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5h · 19
I Am You
I Am You
My beloved at the very outset of love
I told you if I become insane keep me in chains
Now love is taking me along my dove
I failed to swallow all contempt and disdains
Now I am totally lost and absorbed in you
Love has changed me into a wonderful entity
It has gives me wings to achieve heights anew
I merged in you in sheer love I lost my identity
So when you sing I sing along so I do belong
To you my love my love has surpassed all limits
Where ever you are I do remain there along
You became my heart my soul and my spirits
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright July 2020 Love Remains
2d · 169
Complete Solace
Complete Solace
After evey difficulty there is complete solace
Sheer contempt and hatred can change into love
What a wonderful system of Lord with grace
Love remains a complete chain all from the above
Beauty has its own reward to cherish to celebrate
To bring resonance in all difficult hours of trial
Lord is great to ameliorate this sweet excellent state
In every difficulty we have to have this for a while
Life is a great gift to be taken with all humbleness
Humans are the best creation ,is declaration of Lord
From the first day of bearth till last day its bless
Lord is extra kind to lookafter His every sweet ward
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright July 2o2o Love Remains
3d · 53
A Love Prayer
A Love Prayer
My sweet Lord You created me and Guide me
You are the one to provide me with food and drink
When I fall ill you cure me on the love plea
You cause me to die and then bring me to life link
I am staunch beliver for sake of love You will forgive
Bless me with excellence in knowledge and deeds,
Ordain me with virtuous remembrance and to give
Forgive my father asper needs so that he leads
For Your sake cover me to save from any disgrace
On the day when no wealth no sons will come tp rescue
When only pure and clean heart will face to grace
Your Mercy and Kindness will appear out of the blue
Colonel Muhammad khalid Khan
Copyright July 2020 Love Remains
Note .Main idea blooms from the verses 78- 89 of Holy Quran Sura Alshuhara
4d · 31
Grace of A Kiss
Grace of a Kiss
My love hold me for a while with your grace
Whispering wind of monsoon asks for celebrations
A kiss of class my love will attract as face to face
Let us be honest to declare all sweet hidden narrations
Kiss of rose petals by dew drops are to reveal
How drops of dew get chance to take on beauty
Sweet love extends a wonderful sweet love deal
What an occasion of love what a chance so free
Kiss to kiss takes life to the grand road of sweet love
My sweetheart my beloved I love tothe extent
Love truth and beauty is a wonderful chance from above
Give your hand in my hand and give me consent
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright July 2020 Love Remains
5d · 15
On Duty
On Duty
Every one has to taste death so am I
Journey never stops so it is but part
Soul like an innocent bird has to fly
On completion of duty one is to depart
Death is but like continuation of life
We have to take this burden ordained
You can ***** my soul with sharp knife
This is an experience so strong grand
Continuity in action solves the problem
One should be mentally ready for change
Some moments may be really troublesome
But they still keep us but in proper range
We shouldn't to worry for verdict of God
That commands and just find its own way
I am slave of my great and merciful Lord
So every ray makes be more satisfied to play
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow
My Pink Rose
Dew drops touch face of petals to ameliorate
Beauty enchants every watching soul to praise
What a wonderful touch to make beauty great
What a spirited scene is a result of sweet gaze
What a spirited scene is a result of drizzling rain
Makes me enthralled to remember wet pink lips
I have to have a wonderful beauty and love chain
Where love dictates all its wonderful clips and tips
My pink rose I am in love so please take me along
Don't leave me in this cruel world at mercy of rivals
For your eyes sake I am ready to sing a love song
To go through all trials for real wonderful survivals
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright July 2020 Love Remains
6d · 13
Wicked Magicians
Wicked Magicians
All those who practice have sold their souls to satan
For their ulterior motives and henious designs
