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I read a poem called God Apparition

and it made me think of this question

Have you ever encountered God?

And what can you tell me about that experience?
2d · 32
The Sky
The Sun is my clock
And the planets my candles
They shine through the darkness
And into my eyes

The stars are my compass
The Moon is my calendar
When I have questions
I look at the sky
2d · 196
Only the Moon
I don't know why
till I look at the sky
I cry and I cry and I cry
only the Moon
only the Moon
drawing my pain like a tide

only the time
only the time
and in time I will forget
until I see
the same Moon again
shining one sign to the left
2d · 27
I think there is something missing
in my head
the way I think
and it makes it hard to obey
even those who wield much power

I think I'm still much the same way
although I have learned to cope
I find ways into submission
lead myself through
proper channels

as a small child I thought this was
why no one could ever love me
and instead of learn to obey
I learned to lose hope

now that I am older
and I have seen the true face of power
I have learned
is the world's cruelest joke
3d · 112
Two Steps Back
I just want to dream about
someone who I can step back from

reach out with imagination
and not with my soul

let myself fall into orbit
knowing I can keep my distance

synchronize with your vibrations
not with your control
6d · 100
Infinite Regress
we are made                                                        of nothing
nothing brought                                           to light
   the dark that fell                    upon the stars  
the darkness               brought to life
in an infinite                   regress
the mind cannot       unwrap
we are made of emptiness
we are                      gods

  of the gaps
6d · 37
God is the creator
Power is its face

Life is the destroyer
That lays its world to waste

Inch by inch
Life creates life
From what it has destroyed

As God without a single thought
Obliterates the void
Dec 2021 · 39
Ciel Noir Dec 2021

                          I will not speak my mind again
                          I will not speak my mind again        
                          I will not speak my mind again    
                          I will                                            

           ­                                            .
Dec 2021 · 90
Ciel Noir Dec 2021
I wish I believed
that there was more
to sacrifice for
eternal reward

I wish I believed
that if I believe
the angel of death
pass over my door
Dec 2021 · 1.2k
Violet Light
Ciel Noir Dec 2021
Close my eyes
Open my mind

I want to understand


A voice says
"I am in all things"

Bright violet light
In my third eye
Dec 2021 · 70
Ciel Noir Dec 2021
There is a land of industry
Of wealth and peace and harmony
A confluence of new and old
Where the streets are paved with gold

Work and work day in, day out
Work to build your little house
Hurry, for the night is cold
Where the streets are paved with gold

The government is on your side
Nothing and nowhere to hide
So do and say what you are told
Where the streets are paved with gold

Swallow your national pride
Do not fly the flag too high
The consequences are well known
Where the streets are paved with gold

The echoes of what happened here
Frozen in memory of fear
Are waiting everywhere you go
Where the streets are paved with gold

Do not question, do not grumble
Look to the ground and stay humble
Lest you stumble on a stone
Where the streets are paved with gold
Dec 2021 · 1.3k
Ciel Noir Dec 2021
making choices
           is not for the
                 faint of heart                
                               any step                ⍜
                           into the future        ☇≣⤷
                                             is a step 〳〵
                                                   into the
                                     ­                                    dark
Nov 2021 · 1.4k
Ciel Noir Nov 2021
my mind is a twisted frame
I do not know what to say
all the                    feelings
kept                       inside
are too          tangled
to       transcribe
    place with        no  
           escape             I do not         
   understand        its shape  
will this illusion disappear
  if my confusion becomes clear?
Nov 2021 · 84
Golden Days
Ciel Noir Nov 2021
we are young and we are strong
we can sing and we can run
we have so many different ways
to trade away these golden days

in line
in front of a PC
watching the clock
watching TV

playing pretend
hating our friends
just waiting for it all to end

and in the end what will we miss?
whose lips will we wish to have kissed?
reminisce on this listlessness
will we wish to remember this?
Nov 2021 · 730
Ciel Noir Nov 2021
a raindrop falls
a flower blooms

and soon

a forest on the Moon

today we know
only one home

one in forever
once in the blue
Nov 2021 · 1.4k
Fidget Spinner
Ciel Noir Nov 2021
the algorithm is so random
I don't understand
what makes something trend

