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Feb 2022
You whisper into my ear at record pace
I could walk away but it would only start a chase
I whimper as you grab me and pull me back by my hair
Desperately I cast sideways glaces to avoid meeting your stare
I feel you pressing against me
Your head in time with your gun
I hate how you always get me
Trying to drown out my hearts thrum
Casting my thoughts to the angry tide
Needing to avoid your wild rides
Your highs too high and your lows bottomless
It's been years and I don't see a way out of this
You huff a laugh against the column of my throat
My mind within an ocean praying for a line or a boat
The cuts have been too deep
Your blood's mixed in with mine
I wish I could find peace through sleep
But you're still there behind my eyes
George, George,
my dear, my dear...
Come any closer
and I'll **** you, I swear
Written by
WickedHope  26/F/Not Boston, Almost Hell
(26/F/Not Boston, Almost Hell)   
     Frank Ruland and WickedHope
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