Is this world is a brothal house or a place just forsaken
What guidelines are coming out with the signs
These are the rascals and ******* who worship vice
They follow dark shadows in sheer darkness
They don't know that what may be the real price
They are not aware about fate and sharpness
They play with the innocence of people as a sport
They dwell to bogdown in swamp to strange death
Hell is predistined for them as ultimate real resort
They will taste the results of evil till their last breath
For this transitory world they play magic to survive
I pray for their rewards to become a symbol a sign
They should be thrown to hell with their dirtiest drive
Their punishment should equate to their vicious line
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright July 2020
7d · 40
Sense of Pride
Sense of Pride
A sweet covered path to the eternal bliss
What a wonderful companion in sheer love
Oh my sweetheart my my so sweet miss
Your beauty is a stream from paradise above
Like a clean glass I can see you through
Your grace and charm remains my asset
Like moonlit night you appeared out of blue
My eyes are still anxious to see a lady yet
I am really impressed by your grace and style
I want to keep you in my heart just to hide
What a wonderful sweet mood with lovely smile
Like a slow moving tide with a sense of pride
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright July 2020 Love Remains
Jul 3 · 31
The Gratirude
My sweet God you are so kind that I can't explain
In every disaster you saved me like a mother
With your love and kindness comes but no disdain
You love me always kept kept me undercover
You saved me and my son from a dangerous situation
I love you I love you to the utmost of my power
I am grateful to you always for my well being ,salvation
Your patronage remained a solace in need of hour
I bow my head heart and soul in sheer bestowment
Mercy have no words no tears with honestyto reciprocate
Love carries along in this magnetic love moment
Being more frank straightforward my Creator is Great
It is a miracle that my son survived from corona virus
I congratulate him for a new life granted by God
Salut to magnamity of my Lord for converting crisis
To a wonderful complete relief for His soldier ward
Colonel Muhammad Khalid
Copyright July 2020 Love Remains
Jul 3 · 56
Love Remains Unique
Love Is Unique
My sweetheart take my heart from heart to heart
But you have to promise never ever to depart
I am enthralled by your beauty so sweet so smart
I carry your beauty from pore to pore ,part to part
I am proud in your love and I am no more on land
Your heart to heart beats make me to understand
We are on one frequency and on one just love band
Uniqueness of our love make us wonderfully grand
Love remains my love and it increases with the time
Your charm is sublime and has a sonnet with rhyme
Love remains a worship and is never ever a silly crime
Let my love embrace you with all sincerity to be sublime
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright July 2020 Love Remains
Jun 30 · 56
English Ghazal23658
English Ghazal
My love being on your romantic page
You have caged me in your love cage
For lovers I portray all my sweet love
For all my foes rivals I am in severe rage
Love has cleaned my soul my heart
Your sweetness converted me to a sage
I am an old man with blooming love
She is innocent blooms like a teenage
I love her she loves me but at times
My love guides me I am at crtical stage
Mehr love is like an ever burning fire
One can not be able to measure to guage
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remains
Jun 29 · 56
Charm At Peak
Charm At Peak
Spontaneous overflow of love stream
Makes your beauty all charms to glow
Your radiant cheeks in love like a beam
Remains but a beautiful sweet flow
Intoxicated in this moment of pleasure
I can see you and nothing on this earth
Your wonderful figure remains a treasure
My passion seems to take birth,rebirth
Then tip to toe there is wine in my veins
I feel intoxicated up to endless sweet brim
All hills ,hilllocks become suddenly plains  
My intense love warrants a wonderful trim
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remains
Unflinching trust in God gives us indomitable courage
To deal  with any disaster ,difficulty and hardship in life
It is a bond ,a chain which encounters and gives bridge
To go through any fire and to travel on any poisnous knife

