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 Feb 2016
Sam Stone Grenier
Forget my sight.
What is it to me but the
Feel of a mirror.
 Sep 2015
Sam Stone Grenier
 Jun 2015
Sam Stone Grenier
 Mar 2015
Edna Sweetlove
I met this **** chick at the entrance to the cinema
and we agreed to sit in the back row
[after all I bought her ****** ticket
so the little **** knew what was expected]
and when the house lights went down
and the couple next door started
mauling each other's mouths seriously
she unzipped my pink satin trousers
and took out the first six inches
of my mighty ***** of generation
and gave it a spectacular *******
until I shot off into her dribbling cakehole
and then I could enjoy the film
without very much extraneous distraction
[apart from the antics of the couple next door
as they were in their eighties at least
judging from their heavy breathing
and from the time it took them to come,
just like a slow train juddering into
a suburban station on Christmas Eve].
 Feb 2015
Edna Sweetlove
I once ****** a girl in a train;
She was short, rather fat and quite plain;
The smell of stale *****
Which arose from her bunk
Obliged me to **** her again
A further poem from my MANLY side
 Jan 2015
Edna Sweetlove
Always remember
To wrap hamsters in duct tape
Before ******* them.
A traditional Japanese precaution to prevent them from bursting...
 Jan 2015
Edna Sweetlove
a bottle of sake
four double gin and tonics
bad halitosis
 Jun 2014
*under dancing trees
citrus breeze through limbs and leaves
hummingbirds and bees
 Apr 2014
*she bends gracefully
but she breaks so easily
art and song lives here
 Apr 2014
purple haze my brain
Jimi Hendrix acid trip
while I kiss the sky
 Apr 2014
*woven trap is set
invisible creation
lunch is on the way
5/7/5 conforming haiku
 Apr 2014
*sweet **** and *******
inspire poet master
William Shakespeare's muse
 Apr 2014
*wonderland of Alice
magic mushrooms hooka pipe
Lewis Carroll smokes
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