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 Jul 4
Leigh Jacobson
If only parents behaved the way they expect their children to act.
This has frustrated me all my life. I still see it happening. Parents yelling at their kids when frustrated... for the child who yells out when frustrated. ....and it still does today.
 Jul 2
Lovely Nobody
things can be different
from different point of views.
the same sceneries can be dull
or they can be filled with hues.

the flickering flame can burn
or the flame can be warm.
the water can quench thirst
or the water can bring storm.

we don't have to think alike,
we don't have to be the same.
for some people my words could mean
and for some they could be lame.
I see a world where everyone bleed feelings into everything they do
you might see it as a labyrinth  of forgotten people.

if we are not different then, who are we?
 Jun 26
16 years behind prison bars -- you came home
and not once did you show your scars...
from the fights and sleepless nights, man
it must be hard, to survive a system so inhumane, so corrupt, and flawed...

Barely 20 back in '98 -- you ever wish
you can go back and take that day away? Wondering what life would be like if, at home, you stayed? Now pain echos in your brain since the past can't be changed... (but its ok)

You're a son - you sat in a cage
while your 3 year old son was home getting ***** trained; missed out on ceremonies, birthdays, and holidays. Relationships with friends and family faded as you aged - it
gave you lonely days...

But I remember the joy that overcame you
when we went up to visit - those days were our fave too -- We couldn't hug but you expressed your never-ending love, with 22 inch biceps, telling us to read books and stay tough...
(for that we thank you...)

We longed for the day you'd be free.
But we never understood or considered  the damage done underneath. 16 years of pain, struggle, and suffering. Yet, your story doesn't end with you drowning in defeat.

Certificates and college degrees.
Clinical Social Work and counselor for psychology. Leader, influencer, mentor, husband, and father of three.
I can't be any more proud of you, your healing, and the people you impact and reach (like me).

There are unknown scars that may never heal;
Holes in your soul that are ever real,
16 years behind prison bars -- you came home
and not once did you show your scars...
Instead, you showed the world how to
stay strong and be successful,
and for that, I am ever grateful.
Love you, tio.

 Jun 26
Eva Rushton
I spent a smile
On another today
The cost was of little
But a soul it did save
I spent a smile
On another today
My heart it grew lighter
Their world became brighter
The smile I spent
On another today
Came back to me
With happiness I see

Written by E.M.Rushton
June 24 th 2019
Turn the pain into balladry ,
Initiate a everlasting melody.
Do not linger in sympathy
Fabricate your destiny !

Rise to glorify your life
Strive not to survive but to be alive!
Simple treasures are on your path.

The choice is stark ,
The world is tempting and the flesh is weak .
Chose the kingdom of God.
Do not ! My friend search for the world's riches ,
choose wisely for the divine, heavenly bounties and riches.

Spiritual verse#Reitirating self journey through simple pleasure s and happiness 23/06/2019
 Jun 24
Ciel Noir
light a fire
and you will see
you are not alone
in this darkness
 Jun 23
For you to see
For you to touch and feel
Soft skin under your coarse finger tips
Stifled tears, and a lantern is lit
I think ‘why couldn’t it be a doll
Instead of clawing at my poor agonized soul?’
No, it could not be
It had to be flesh on a filthy bed for him to be pleased  
‘You owe him a laugh’ they said
‘A kiss and a dance in this pleasure night
For he had paid your price’
My price
three golden coins in the pocket of a man
Who kidnapped me when I was a mere child of nine
Who brought me to a house to be beaten and torn
then learn to obey,
I did, for I no longer had a soul
For you to see
For you to touch and feel
In this nights, and the many nights to be
A stranger with golden coins, A smiling girl with a heart that weeps.
I always sympathize with prostitutes, no one knows what they had been through and how they ended up where they are, yet society judges them.
One never knows the choices he would have made, had he been in their shoes.
 Jun 21
Ken Pepiton
The big ice is melting, you can't stop it.

It's not your fault. You did nothing. You were made for such a time.
You happened, to be live,
Look, out o'body, like from the moon,

what part can we conntinue to ****? What part of
The earth, our spaceship spiraling through

the galaxy, you believe that, right? The galaxy,

one among, right, many many many galaxies, right? We know
somebody knows,

but me, do I know? You know, but me
the maker of this bubble

fractaling into
All time in all place is now right now. Life the fool says has an end

thought speed. Time, endure in timeless thought

constant instant

cross di mention al for givin' me this opportunity
to compete
for your attention, in th enoise... e'therealorgnot

pause, plenty o' time, think about nothin'

Peace making is as intuitive as love making was when you...

did you ever, make
anything? Love as a word lacks the power folk claim it holds,

truth. There's the peacemaker's hammer, by god.
Chains fallen from the oppressed,
captives all set free,

was that not the fast we fasted? What is this we see,
******* mockin' wisdom of d'sages and richi-shitstictics
myst or mist
occlusin inclusion, bubble barrier, here

safe in no doubt, no fear, no lie, keep saying it,
till it's true,

or yu can imagine it is and see it was not due to you.
raw but timely, if y'ax me.
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