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Ciel Noir Apr 2020
emotional mosaic
a different kind of art
you didn't break my heart
you only rearranged the shards
Ciel Noir Jan 2021
I try to make
my soul
Ciel Noir May 2020
I never say your name
I am afraid
my voice will break

trip on a trill
stammer and still


a beat and spill
repeated syllables
from trembling lips
I know that if I


I'll show the whole world
how I feel
Ciel Noir Sep 2021
tell me if this bridge is real
or only something
that I feel

will I cross over
to my goal

or under
to the void

Ciel Noir Apr 2018
I drew a line in the sand

a storm came
and blew the line away

the sand remains
Ciel Noir Mar 2019
Words are nice but
There are other ways to speak
Ciel Noir Jul 2021
I want to

T    E    A   R

you from my heart

but the roots have grown so deep

I'm scared it would

T    E   A    R

me apart
Ciel Noir Dec 2019
my heart was an open book
full of blank sections
and searching for meaning
I filled it with questions

I looked for connections
or some explanation
I looked for letters
and I found punctuation
Ciel Noir Jan 2021
this is how I feel about you
Ciel Noir Feb 2019
?           ←                               way                               →           ?

Ciel Noir Apr 2018
If I believed in God
I would write him a poem
Ask him where he came from
To help me to know him

If I believed in God
I would write her a song
I'd walk in the garden
And sing it at dawn

If I believed in God
It would be an obsession
I would pray every day
I have so many questions

To whom do I address my awe,
My thanks, my love?

Where are you, God?
Ciel Noir Oct 2021
we are here
in time and space
sharing this strange place

where did we come from
will we return
who sent us
and what were we sent here to learn?
Ciel Noir Nov 2022
where did we come from
stones and stars
and why are we the way we are
will we all learn the truth one day
does anybody know the way

is the light on the other side
a dagger of the mind
a warning sign
a glitch in time
why is it so bright
who decides

will we still fight when we are beat
are we a secret we can keep
will we know if we go too deep
is life a language we can speak

will we live on beyond the Sun
where to
and what will we become
we know no matter which direction
we will have so many questions
Ciel Noir Aug 2020
I do not need you
                                               to be me
I do not need you
                                                to belong
I do not need you
                                                  to be loved
I do not need you
                                                   to be strong
Ciel Noir Nov 2021

a candle in the window

I reach out my hand

I can feel that fire
from where
I stand

out here in the cold
Ciel Noir Jul 2020
I am
the Moon
you sing to me
I am the Sun
you look away in fear
I am the Earth
I feel your footprints in my soul
I am the sky
I see you search for all your gods in me
I am the sea
in dreams you follow music to my hidden shore
Ciel Noir Jul 2022
Is this freedom?
Ciel Noir Dec 2021

                          I will not speak my mind again
                          I will not speak my mind again        
                          I will not speak my mind again    
                          I will                                            

           ­                                            .
. .
Ciel Noir Feb 2020
. .
there is a darkness in us all
unseen behind our eyes

silent as a shadow falls
ancient as the sky

and though we shroud our souls in light
and hide behind the flames

in the night

the darkness calls our name
Ciel Noir Apr 2018
I am the alien seeking terrestrial understanding
astrobiologically, electromagnetically,
electroencephalographic quinquagintatrecentilliardths
I do not fully itemize, agglomerate homogeneously:
anthropomorphisms, overspeculativeness,
antiestablishmentarians, hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia
I am you
Ciel Noir Aug 2019
two paths                                      cross
at the edge of the darkness
that is where I stand
I am lost
I cannot read the compass
hidden in                                  my hand
Ciel Noir Jul 2018
we are not really there
are                            is
the                   no
Ciel Noir Aug 2020
.                                        one day you will know

                                        who you are

                                                        the right things to say
                         what to ask for

                             what you want

                                               I can only wait

                                                         one day
" "
Ciel Noir Sep 2019
" "
I held my voice down
miming control
I let that silence
wrap up my soul
Ciel Noir Apr 2018
There are no more
Words inside of me


and silent

I cannot speak
Ciel Noir Jun 2018
I want
to know                 deep down
where you went                  anywhere
who you met                                  anyone
even if you didn't go even if you didn't meet
anywhere                                               anywhere
even if you didn't meet even if you didn't go
anyone                                        who you met
or know                                    deep down
what     you      think    you     know    
believe about what you saw

this is
what one wants
to know
Ciel Noir Jul 2018
I am
        the only
one who can
pass judgment on
myself and perhaps I
shall choose to suspend
judgment for the time being

they may judge my shadow
I am an illegible book
with many covers
I am lightning
in the dark
I am the
Ciel Noir Jul 2020
feelings may be censored or repressed
felt but not expressed
seen but not heard
sometimes we use words and nothing else
sometimes we use everything but words
Ciel Noir Jan 2021
I just want to let you know
I'm not thinking about you

and that is why
I took the time

to call you on the telephone
Ciel Noir Mar 2019
.   sentences   signals        
   eloquence   evidence      
    transcript   transmit      
   syllabi   impulses

