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44.1k · Feb 2018
Ciel Noir Feb 2018
What other kind              of creature could divide        
        Each different thing             into its different sides                
  With chaos versus             order, dark and light
The stark duality of         wrong and right
We even split the very        world in two
With human versus human,       we and you
But still no matter how much      we divide
Each thing has infinitely many      sides
17.6k · Aug 2018
By Any Other Name
Ciel Noir Aug 2018
I took          a trip
I took                a look
That tree could read me
Like                      a book
And                 open me
Like a             library
Cipher      in the
Still deeper
Inside the place
Where           secret
Knowledge         hides
The twin snakes ladder
Necklace              chain
Make life        by any
Other           name
3.5k · Jul 2018
Ciel Noir Jul 2018
A lot of people try to say
That people act so differently
Based on their gender, their birthday,
Their race, their nationality

And every time we think we've changed
We find that it's perennial
Same little boxes rearranged
What's up with these millennials?

We all say "We are not like you!"
They all say "You are not like us!"
This is something that we all do
Predictable, ubiquitous

But one day, we'll be seen as one
There will be no one else to blame
And they will look at what we've done
And say that we are all the same
3.1k · Jul 2018
Ciel Noir Jul 2018
one step   s   m   forward
two steps   e    i    back        
        my   e   d   right      
     your    k   d   left        
my slow          l    your fast
                    seek    y   e    the middle path
two times    e         one half    
    poetry         p    math        
   one    t   a    mind
   two    h   t    tracks
               seek ye    e   h   the middle path
2.8k · Jul 2018
Dark Was the Night
Ciel Noir Jul 2018
The Peacock and the Necromancer
Dance upon the sky
Their light lives on beyond the stars
The thousand staring eyes

We show them where to find us
From Bridgeport to Camelot
We tell them our dark secrets
And we send them our bright thoughts

We flash our golden feathers
And we sing our pretty words
So they will see us, notice us
So that we can be heard

When every other edifice
And evidence is gone
They walk the dark ahead of us
Where our song shall play on
2.4k · Oct 2018
Ciel Noir Oct 2018
That little airplane that I see
Is full of people just like me
As I look up do they look down?
Bright patchwork quilt, a candy town
Green squares for lawn and gold for sand
I bet they're glad it's time to land
For pilots, just a break and then
They shall return to fly again
1.7k · Mar 2019
Ciel Noir Mar 2019

using symbols

to paint a picture

of the shape of god
1.6k · Aug 2018
Kitty Kitty
Ciel Noir Aug 2018
Hey little cat, pretty kitty cat
I wonder what it's like for you to think the way you think
When you pounce upon a feather do you think that it's a bird?
Do you understand the weather?
Do you understand our words?

Hey little cat, pretty kitty cat
What do you think you're seeing when you look up at the stars?
Did your mother ever tell you not to stare into the Sun?
Do you wonder where they came from?
Do you wonder what they are?

Hey little cat, pretty kitty cat
I wish that I could understand your crazy point of view
Chasing pretty birdies with a bell around your neck
Did you find out how they know
To fly away from you?

Hey little cat, pretty kitty cat
I guess I'll never really understand your kitty brain
I wonder how you see our crazy daisy little world
I bet you think we're pretty
I bet you think we're insane
1.6k · Nov 2021
Fidget Spinner
Ciel Noir Nov 2021
the algorithm is so random
I don't understand
what makes something trend

kind of like the real world
isn't it?
1.6k · Jun 2018
The Vulture
Ciel Noir Jun 2018
The vulture is a peaceful bird
She watches, circles patiently
Waiting for life to become death
So she can gather what she needs

The vulture does not maim or slay
And causes neither harm nor strife
She walks in the shadow of death
And so turns death back into life
1.6k · Apr 2022
Willful Ignorance
Ciel Noir Apr 2022
I see the future
I see my whole world in flames
and I look away
1.5k · Oct 2018
13 Questions
Ciel Noir Oct 2018
Do they wonder
Do they feel
Do they ******
Do they steal
Do they whisper
Do they sing
Do they have eyes
Do they have wings