Every difficulty has God gifted solution we must understand
Acceptance of hardships make us to gracefully pass through
Commitment and affliation provides a strong bond and a band
It definitely helps and ensures help of God just out of blue

My Savior is greater than any calamity I do understand,portray
When there is no hope left then comes His graces to grace
Let me declare with honesty of purpose there vis always light ray
To enlighten all the darkness and to make radiant our face

Hatred and all contemptable things are transitory I know
Only love has the power to remain and to spiritually,physically heal
Life is a stream which under all circumstances has to flow
Let be wonderful humans to understand anatomy of fear and to deal

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remains
Jun 27 · 25
Sooth My Heart
My love love me and make me free from all pain
You are a wonderful soture to heal and to deal
By taking me in string to nurture sweet love chain
Please be near to me and give me chance to feel

This may be my only chanceto overcome all pain
Let me come back to life to understand touch of love
Let me be a lover to praise your beauty in trance
Shower all mercy of your charm you got from above

My survival depends on your sweet charm and dealing
You have given me the reason to live and to survive
I bestow upon you my passion sentiments and feeling
My wonderful ocean of love let me dive and thrive

Let us share secrets, dreams, and quiet moments
Let us be more near and dear to whisper being together
Let us have fun in close moments for all endowments
Let us overcome every pain just with real love pleasure

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
copyright June 2020 Love Remains
Jun 26 · 173
Valid Love Plea
Valid Love Plea
My love your unique brand of allure takes me on
To heavenly places to take me to an eternal spring
A glimpse of your  sweet smile radiates like dawn
It gives strength to love chain and to love string

Soak my thirsty lips to bring me to real taste of life
Make me companion on the hard path to but lead
Be genrous to save my heart to blead with love knife
This kind gesture will save me indeed to just lead

Accept my love with open heart and be more sincere  
To give more solace and satisfaction to be happy to see
Don't be the victim of rivals and foes my beloved ,dear
Heart to heart communication remains only valid plea

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remains
Jun 25 · 70
Let Me Praise
Let Me Praise
Amidst falling snow you have given your hands in mine
What a warmth of love and what a bottle of sweet wine
Let me sip it all just sip by sip to be more loving and fine
Let us be together face to face on one goal on one line
How sweet you are don't debar me to love and to praise
Let me read your poetic sweet figure just phrase by phrase
Let me be insane in my wild enthusiasm ,fervor and gaze
Let me pray for longest nights and wonderful loving days
You and me can create a universe of our own in this state
What a marvellous precious moments and beautiful date
In my reckoning no one can be so sweet,to beat this date
I love you with all sincerity of my heart , soul my soulmate  
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remains
Jun 24 · 32
Lovers Do Win
Lovers Do Win
My love I know world is a difficult place to reside
Love should sparkle to reinvigorate not to let down
It is not good to give air to broach issues to chide
Just to create hatred and to make the lover just frown

Let us be on one grid not to waste time in useless row
Love remains wonderful unless it is mixed with pain
Don’t be afraid to take the lead so let the kindness flow
Let include passion and sentiments to glow love chain

Only brave lovers can win this battle of love and life
Charm with zeal and zest can save lovers from harm  
It is not easy to take poisnous double edged sharp knife
Pain and pleasure together make love and life warm

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June  2020 Love Remains
Jun 23 · 57
Please Be Mine
Please Be Mine
My sweetheart don't leave me in this hour of trial
Accept me with all my weaknesses and drawbacks
Please reconsider me to be companion for a while
Allow me to explore your sweet beauty on tracks

Your charm and chrisma make me just intoxicated
In romantic season I want to capture sweet beauty
My sweet love is so clearly stated and loudly dictated
Please be kind and not cruel make me but just free

I want to be in your company to get real satisfaction
Be genrous to extend all your charm and your grace
With lifless heart and lightless eyes I need perfection
Please embrace me my love be mine, be face to face

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remains
Jun 23 · 48
Tribute To A Desire
Tribute To A Desire
My sweet innocent son wanted to donate
His plasma to some needy corona patient
I was astonished to his wild desire so great
Because till that moment he was not infect
Then he got corona and remained in pain
For very many days in hospital for treatment
I was disturbed for his soldierly spirit insane
Allah helped him to survive and to imprint
His innocent desire to donate contribute
Then I advised him to do so for a poor soul
I admire him for his courage and do salute
For wonderful service for sweet humanly goal
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 love Remains
Jun 22 · 116
The Only Solution
Love Is Only Solution
Contempt brings more resentment than resolution
So my love let us be fair to not to create distances
Love for love is the only possible available solution
Heart to heart we have to have but coexistance

Together my love we can touch edge of eternity
But as individuals we will lose all due to uncertainty
Let us have a wonderful embrace to get just  free
From cruel clutches of all foes on but invalid plea

Few moments in life deserve celebration let celebrate
Let be the most happiest couple on God's sweet earth
Let us convert to love fortune from all attrocities of fate
Let us be innocent and chaste let usmy love take rebirth

