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Many women tell me,
the most efficient ways to live this world.
The men, oh the men
they hide their faces,
thoughts hidden under their
faces smeared with years
of fun and no commitment.

What is it that you are saying?
I thought it only stopped the bump
life's bumps happen so unexpectedly...
I never thought I'd be here, aren't I the traveler?
the smart one? The go-getter- laughing usually
now distress clouds
my decision making...
if you or I knew what the pill does,
a little child with a heart beat, personality, physical characteristics
falling now instead of sleeping in a warm cocoon
waiting to be let out as you and I were. But death
happens to us all, yet should we let this happen
to our most innocent ones?
Claire Marie Aug 2016
Is a friend of mine
A wild streak, a thinker
A noble goof-ball
He's Sam. A true gentleman.
Claire Marie Aug 2016
Skype calls and phone calls
never do the heart justice
in long-distance love.
  Aug 2016 Claire Marie
A man in the moon?
What a foolish thought.
It's not a man up there,
really it's not.

It's a boy with craters for freckles,
a mischievous face.
Stuck in an endless,
eternal race.

He chases the girl,
with stardust for hair.
He rarely catches her,
but the boy doesn't care!

For every now and them,
when they finally meet,
he feels a feeling so pure,
and so utterly sweet.

Sun and moon meet,
planets collide.
It looks like nothing more,
when you're on the outside.

But every few times a year,
that little boy swoons.
That hopeless romantic,
the boy in the moon.
one of my favorites I wrote while on poetfreak
She told him she wanted the moon... So he helped her build a ladder tall enough so she could reach it on her own...
It was her goal, not his to take.
He was her support, not her knight in shinning armor...
She wanted to fight her own battles... he already knew she'd win them all.
  Aug 2016 Claire Marie
Thomas Havran
When a note becomes music
Through your ears it fills the mind
A vibration of endless wonder
A fulfillment of every kind

An elation of peace
From old unto youth
A remedy for disease
A breath of eternal truth
came into view
as the hikers
trudged the high hill
its colors were dazzling
they stood for many a minute
marveling at its bright palette
no handsome *** of gold could be seen
but nature had provided a grand scene
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