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The night before Christmas,
She gave me a call.
Asking me to come over
For an early Christmas gift.
By the tone of her voice
I knew for sure
She was up to something.
Once I arrived at her place,
She greeted me in nothing but a robe.
My sweet and kind friend
Was prepared to show me
An entirely different side of her.
With the drop of her robe,
She revealed more than her feelings.
My early Christmas present
That I was receiving,
Was all of her.
To show my appreciation,
I kissed both sets of lips;
Providing sensations all over.
As I lie under the Christmas tree
She climbed up and unwrapped her gift
Allowing for us both
To enjoy our presents.
As we continued to play with our gifts
Santa arrived and was surprised.
Yet, he didn't leave us.
He wanted to sit and enjoy the show.
Been a while since I wrote poems that had an ****** feel to it.
The one I want
Doesn't have a clue
What feelings I carry
She don't know
The weight of my regret
She knows of my existence
My name and my age
And a few goals I have
Yet what she won't know
Is how much I wish
That things were different
I wish that she was farther
Instead of being close
So I see her less
I wish she forgot me
Forgot our conversations
And even our friendship
Then maybe it would
Just maybe it could
Not be so painfully bothersome
But who am I fooling
If that were to happen
It would hurt me more
So I'll endure the pain
To learn another lesson
Or receive the chance I desire

Why am I like this?
Do you hate me?
Does me being lonely
Mean that I'm free?
If being single is a lesson,
What am I learning?
Why are those I can't have
Are those that I'm yearning?
I run to you for help,
But I still receive no answer.
Seems like all of my prayers
Are being treated like a cancer.
Is contentment a goal,
Or is this goal just a lie?
The one who seeks romance may pray
That his romance shall surely die.
I'm losing faith in Love. No longer know what to do.
Our heads are to the ground
But our fists are held up high.
Society tends to push us down,
But our pride still touches the sky
Our victory is well known;
We allowed our dreams to fly
We have all equally shown
Greatness is beyond the naked eye.

What is true Beauty?
Does it comes with it a list, or
Does it come with duties?
Can it give the down a lift?

Is it a thing,
Or is it a person?
Does it embody the heart,
So someone’s fears won’t worsen?

Rejection after rejection
My lips have tightened.
But after truly seeing you
I have been enlightened.

I have gone throughout life
With distractions in my way.
But with this lovely feeling
I look to God and say.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
If you find favor in me
Please allow me to hold her
I promise not to cause pain
To lie, or to scold her
She is the definition of beauty
No one can ask for more
You are the one I thank,
For she’s the one I’ve been praying for
The saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder has been in my head for months now. I had to put it into words.
We are the right people
We make the right connections
Easy to trust,
No need for confessions

We’re in the right place
Just you and me
Once our lips interlock
Finally I’m able to see

It’s a chance I want to take
Yet now is not the time
For you still belong to someone else
And you may never be mine.
This poem *****. I may still make more.
I’m in a lot of pain
Even though I look fine
People tell me I’ll make it
Though I’m running out of time
Tried to be theirs
But they wouldn’t be mine
My life would soon be over
For it’s the end of the line
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