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remains
Jun 22 · 24
What A Mockery
What a Mockery
My love your rude attitude made my heart lifeless
I love you still because that is beyond my control
Even if you don't like me but your concern is bless
I wI don't like truth in pieces in love but as a whole
I may leave you on my death but my eyse will seek
You in entirety to capture your  image after image
I don;t know whether my future is clear or just bleak
But I will keep broken love chain as bond as a bridge
World is brothal house with prostitutes and brokers
I have seen the real faces in ***** robes to dangle,play
We are not surrounded not by humans but by jokers
Will I be able to get a streak of light,a beam or a ray
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remains
Jun 22 · 54
Love Claim
Love Claim
You are so sweet from tip to toe
Please be mine in this love season
A streak of light a beam to glow
Love needs no rhyme and reason
Let me encounter all hurdles to reach
Distances can't stop sweet lovers
Let us be together on romantic beach
Beauty when is discovered uncovers
All the treasures of world in a glance
Love love and love remains the aim
My love extened me chance to dance
Let us prove each others love claim
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright june 2020 Love Remains
A Tribute To Sweet Father
The Father
Father is a disciplinarian from beginning to end
He is the master who has to set the eternal trend
He makes his wards to stand up and never bend
The message of humanity he has to take and send
Being strict in rule he is not liked by all and sundry
But he is the one who makes his generations free
He is representative of God and he holds valid plea
He trains his wards to sail honorably in violent sea
He takes his onerous task with smile to perform
He teaches all skills and also teaches all the norm
In chilling snowy season of odds keeps wards warm
He is love in entirety and makes concern conform
Image of God with love of many mothers for wards
Being an ordinary person makes his wards the lords
Being a staunch guard is always happy and guards
Keeps in fact intact all strings of beauty, love chords
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Jun 19 · 41
Love Destiny
Love Destiny
My love , love has burnt me in to ashes
I have lost my heart in love caresses
And my lifeless eyes do carry her flashes
My heart and soul are in her trasses
Beauty is like streaks of light of a moon
Which when embraces love makes it glow
Roses bloom in spring to make love attune
To help all sensual pleasure to just flow
You are my heart and my soul to declare
That without you I will not be able to survive
Let me be a staunch lover with real flare  
Allow me to be part of love ocean to dive
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remains
Jun 19 · 59
She is so Beautiful
She is so Beautiful
Her eyes are twinkling like galaxy of stars
Her cheeks are glowing like pink roses
Her cresses are with her cheeks on wars
Her figure where ever appears bulldozes
Her sensual appeal makes love to deal
With cups of wine to be in real love trance
Let my sweetheart embrace you to feel
Whatever is going to go in real love chance
Her smile is full with ssweet oothing effect
Her charm makes her figure to dominate all
Her beauty under any definition is perfect
Her whispering of beauty is a romantic call
I love you to what an extent let me explain
You are i nmy heart beats and in my soul
Do not ask me about the pleasure and pain
To please you up to the brim is sweet role  
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remains
Jun 19 · 33
Cleaniliness of Heart
Cleanliness of Heart
Clean your heart with constant tears
Supreme lover needs a heart neat and clean
Success will surpass over aunknown fears
Glowing faces will come over to the scene
Cleanliness is neede for hearts to glow
A stream of love is an endless source
To be the part of eternal love to love show
A loved one will never be in remorse
My love embrace new paths for real progress
Deep joy will follow to get real perfection
Bundles of mercy will bring nothing but success
Then you will be proud of love selection
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remains
Jun 18 · 57
Life is But Struggle
Life is Struggle
Step by step my love I want to climb
To the heights of glory to know truth
So to be on the pinnacle of sublime
To appreciate my excellence of youth
Purity makes heart so pure and clean
I am enthralled and in trance to dance
Do not challenge gallantry is in my gene
When I am in trance a take real chance
I do seek reuge only in Mercy of Allah
He has very many but I have just none
In sheer dejection I have taste of sarsala
But in any untowars situation I carry gun
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright june 2020 Love Remains
Jun 17 · 29
Love To Ameliorate
To Ameliorate
In rainy evening she appears as bottle of champagne
I forget all to take her sip by sip to ameliorate
This is how I try to bear every torture and every pain
In sheer love my soul starts dancing with my soulmate
Her sweet beauty is neyond any words to explain
For her glowing eyes I can sacrifice my every asset
