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Caleb Dempsey Feb 2015
In a few short days,
I’ll be leaving you,
Without a trace,
And it will be for the better.

When you are reading this,
In a few short days,
I will have left you
And it has been for the better.

When you stay up through the night
Clutching this letter, remember
That a few short days ago
I left, for the better.

When you throw this away,
The pain now so faint
That you no longer feel it’s sting,
You will know that those few short days, 

They were for the better.
They will be for the better.
They have been for the better.
They always will be for the better.
Feb 2015 · 311
I Do Now
Caleb Dempsey Feb 2015
I never used to have to remind myself 
To breathe
In, out, in, out
But I do now

My chest never used to be tight all the time
Remember to breathe
It whispers to me
And I do now 

I never used to cry 
Once a day
For a weeks at a time
But I do now

I do now 
I do now
I do now
When will it become 

I don't have to
Feb 2015 · 278
The Heart On My Wrist
Caleb Dempsey Feb 2015
The heart on my wrist
It used to be a bright blue
But every time
I kiss someone new

The heart on my wrist
Will shrink and fade
And one day I fear
It will forever fade into my skin

The heart on my wrist
Is the only reason 
That I can see the faces
Of those whose lips have met yours

The heart on my wrist
Allows me to see their eyes
When my tongue dances 
With yours and we dance around lies

The heart on my wrist
Feels the pain that hides
In the corners of your heart
And makes me to cry your tears

The heart on my wrist
It gives you a piece of me
That I cannot afford to lose
But it’s too late for that now
Feb 2015 · 238
Three Years Later
Caleb Dempsey Feb 2015
Three years later 
you still dance on the edges of my memories
Your eyes sparkling,
your teeth still showing through 
that charming smile on your face. 

Three years later
I haven't forgotten the demons
that live behind your eyes
and the snake that lives in that cage,
guarded by porcelain bars. 

Three years later 
and you still pull on my heart strings.
You make me feel 
uncomfortable, scared, wrong
You are everything you shouldn't be. 

Three years later
I beg you to leave every day
Three years later 
you never do.
Feb 2015 · 265
Wash It Away
Caleb Dempsey Feb 2015
Can I wash it away?
His scent and stain
using my tears and pain
Will it ever escape my brain

Maybe one day
I can escape the scars
that are left on my brain and mar
the eyes once filled with stars

I can only pray
That soon my screams 
Will melt from my dreams
Like your fingernails ripped my seams

Will it wash away?
The bruises on the edges of my heart 
The passion of the embrace was lovely, in part
But passion turned to hatred and I fell apart

Will it ever wash away?
I often hope it the pain will stay
so I won’t live another day
longing to lay
with a face that will never wash away
Dec 2014 · 624
Caleb Dempsey Dec 2014
Why do I always want to photograph
The flowers when they aren't in bloom
Why do I always crave the Suns heat
When all that's out is the moon

The same goes for you
When you are here it's like I barely care
But if you're there
I need you here with me

And why is it that when I'm far from you
You are close to me
And when I finally am next to you
Your mind is overseas

With some man you met
When you were away from me
I just want us to lock eyes
And feel our heartbeats rise

I want to be endlessly entangled with you
But that can never be
If you are close when I'm far
And I'm no where near when you're here

So maybe if we break our fingers
We won't have to feel the passion in our hands embrace
And maybe if we stop sleeping with hope in our hearts
We won't wake to miss the taste

The taste of what we were
And what we want to be
But what we will never be
Is who we were
Nov 2014 · 809
I Can Feel Pain
Caleb Dempsey Nov 2014

I can feel pain
Flowing between my ears
I can feel pain
Settling into my eyes

I can feel pain
Escaping my eyes
I can feel pain
Rolling down my cheeks



I can feel pain
Flowing between my ears
I can feel pain
In the back of my throat

I can feel pain
Rolling off my tongue
I can see pain
Entering their ears


— The End —