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7d · 28
A Confession
I always say
That I’m OK
It really isn’t true today
I am not coping very well
I wish I had someone to tell

It’s so hard being on my own
I feel so hopeless and alone
Who could I tell what I just said
So I said it to you instead
Oct 3 · 224
Ciel Noir Oct 3
look in my eyes
you think you see through
mirrors not windows
you only see you

smooth as a well
I smile and I nod
but I am a maelstrom
beneath this façade
Sep 23 · 57
Ciel Noir Sep 23
I wonder at this underworld
the demons and the ******
how long before I wake up
and remember who I am

but as I think of all I've done
the darkness in between
I wonder if this other one
is who I've always been
Sep 20 · 293
Ciel Noir Sep 20
the face of god
stares through the ruins
souls so dark
the stars shine through them

and bringing joy
and light to sugar o'er the void
Sep 19 · 42
Ciel Noir Sep 19
still chasing dragons
far and wide
so I can say
at least I tried

but still I cry
it's not enough
I do not know
how to be loved

they fall for me
I run away
or just run out
of things to say

and so I'll stay
till something breaks
not sure how much more
I can take

I know it hurts me
and it's strange
but I do not know
how to change

of all the things
to be scared of
why am I so
afraid of love?
Sep 19 · 59
Ciel Noir Sep 19
you fly too high              
    on borrowed wings
                      so far above
                         the shining sea
          and I can see you
            the­ darkness leads you                                
down to me                                                
I ride the waves                                  
and all around                
                    the sky is light
                                 with falling feathers
                                           if I catch you
                          we both will drown
     your molten wings
hold us together
Sep 18 · 82
Ciel Noir Sep 18
in the Sun
I do not know who I am
who I have become

in the dark
I can feel its tangled roots
deep within my heart
Sep 18 · 108
Ciel Noir Sep 18
a dark place
how long do I want to stay
twelve seeds in my hand
Sep 17 · 46
In the Dark
Ciel Noir Sep 17
I step out of the shadow
into the light
of a thousand suns

I had forgotten
how beautiful they are
in the dark
Sep 13 · 204
" "
Ciel Noir Sep 13
" "
I held my voice down
miming control
I let that silence
wrap up my soul
Sep 2 · 58
Ciel Noir Sep 2
Run though there is no direction
No direction in the void
Hide though there is no protection
Everything will be destroyed

Hope though you are only dreaming
This is something you can keep
Sing though everyone is screaming
In the darkness
In their sleep
Aug 29 · 150
Ciel Noir Aug 29
two paths                                      cross
at the edge of the darkness
that is where I stand
I am lost
I cannot read the compass
hidden in                                  my hand
Aug 26 · 123
Ciel Noir Aug 26
down at the crossroads
I fold my wings
breathing in flowers
burnt offerings

out of the darkness
into the light
light as a feather
soft as the night

crazed as a raver
craven and brave
low as the raven goes over your grave

take what you want from me
leave your control
down at the crossroads
give me your soul
Aug 26 · 163
Ciel Noir Aug 26
winged thing
circling the searing Sun
far too bright to see

now I feel
its shadow betray its shape
where it falls on me
Aug 11 · 88
Be the Sky
Ciel Noir Aug 11
only by imagining
that I am not the sky
may I step back and see it
through these bright and mortal eyes

and I will hold the knowledge
of this beauty to the end
when one day I will close my eyes
and be the sky again
Aug 10 · 560
Ciel Noir Aug 10
there is a river
deep as the sea
wild as the moonlight
naked and free

rush in the darkness
quick as a wish
just out of my reach
up here on the bridge
Aug 10 · 1.1k
Ciel Noir Aug 10
nothing means nothing
it never has been
and some people say
there is no such thing

nothing means nothing
for there are no words
to spell out a sound
that no one has heard

nothing means nothing
the threads are so thin
a hurricane spins
on a butterfly's wing

like sparrows that fall
we all are so small
but nothing means nothing
nothing at all
Jul 24 · 112
the abyss gazes
Ciel Noir Jul 24
shadow keep
the eye of the hurricane
in a storm of stars

drawing deep
waves into the darkest sea
also into you
Jul 22 · 281
Ciel Noir Jul 22
death is a river
that never stops rising
life is a vine
we can never stop climbing
reaching into the sky
twisted and twined
low over the river
that waters the vine
Jul 22 · 92
Ciel Noir Jul 22
I know we will never know
what the answer is
but I still
Jul 22 · 137
Strange Path
Ciel Noir Jul 22
I have gone down
a strange path
where I cannot read the signs
Jul 20 · 94
New Leaf
Ciel Noir Jul 20
deep in green awakening
beginning to sing
of spring
Jul 19 · 534
Ciel Noir Jul 19
the whole world waited
lost in wonder

remember when
the Moon became
a place where we could be

we looked back on
our little world
so beautiful to see

to fly like dragons
in the sky
so powerful
so free
Jun 24 · 151
Ciel Noir Jun 24
a field of rubble
I stand alone
looking for trouble
picking up stones

here was a labyrinth
before the fall
I walk through wilderness
where once were walls

statues are fallen
and shackles are broken
glass fills the grass
and the dungeons lie open