Her beauty intoxicates me to be sane and insane
Love and beauty embrasse each other to be perfect
My love I lost my heart I lost my soul for your sake
Be mine and let explore love with all sincerity
Your sensual pleasure makes you beautiful hot cake
Let take all benefit of rainy evening let feel free
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June Love Remains
Jun 16 · 43
Present To Call
Present to Call
I have to fight this battle of life with grace
Hence I have to bear all torture and pain
Love is the only weapon to carry place to place
My love I have but only sweet love chain
I know that I have to be a committed soldier
But I am sure no one can stop me to win
I have to cross mountain fromboulder to boulder
Let me in this intoxication open another tin
Do not challenge me I am not open of death
I have to keep my resolve to conquer but all
I have to fight like a real soldier till last breath
My love for my Lord keep me present to the call
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2020 Love Remains
Jun 14 · 23
Listening To The Rain
Listening To The Rain
Let my touch the drops let me listen to the rain
Let me feel the fragrance she brought from clouds
Let me understand the message just full of pain
Let me search for reality let me uncover the shrouds
Let me feel the music let me be in the symphony
Let me see my beloved whose image is in rain
Let me be the part of nature let me be in harmony
I know my love your love makes me but insane
My sweetheart come and do not miss the weather
Tell your beauty to have some faith in my real love
Lets be together in these moments to put together
What fortune has gathered from below and above
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2018 Golden Glow
Jun 13 · 47
Universal Brotherhood
Universal Brotherhood
God has created us equal in race ,grace
We have divided ourselves but in hatred
No one can know and no one can trace
What is the bond and what it be instead
Love needs mutual respect and trust
With lovely hearts and not stubborn brains
All humans are in sheer distress ,disgust
This world is full of miseries and pains
Let us communicate right and just direct
We can capture stars what we should
Let us refine our souls for mutual respect
Let us aspire for universal brotherhood
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow
Jun 13 · 55
Life Is Risk
Life Is Risk
A big risk brings a big reward my love
To battle with inner critic with your talent
Love is a constant stream with a rove
It is violent as well as excellent by gallant
Self esteem makes true this dream
It is job of a wonderful self directed soldier
On every step realization blooms a beam
To encounter hurdles from bolder to bolder
My sweetheart be sweet to my eyes to see
What real taste of life comes with struggle
Your inner zeal and zest sparkles like spree
To surpass in life over each and evry trouble
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyrright June 2020 Love Remains
Jun 13 · 41
Dancing Mood
Dancing Mood
My dreams of love make me to see
Her sweet beauty in a dancing mood
I think in trance what taste could be
Her charming style makes me pursued
Her green eyes her red juicy cheeks
Her red juicy rose make me to drink
My every heartbeat anxiously seeks
I want to appreciate from link to link
Then I embrace her beauty but to kiss
What a chance I get to always cherish
She is my sweetheart my beautiful miss
I do dclare without her I will but perish
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remains
Jun 10 · 36
In Front To Confront
In Front To Confront
I saw her in a mall in a modern city
She followed me anxiously to embrace
She was so loving and was but free
When I saw her I was impressed by grace
In a corner she suddenly was in front
She raised her hand and it was all fragrance
She was after me but hug and confront
I was enthralled her impressed by her presence  
When I saw her face it was ready to be kissed
I saw in her eyes they were all in trance
The wonderful moment was not to be missed
I bent upon and took a sudden chance
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remainslove
Jun 10 · 21
All Are Equal
All Are Equal
My soul is in trouble my heart is in pain
I am a poet of love who loves all and sundry
World is full of hatred to spread in chain
In burning desert of life there is no love tree
Rascals have divided world for their benefit
Races are there on th bbasis of status and skin
Human emotion is delicate so one should hit it
Division on the basis of color and caste is sin
All prophets and and all saints preach dignity
Then what this difference of color and creed
Humans are most  noble creatures to be all free
Any test and trial is totally dependent on deed
All humans are equal in the eyes of our Lord
Caste color and creed is no criterion to judge
Every white and every black remains but ward
Unclean hearts will face their ultimate on grudge
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remains
Jun 5 · 57
Sweet Bliss
Sweet Bliss
My love I seek forgiveness for all my mistakes
Whether done with good or bad intention
In burning desert your love is like snow flakes
Let us establish a new sweet love convention