Are they golden
Are they grey
If they know us
Can they say
Would they understand our questions
Will the search be neverending?
1.5k · Jul 2021
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Ciel Noir Jul 2021
I want to

T    E    A   R

you from my heart

but the roots have grown so deep

I'm scared it would

T    E   A    R

me apart
1.5k · Nov 2021
Ciel Noir Nov 2021
my mind is a twisted frame
I do not know what to say
all the                    feelings
kept                       inside
are too          tangled
to       transcribe
    place with        no  
           escape             I do not         
   understand        its shape  
will this illusion disappear
  if my confusion becomes clear?
1.5k · Dec 2021
Ciel Noir Dec 2021
making choices
           is not for the
                 faint of heart                
                               any step                ⍜
                           into the future        ☇≣⤷
                                             is a step 〳〵
                                                   into the
                                     ­                                    dark
1.4k · Oct 2021
Ciel Noir Oct 2021
sometimes I spend too much time
it feels so strange
to go outside
and be myself
in front of everyone else
it's hard to forget
that the world has eyes

online I can be anyone
but outside I am one person
exactly one
no avatar and no veneer
not everywhere or nowhere
exactly here

and when I am here
really here
I feel my feelings
hope and fear
love and desire
when I am not numbed by a screen
I am on fire

sometimes it is
too much to feel
too visceral
too bright
too real

and so I spend my time online
afraid to be a human
afraid to be alive
1.4k · Nov 2018
Ciel Noir Nov 2018
Vote today
Make a choice
Don't let them take away your
1.3k · Dec 2021
Violet Light
Ciel Noir Dec 2021
Close my eyes
Open my mind

I want to understand


A voice says
"I am in all things"

Bright violet light
In my third eye
1.2k · Aug 2019
Ciel Noir Aug 2019
nothing means nothing
it never has been
and some people say
there is no such thing

nothing means nothing
for there are no words
to spell out a sound
that no one has heard

nothing means nothing
the threads are so thin
a hurricane spins
on a butterfly's wing

like sparrows that fall
we all are so small
but nothing means nothing
nothing at all
1.2k · Aug 2021
Ciel Noir Aug 2021
in the dark water
a shining light
is it the Sun
or the eye
of some

monster of the deep
1.2k · Nov 2021
Ciel Noir Nov 2021

a candle in the window

I reach out my hand

I can feel that fire
from where
I stand

out here in the cold
1.2k · Jul 2018
Ten Thousand
Ciel Noir Jul 2018
10               .000 raindrops
01                thundercloud
10             .000   raindrops
    01            bolt    of lightning
10         .000       raindrops
01                         rainbow
10       .000         raindrops
   I n d I v I d u a l,   distinct
Mirroring the Sun
10.000                raindrops
1 cloud becoming the sea
The sea moves as
1.1k · Apr 2019
Ciel Noir Apr 2019
I am afraid
To make a mistake
But the longer I wait
The more I make

To wait makes haste
And haste makes waste
If I start now
It will be OK
1.1k · Oct 2018
Ciel Noir Oct 2018
I’ll tell you, I am not ashamed
I was afraid to get on that plane

I was so young and full of doubt
I think I almost chickened out

And yet within that doubt I found
Understanding, common ground

With someone who showed me the way
I followed
Someone brave
1.1k · Sep 2021
Ciel Noir Sep 2021
✽             ✽
a chemical bond
✽   undeniably strong  ✽
can't ignore what I want
 ✽   miss you like                
an electron
✽             ✽
1.1k · Apr 2019
Ciel Noir Apr 2019
all of us
circle dance around the well
infinitely deep
1.0k · Aug 2018
Rose Tree
Ciel Noir Aug 2018
I dreamed that I was
high up in an oak tree
white flowers like roses
on my left hand side
woven up like a vine
among the branches
I was
so still
peaceful inside
1.0k · May 2018
Ciel Noir May 2018
I may seem open
like a flower
petals upon petals
shroud a tight furled core
deep within
sheltered, snowed in, slumbering
I have yet to bloom
1.0k · Jul 2021
Roller Coaster
Ciel Noir Jul 2021
life is like a roller coaster
you know the track is broken
but you don't know where