I begin slowly
small and alone
to build a new kingdom
stone upon stone
Jun 18 · 186
Ciel Noir Jun 18
subtle as a symphony
sway me like the sea
Jun 17 · 192
Ciel Noir Jun 17
light a fire
and you will see
you are not alone
in this darkness
Jun 11 · 91
Ciel Noir Jun 11
I hope for
thousands of living planets
life is beautiful
Jun 10 · 220
Ciel Noir Jun 10
what happens to the parts of you
that you hide from the light
and what do all your demons do
in that concealing night

kept locked up in a secret place
with scarcely space to play
did you think they would disappear
if you just looked away

do they destroy each other
until only one survives
or join and grow into one being
very much alive

amalgamated madness
with no reason left to run
in your own innermost darkness
where the shadows fall as one
Jun 9 · 86
Ciel Noir Jun 9
A black and shining sea of endless suns
A sky swimming with warm and spinning stones
I know that I am not the only one
Who wonders if we really are alone

The starlight rides the waves and meets our eyes
A vision of infinity in black
How many gaze with me at the same sky
And wonder whether other eyes gaze back
Jun 9 · 109
Ciel Noir Jun 9
wind rising
on the white and waiting sky
I can taste the storm
Jun 9 · 103
Ciel Noir Jun 9
When there are no more people in this world
When all of us have vanished into space
What rises from the darkness of the sea
And crawls onto the land to take our place?

Will they learn peace and live in harmony
Respecting all the other animals
Or will they follow after you and me
And leave their own deep footprints on the world?
Jun 8 · 245
The Crossroads
Ciel Noir Jun 8
unseen                                light

in the center
of all things

truth                                   lies
Jun 5 · 184
Ciel Noir Jun 5
deep in this
latticework of consciousness
learn what darkness is
Jun 5 · 73
Ciel Noir Jun 5
there is nothing I have done
that nobody else has done
we all look at the same Moon
we all look at the same Sun

there is nothing in this place
that really is all my own
spiraling through time and space
nobody is all alone
Jun 5 · 81
Little Fish
Ciel Noir Jun 5
little fish
who thinks that its shallow pond
covers the whole world
Jun 3 · 219
Ciel Noir Jun 3
if you listen closely
we all sing the same song
the Nameless weaves the melody
and we all sing along
Jun 3 · 98
Ciel Noir Jun 3
my head is full
of the sound
of machines
they are everywhere I go
in the world
my home
and my   dreams
Jun 3 · 95
Ciel Noir Jun 3
we have built
great machines upon the world
a new kind of life

rising up
paper thin the metal mind
sharper than a knife
Jun 3 · 124
Dark River
Ciel Noir Jun 3
the tree grows
deep within the dark river
the water rises
Jun 3 · 77
Ciel Noir Jun 3
what if I
wake up tomorrow morning
and am someone else?
Jun 3 · 76
Ciel Noir Jun 3
in our judgment
and       division
we have written
our own prison
too ashamed
to think at all
our minds are
h  o   l   l  o  w
empty        walls
Jun 2 · 62
Lines in the Sand
Ciel Noir Jun 2
we all think
we are somehow different
that's what unites us

needs to be reminded that
humans are humans

and drawing lines in the sand
to divide ourselves

time and tide
dissolve our dividing lines
redrawn somewhere else
May 30 · 187
Ciel Noir May 30
the soul of the dragon sails
down the smooth river
May 28 · 100
Ciel Noir May 28
who are you
do you wonder about us
there beyond the stars
May 27 · 239
Ciel Noir May 27
on my          
                 it comes  
          my dark                         
May 26 · 176
Ciel Noir May 26
sometimes I think
we hide                inside
so we can                      forget
the scale                         of it all
                 whenever         I            venture                 
      outside                        without       
 these                      walls
I am so small
May 26 · 143
Ciel Noir May 26
there is so much violence
it happens every day
voices loudly silenced
no one knows what to say

peace follows me like the Moon
and draws my eyes her way
the world screams in the face of doom
I look the other way
May 25 · 83
Ciel Noir May 25
deep within the mindless unknown
wilderness of dark and cold
        brave                      oasis      
bright warm place
of tenderness
of hope
May 23 · 145
in the clover
Ciel Noir May 23
ever braver
the maneuvers
of the lovers
in the clover

all a quiver
more than ever
and the river
runneth over
May 19 · 113
pale reflection
Ciel Noir May 19
silver Moon
swimming in the dark river
sparkling in the rain
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