Ciel Noir Nov 2020
if they are right
and it is true
that there are infinite versions of you

the odds that it will happen to you
are the percentage of you
it happens to

but we can never quantify
something that we cannot divide

an arrow on a number line
Ciel Noir Apr 2021
there are infinite
different translations

and together they add up to one

one same story
in all different nations

one same Earth
one same Moon
one same Sun

in our infinite ways
we describe

deeper than words
in the soul

in our languages
peoples and tribes

we remember the sky
as our home
Ciel Noir Jul 2018
one step   s   m   forward
two steps   e    i    back        
        my   e   d   right      
     your    k   d   left        
my slow          l    your fast
                    seek    y   e    the middle path
two times    e         one half    
    poetry         p    math        
   one    t   a    mind
   two    h   t    tracks
               seek ye    e   h   the middle path
Ciel Noir Sep 2021
reaching into the darkness
like a seventh sense
Ciel Noir Aug 2018
Ciel Noir Nov 2021
I might as well
chase the Sun
on and on and
west and west

the new day
finds me running

far away
from where I left
Ciel Noir Nov 2021
I might as well
chase the Sun
west and west

the new day
finds me running

far away
Ciel Noir Nov 2021
they are
in our sky

our sun
in their signs
our world

in their eyes
we are
in their sky
Ciel Noir Apr 2020
the sun in a deep black sky
just another star
Ciel Noir Dec 2019
dark sparkling clouds
deep within the sky where there
is no up or down
Ciel Noir Mar 2020
my hope
begins to grow again
a bloom
still tightly furled

one time
you were my world
but I know
there are many worlds
Ciel Noir May 2020
what force or what pressure
could ever
compress you

enough to force you
to transform

deep down in your core
may be one filthy diamond

waiting in the grime
and the coal
Ciel Noir Aug 2020
a hurricane
is broad enough
to contain a calm oasis
│                ☮                │
a tornado is so narrow
it is home to no
safe places
Ciel Noir May 2021
I let you get
so close to me
⏵so close⏴   and yet     ⏴so far⏵


I brought you here
to guard the door
so no one else
could touch my

⏴    heart    ⏵

Ciel Noir Dec 2021
making choices
           is not for the
                 faint of heart                
                               any step                ⍜
                           into the future        ☇≣⤷
                                             is a step 〳〵
                                                   into the
                                     ­                                    dark
Ciel Noir Mar 2022
I see the world
the future
hanging by a thread

I try to memorize the spring
I hope I never will forget

the joy and hope
of innocence
new life
in the trees
on the ground

I try to walk
the Fool's calm steps
to face the sky
and not look down
Ciel Noir Jun 2018


                  in the beginning


                                                            ­   0

                                                             ­            s p r e a d  o u t

                         ­                                                                 ­              nowhere
                                           ­        surrounded by
                                           nothing              everything                  until
                     looking in on      one              zero
                 everything               surrounded by                                    it
             looking out on                        
             within                                                           ­                           bent
              seen from
               that can only be                                                              b­ack
                 a vision
                    from outside                                                          ­in
                          seen                                ­                             on
                               can only be                                 itself
                                      a shape that          became
                                                          ­     1
Ciel Noir Jul 2018
1 with    nature
1 with    time
I am the    ocean
I am the    sky
1 with    the Earth
1 with    the Sun
I am the    Universe
I am no 1
Ciel Noir Mar 2021
you are not the only one
who can bring love to me
there are a thousand rivers
I can follow to the sea
Ciel Noir Jun 2018
Let go
It's OK
Take a breath
Take a trip
Ride into the wave
Let it take you back
To the starting place
You were gone so long
Maybe you were wrong
Maybe you were never gone
O                            1                              ­O
Here and gone, zero and one
Where has one ended
And the next begun
It's all the same wave
It's all the same place
It's all the same ride
Take a trip
Take a breath
It's OK
Let go
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