it takes a lot of laissez-faire
to mean when you say
"I don't care"

there's no way to avoid disaster
and the roller coaster
goes faster and faster

it takes courage
to put all that aside

smile with your eyes
and enjoy the ride
959 · Jul 2018
The Observer Effect
Ciel Noir Jul 2018
What would we create if we didn't
Care how others saw our art?
Would we write the exact same poems
Were we not collecting hearts?
Sometimes I really wonder
Whether what I say would be more true
If what I wrote were just for me
And not to share with all of you

We know when we are being watched
And it makes us act different
Instead of simply doing, being
Now we try to represent
This goes not just for humans
But for subatomic particles
I read about it in some kind of
Scientific article

How many eyes are watching me
And altering the way I act?
I hide in a cube in 3D
Somewhere it is a tesseract
Sometimes it's much more fun
To think about this process in reverse
I stare into the starlit sky
And rearrange the Universe
941 · Jul 2021
Ciel Noir Jul 2021
I dream about
the future
but I'm
only a wave
in an ocean of time

we do not know
the sky but
we are
one island in
an ocean of stars
938 · Aug 2021
Ciel Noir Aug 2021
I am so afraid to fall
that I do not let myself fly

I say to myself
"I can't do it"
but I never really tried

too far up
too close to the Sun
I cling to the Earth

how much courage
will it take
for me to learn
to trust my wings?
929 · Jul 2021
Ciel Noir Jul 2021
the day dances
the day sings

   ◂ ⋄‥‥‥‥‥◭‥‥‥Ω‥‥‥◮‥‥‥‥‥⋄ ▸  

the night wanders
the night has wings
914 · Oct 2018
Ciel Noir Oct 2018
Seal our soul and paint it gold
Dream a poem without words
Into what the future holds
Who will know what they will learn?

Spark the darkness like a storm
Silent sail a tide unbound
Hold our soul and keep it warm
Even when the Sun goes down
897 · May 20
Ciel Noir May 20
if I am objective
I have dodged a bullet

and somebody else
can be chained to a liar

if I am objective
this was a step forward

but it was a step
into torture and fire

if I were objective
then I could look further

and see possibilities
come into view

you objectified me
and if I'd been objective

I would have objected
and said no to you
892 · Jan 2021
Ciel Noir Jan 2021
this is how I feel about you
889 · May 2022
Ciel Noir May 2022
I had forgotten
day by day
there was a world beyond this labyrinth
until you lit a fire
and lit up a whole world of stars

a sea of half-remembered echoes
whispers through these halls
but in this darkness
I will walk through walls
just to follow the fire
888 · Jan 2022
Thin Ice
Ciel Noir Jan 2022
a veil of ice
across my soul
so I control
how much you know

a smooth façade
a cool veneer
that isolates me
from my fear

I am afraid
when you get close
can you see into me?

if you are warm
the ice will break
and take you
to the strangest place
882 · Sep 2018
The Pit
Ciel Noir Sep 2018
this is a pit                                                              ­          and into it
we throw our garbage                                           and our ****
       our grease                                                           ­      and grit    
   our slime                                                            ­and swill
  and all the people                                     that we ****
flotsam and jetsam                           film and oil
compacted into                              fertile soil
beneath the steep         and jagged *****
     there grows         a single flower

881 · Oct 2018
Another Mind
Ciel Noir Oct 2018
I think my thoughts
But deep inside
There is
I feel
Another mind