kind of like the real world
isn't it?
Nov 2021 · 190
Ciel Noir Nov 2021
the poems here are
really interesting
they come back to me later
like words from a song

whether a dramatic odyssey
or a page
ripped out of your diary

these silent lines really speak to me
out loud in my head
as I read along
Nov 2021 · 1.1k
Ciel Noir Nov 2021

a candle in the window

I reach out my hand

I can feel that fire
from where
I stand

out here in the cold
Nov 2021 · 162
Ciel Noir Nov 2021
I understand fear
fear says "run"
fear says "fire"
fear says "gun"

fear keeps us alive
if we keep our head
but step away from its brother:

I don't understand dread
dread says "why try?"
dread says "love is fleeting"
dread says "you will die"

that doesn't help me
to survive
I don't want to feel dread
I want to feel alive
Nov 2021 · 282
Ciel Noir Nov 2021
back in the day
it was okay
to say
one day
but not today

to wait was not
cause for regret
I did not need
to decide yet

it's fine
I still have time
but I am older
every time I blink

what I miss most
about the past
is having time to think
Nov 2021 · 409
Ciel Noir Nov 2021
I might as well
chase the Sun
on and on and
west and west

the new day
finds me running

far away
from where I left
Nov 2021 · 131
Ciel Noir Nov 2021
I might as well
chase the Sun
west and west

the new day
finds me running

far away
Nov 2021 · 169
Hope Dies Last
Ciel Noir Nov 2021
scorched earth
battle scarred
holy war

I thought nothing could grow here

but I was wrong
Nov 2021 · 101
Ciel Noir Nov 2021
I look at my past
and I look away
that wasn't me
that's what I say

that wasn't me
but if that's so
then tomorrow
who will I be?

it is almost
as if to say
that I only exist

I want to stay
I want to be
that's why I must say
that was me
Nov 2021 · 189
Love and Fear
Ciel Noir Nov 2021
I see what love does
it scares me

I tried to find a way around love

but that hurt more
than the other
kind of

I have to love
it is part of my brain

maybe I can find a way

around the fear
Nov 2021 · 108
Ciel Noir Nov 2021
they are
in our sky

our sun
in their signs
our world

in their eyes
we are
in their sky
Nov 2021 · 60
Ciel Noir Nov 2021
Love and hate and joy and sadness
Fill our whole mind like an ocean
How could we express this madness
To someone with no emotions?

Cold machines with hearts of steel
Could never calculate this feeling
And the Watchers cannot feel
The inner world we are revealing

God in his ivory tower
May see all within our sphere
But to live without that power
Is to understand our fear

Caged in our own carnival
Of red and rage and flesh and lust
How could they ever really know
What it's like to be one of us?
Oct 2021 · 58
Ciel Noir Oct 2021
we are here
in time and space
sharing this strange place

where did we come from
will we return
who sent us
and what were we sent here to learn?
Oct 2021 · 276
Ciel Noir Oct 2021
do I or don't I
yes or no?
maybe it's better not to know
there is freedom in the dark
one look into my soul
could collapse the
Oct 2021 · 1.2k
Ciel Noir Oct 2021
sometimes I spend too much time
it feels so strange
to go outside
and be myself
in front of everyone else
it's hard to forget
that the world has eyes

online I can be anyone
but outside I am one person
exactly one
no avatar and no veneer
not everywhere or nowhere
exactly here

and when I am here
really here
I feel my feelings
hope and fear
love and desire
when I am not numbed by a screen
I am on fire

sometimes it is
too much to feel
too visceral
too bright
too real

and so I spend my time online
afraid to be a human
afraid to be alive
Oct 2021 · 202
Ciel Noir Oct 2021
     two        vines    
  wrap          around
each          other
and     grow
one new
life     form
as                 if
they           had
never         even
known       life
without one
Oct 2021 · 63
Ciel Noir Oct 2021
I am not                      
        deep like                         
the sea              
                       like a              
                                                 ­                   rainbow                                       ­                                                                   I am a            
                                                                ­                wild river          
                                                                ­                      I move       
                                                     ­                        mountains           
                                                                ­    that I follow                     
                                                     standing stones                      
                                                   like broken bones                                
                           ­               show me where to go                          
                                    ­    deep within my soul I know                     
                           the       ocean      is     my      home
Oct 2021 · 100
Ciel Noir Oct 2021
if I had a child
I would be afraid
of leaving them alone
with anyone
even me