I do know that love is the supreme power
Which heals all ailments and makes one daring
My love you are a sweet flower of the hour
Let me be more friendly in sharing and caring

My love forgive me and be my honor and respect
Take me and embrasse me and allow me to kiss
Let us make our relation more strong and perfect
This all kinesis remains for me the real sweet bliss
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Jun 5 · 48
Pleasure I Deserve
Pleasure I Deserve
Let my love sieze an opportunity of love
Let me take bold love decisions to ******
All my love rights with sincerity from dove
This is how I want to take and to but catch
To enjoy every sensual pleasure I deserve
To be in your companyfrom heart to heart
You are but mine the right I do reserve
This is the basic love right from the start
Amidst whispering spring let me praise
Your beauty  and graces with sincerity
Let quench my thirst with craze to daze
Let me sacrifice myself on your austerity
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remains
Jun 4 · 43
My Love My Mission
My Love My Mission
My love you are like a north star to show me destiny
I am enthralled by your presence all along my way
You are resonating in my heart and body like symphony
In every sheer darkness you are like a sweet light ray
Be my companion and be my real friend to set trend
With your help I will be able to get my sweet destination
I do declare as a man in your association I will never bend
My sweetheart you are my faith my fortitude and passion
Please do appreciate if you leave me alone you will **** me
So my only request is to be mine under every adverse condition
Without you I am all alone but with you we are but we
Let us we give new definition to make it new disposition,mission  
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remains
Jun 4 · 42
Ready To Bloom
Ready To Bloom
My sweetheart you are full of vim and vigor
The feelings of romantic love are ready to bloom
An embrace a kiss or a touch will make trigger
Be my bride and make me groom in love room
Allow me my light to be like a moth to burn
Hence to sacrifice my life for your beautiful eyes sake
I do understand in love there is no point to return
I am your love asset and you are my sweet hot cake
Let us celebrate these precious moments to show
Intensity of love resonates with all shades of beauty
Hold my hand to be together to but just flow
Let us have few sensual moments to be more free
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remains
Jun 4 · 57
Love is Fire
What is Love
Do not play with flames of love less you burn
Your heart and soul just in one leap to go
My sweetheart  love has but no point of return
It has just its own pain and pleasure to glow
Love is what takes heart and soul along
Beauty has an eternal attraction to place its hand
On love to create a wonderful sweet song
A lover can not explain love frequency and band
My love has burnt me to ashes let ne declare
But there is no complain my love so why to complain
Let me also declare that love is but to dare
To accept any wrath any pain any torture and disdain
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright  June 2020 Love Remains
Jun 1 · 43
Love Thru and Thru
Love Thru and Thru
I love you my love without any reason
But the fact remains that you are beautiful
My passion is reinvigorated with season
And I consider you for love most suitable
Do intoxicate me with your cups of wine
Let me drink your beauty just sip by sip
Embrace me kiss me be my love just mine
Take me along with you on sensual trip
When I kiss you I embrace you I forget all
You ****** in my heart and I ****** in you
Love's call is the strongest and beautiful call
The taste of which remains thru and thru
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remains
Jun 1 · 22
Pain of Love
Love Pain
My love your criticism injured my heart
My foes have a plan to injure my spirits
But this is very strance that you are part
To that I may collect pain to write lyrics
I thought you will stand with me in a trial
But you left me alone in a burning desert
You promised you will remain totally loyal
I never thought you will be first to but hurt
I don't mind if I die in my sweet love trance
But my soul will follow you till the last day  
You must remember I was victim of a glance
This my love is all what I have to declre,say
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remains
May 31 · 42
Keep Me
Keep Me
I will keep you my love in my heart in my chest
My sweetheart you are in my soul to console
In this entire universe you are just really the best
Treasures of the world are sacrificed on mole
With sheer love I am no more in me but in you
Please hold me and make me a real companion
I am certain that throughout life I will carry through
Every thick and thin and through burning sun
Please give me all your problems take all comforts
My sweet beloved tell me what all I can do for you
Always remain happy and throw all miserable ruts
Keep me on your rosy petals like sweet drops of dew
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
May 30 · 41
A Moment of Bliss
A Moment of Bliss
A sweet love kiss remains a moment of bliss
She has glowing cheeks and sweet rosy lips
What an innocent sin let me openly confess
I remember her sweet grace on my finger tips
Her glowing cheeks take away my faith
She beats in heart and travels in the blood
Sun beams are pleased to give her sun bathe
My passion aspires to see in thundering flood
I love her a lot she loves me up to the brim
From heart to heart and soul to soul
She is a stream of beauty love has to swim
Beauty has her trend and love has its role
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright May 2020 Love Remains
May 29 · 49
To Communicate
My sweetheart I am about to die ,your image is eyes
Throughout my life I aspired for you but see my fate
My love I remained in pain and torture with my cries
My heart iscompletely injured that now I can't tolerate

