joyous rapture
the sweetness of the young
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