something could go wrong
there are a thousand ways how

I can see it now

I would always be
Oct 2021 · 91
Eye to Eye
Ciel Noir Oct 2021
who are you?
who am I?
two reflections
eye to eye

out of time
out of control
staring into each other's souls
Oct 2021 · 399
Ciel Noir Oct 2021
fire in the sky
sign from the gods
time forever moving on
some imagine the night beyond
some dance in the light of the setting Sun
Sep 2021 · 535
Wild Guess
Ciel Noir Sep 2021
one day I will wish
I had told you how I feel
but I think you know
Sep 2021 · 110
Ciel Noir Sep 2021
life and death
create     destroy
different name
the same game

real         alive
all must play
to survive
Sep 2021 · 101
Ciel Noir Sep 2021
in a cage

I walk right up
to you

and look you in the eye
without fear

do you wonder why?
or do you understand

the courage is not in my heart

it is in the glass
Sep 2021 · 517
Into the Night
Ciel Noir Sep 2021
shining in our eyes
ancient mystery

the silence of the sky
and the slow dance of the sea

learning to ask questions
great eagle taking flight

finding light to guide our way
deep into the night
Sep 2021 · 357
Ciel Noir Sep 2021
reaching into the darkness
like a seventh sense
Sep 2021 · 987
Ciel Noir Sep 2021
✽             ✽
a chemical bond
✽   undeniably strong  ✽
can't ignore what I want
 ✽   miss you like                
an electron
✽             ✽
Sep 2021 · 143
|´´´ ? ```|
Ciel Noir Sep 2021
tell me if this bridge is real
or only something
that I feel

will I cross over
to my goal

or under
to the void

Sep 2021 · 123
Ciel Noir Sep 2021
what if
your wild roses are
the thorns in my heart
Sep 2021 · 172
Ciel Noir Sep 2021
runs from the Sun
trying to chase their shadow away
sometimes they might chase you too
if you look like their shadow
or get in their way

when they see their demons in you
hidden desires
a fall from grace
they take up arms to drive away
the silhouette of their own face
Sep 2021 · 444
If We
Ciel Noir Sep 2021
Can you imagine how insane
it would be
if we

Got everything we wanted?

Good thing
it's just

゚・:* Fantasy ゚:・゚


Aug 2021 · 767
Ciel Noir Aug 2021
no one in the airport chapel
which god?
no one there to ask
and eating an apple
all alone without a mask

not quite the intended purpose
not on the surface at least
while I found no One to worship
I found myself at peace
Aug 2021 · 200
Ciel Noir Aug 2021
stay on this plane
stay in the pain
don't run away

be tough
never give up
my love
you are enough

please don't let go
stay here
don't go
I'm here
I know

I pray
all through the day
to keep your heart safe
I hope you will
Aug 2021 · 410
Ciel Noir Aug 2021
I know the things I need to change
but I don't have the power yet

I want to be a charioteer
but I feel like a marionette

now every day I take small steps
and train my brain with little things

so one day I will have the strength
to break the strings
and take the reins
Aug 2021 · 867
Ciel Noir Aug 2021
I am so afraid to fall
that I do not let myself fly

I say to myself
"I can't do it"
but I never really tried

too far up
too close to the Sun
I cling to the Earth

how much courage
will it take
for me to learn
to trust my wings?
Aug 2021 · 149
Ciel Noir Aug 2021
the cold despair
of an unrightable wrong

and the bright golden hope
of a songbird at dawn

the doubt of the wanderer
in the dark night

and the faith of the flower
that turns to the light

the anger and pain
of a deep trust betrayed

and the closeness and safety
that true love has made

sometimes it seems
the whole world sings
a single song

about these things
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