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 Mar 2021
Victoria Jennings
I wonder how many memories I would have to erase

Before seeing your face made me do anything other than smile.
 Feb 2021
Ann M Johnson
Valentine Serenade
I am not able to conduct a parade
I would not want you to catch a chill
in the icy cold winterland
Lets stay inside where it is cozy and warm

Let my warm up your heart with songs
old and new as I serenade you
I hope the songs sung for 45 minutes
take you to the Top Of The World
because Baby Baby, you mean so much to be

I hope you will get to know me better As Time Goes By
and know that I am with you through both your laughter and your tears
I hope you will learn it more as i get Close To You throughout the years
You are My Funny Valentine that is for sure maybe that is why I Can't Falling In Love With You more each and every day
After years of darkness now I See The Light as it is shining in your eyes
If you Kiss Me in the moonlight it will be a truly Wonderful World.
I am singing for a Valentine's celebration in the Apartment building were I live and there will be a potluck afterwards. My guy friend heard me practicing and got an early Valentine's serenade. The songs I am singing their titles are woven throughout the poem. Here I share this poem, with all you Hello Poetry friends.
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