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 Nov 7 Ciel Noir
We have a sister,
who lives in beauty;

Everywhere she walks
flowers bloom;

All her songs she sings
- to the winds.
Maybe in a different world
I am braver than I am now

I can fill the silence with words
That I’d never dare to speak out loud

And what comes next would
Just be a distant cry of a crow

Maybe in a different world
we’re just like the rest of the crowd

And on the porch of our house
A ladybug reflects the sunset’s light
I don't miss people
I miss the parts of me I gave them
this one ******* HURTS
 Oct 20 Ciel Noir
A little daft in the head
She said, she said,
So many things
I tried to
Squeeze it
In my head
Do you ever wish the
Pleasant visionaries
Of your daydreams
Were aware
They lived in your
When 2 daydreams meet. Maybe they know.
I really loved the definition of daydreams
¿Mi tierra?
Mi tierra eres tú.
¿Mi gente?
Mi gente eres tú.
El destierro y la muerte
para mi están adonde
no estés tú.
¿Y mi vida?
Dime, mi vida,
¿qué es, si no eres tú?
I guess I'll go make a cup of tea
Because sometimes it feels like
You have time for all of them, but not for me
I'll be here waiting for you to see my messages.
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