Any more ebarrasements and pains in love to but bear
Any hatred and contempt to take and to easily swallow
My sweetheart,my beloved ,my dove ,my love my dear
Make me all tears to flow and to be in front to flow,show

Cruelty in love is to debar lover to have glance in trance
You are part of my heart and my soul to take me along
Life is a chance allow me for you to take but last chance
To communicate harmony of my love symphony as song

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright May 2020 Love Remains
May 29 · 41
Make Me Smile
My Lord help me and save me from assaults of hell
I am in dire need of help to come up to expectations
There is all around fire and I am bound to but dwell
To clarify all my blunders ,sins and all my narrations

I intend to be on right path but wrong is on my way
I am in severe pain and it kills my heart and my soul
All around is darkness and I am in search of light ray
To enlighten my faith,fortitude aim, objective and goal

My Allah  you have always shown me the right path
And held me in your kindness to overcome any trial
Please be graciously gracious to save me from wrath
I am in digust to weep bitterly please make me smile

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright May 2020 Love Remains
May 25 · 24
Allah Is Enough
My Lord I trust you ,You are enough for me
In this burning desert of life I have none but You
From birth till this moment what I but see
Your kindness prevailed through and through

I have only one pride that you remain beside
All greatness belongs to You ,You are great
You are my Savior in every troublesome tide
In critical moments fortune comes to change fate  

You ****** in my heartbeat and in my soul
Your mercy brings in me courage and fortitude
I am a tiny particle of sand and you are whole
You are Master of the universe I am imbude

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright May 2020 Love Remains
Reference .Al Quran 65:1
May 25 · 147
Love is Tranquality
Love is a cosmic mirror reflecting ones desire
To improve ones image to capture all light
A romantic situation gives inspiration to fire
To ignite fire to get attention to crave delight

The matters of the heart bring along a symphony
With all appropriate rhyme and sweet rythm
Heart to heart and soul to soul remains harmony
Do not ask the pleasure of being her with him

A lover's world is a sweet triangle of sensuality
Love is pleased to be in the sweet lap of beauty
Love makes a lover all independent and free
Pleasure prevails on lover, beloved in tranquality

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright May 2020 Love Remains
May 24 · 24
Love Happens
Love happens when it's meant to happen
For that moment we have to be on one page
My sweet beloved remains my assassin
To dealt with every anger amd every rage

My sweetheart remains my wild passion
For her eyes sake I can go to any extent
Her charaismatic bharm may be her fashion
Her red glowing cheeks are letter of intent

Whatever I have belongs to my sweetheart
I remain in her innocence like fragrance
From each place to place from part to part
Her sensual image remains my credence

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright May 2020 love Remains
May 24 · 28
Burning Desires
Burning Desires
I am burning fire with my desires
Her lips take me from me to a wilderness
Hot love string and retires,expires
To convert her innocence into real bless
Sensual pleasures takes on to eternal flight
Heart touches soul and soul takes heart
What are prcious moments of sweet delight
Beauty has its own part in start to depart
Lips take pride to kiss whispering moments
In trance to be the part of burning ode
Let the sinner take a chance for all atonments
Let love and beauty implement the code
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
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