Which sends me messages
In dreams
Some wells are deeper than they seem
868 · Oct 2018
Ciel Noir Oct 2018
We all live on a little island
In a vast and endless sea
Our words and wonders warp into
A rippling soliloquy

And when the Sun goes down
We see the other islands all aglow
Like candles in a chandelier
Our little archipelago

The brave ones sailed their ships away
To see what they could see and learn
And some of them brought back strange tales
And some of them did not return

And still we stand upon our island
Singing songs along the quay
All wandering and wondering
And throwing bottles in the sea
850 · Mar 2019
Dandelion on the Wind
Ciel Noir Mar 2019
                                                                 ­                                            w
                   ­                                                                 ­                        i
                                                              ­                                          n 
                    ­                                                                 ­               g
                                                ­                                                 e    
                                                                ­                              d
                                 ­             w                                         m
        ­                                       a                                      e                         ­  
                                                n             ­                    s   
                                        ­        d                             s                     
    ­                                             e                a  ­     e         
                          a                      r            l      n   o                                 
                              ­  l                  i        o    g  v                                                                                     i            n   n   e e                        r         
                                           v      g e r                i                                          
       y  o  u  s  e  e  m  t  o  b  e ☼ a  n  d  u  n  d  e  r  t  h  e s  t  a  r  s...
     i  n  s  p   i   r   e    d     c     o l t
                          a          n         n    ii       o
              m               a               t       f  f             t
                            d                  h         t   e                  h
                                                e            t ­                             e
                                  ­             n               h                                   s
                                              i          ­        e                                           k 
          ­                                   g                    m                                           ­   y
                                            h               ­        e                                        
                                            t                   ­        l                                            
                                                                ­         o
                                                               ­            d
                                                               ­              y
                                                               ­                o
                                                              ­                   f
849 · Jan 30
Ciel Noir Jan 30
there was a man
who climbed a mountain
all the way into the clouds

and the Buddha walked beside him
he said not one word

when he reached the top
the man saw
the mountain was made of skulls

not only human
but of every other kind of animal

the Buddha turned to him and said
"you will understand the Dharma

only when you understand
that these are all your skull."
847 · Aug 2021
Ciel Noir Aug 2021
no one in the airport chapel
which god?
no one there to ask
and eating an apple
all alone without a mask

not quite the intended purpose
not on the surface at least
while I found no One to worship
I found myself at peace
846 · Jan 2021
Ciel Noir Jan 2021
I loved you


but it was wrong

and I learn now


to be strong
825 · Nov 2021
Ciel Noir Nov 2021
a raindrop falls
a flower blooms

and soon

a forest on the Moon

today we know
only one home

one in forever
once in the blue
824 · Jan 2021
Ciel Noir Jan 2021
I just want to let you know
I'm not thinking about you

and that is why
I took the time

to call you on the telephone
804 · Jul 2018
Ciel Noir Jul 2018
How she wondered
What they knew
Full of questions
Like a fool

Lady Moon
Lady mirror
Didn't know if
They could hear her

Man of faith
Hand of God
Drew her from the

Cold justice like a
Tolling bell
As death came down
For someone else

A lady by the
Starry shore
The dreamy land of

But just as soon
As she'd begun
She stared up once more
At the Sun

Stellar spectre
Fair reward
Man of God

Lady Earth
Lady Moon

and the Journey
of the Fool
761 · May 2018
Ciel Noir May 2018
I know you think about it
Every day
I wish that I could chase your
Demons away
But who would I be
Enamored of?
Your shadow is
The one I love

The things you try to  
I find very easy
To relate
Your shadow self
Has such a hold
Over your heart
And both our souls
757 · Aug 2018
Ciel Noir Aug 2018
If life is a dream,
Then who am I?
Can I be seen?
Do I have eyes?
Can I speak?
Do I ask why?
What strange stars
Light up my sky?

If life is a dream,
Then what is death?
Where do we go?
What comes next?
When I wake
Will I forget?
I'm not ready
To wake up yet
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