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Krezeyyyy Nov 2014
But if the stars would realign themselves to make way for a possibility that can only be possible in my dreams..

But if time would turn back around to when I first held into that moment when I saw your lips curve into a smile..

But if letters would do justice to how I feel whenever I remember a beautiful creature, a diamond in the rough, an unspoken wonder full..

But if it happens, and the heavens would say yes to a destiny full of me and you and every single possibility in between..

.. You know I'd take that. I'll always be wanting to take that.
Krezeyyyy Nov 2014
It's like a bird kept in a little cage,
Or a notebook kept in a drawer,
A life not lived fully
Or nights when dreams cease to exist.

It was sad and lonely and cold
I was.
I've forgotten the fire that burned deep inside
I've forgotten the dreams, I've forgotten my wings.

It wasn't because of my identity,
I was destined, I was made for something great
But I was too scared to move
I've forgotten I was loved.

But this man saved me from myself
Not because He wants to put value in me
I was valuable even before the world began
I am His happy thought, He is my Abba.
Krezeyyyy Oct 2014
I've missed you. I can't write metaphors about it, I've written your memories into different poems I've made and there's nothing left to write. There's nothing left to reminisce. Nothing left to think.

There is nothing left but missing you. So bad.
Krezeyyyy Sep 2014
These songs,
These feelings,
These thoughts of you --
They reminded me
That summer is long past --
Cold nights are here to stay.
Krezeyyyy Sep 2014
I found myself listening to your kind of music
I wish the lyrics, they mirror what you're thinking
Hey you're going to make it, just keep holding on
Don't look back, don't hurry up too
Just a step at a time, you'll make it I know
You're a step closer
If only the lyrics mirrored what you've thought of.
Krezeyyyy Sep 2014
I'm about to get to twenty
About to say goodbye being a teeny
Oh the good life
And let's not forget the good years.

I was thirteen at first,
I was in love with him --
One I thought my first and hoped to be last
But for all I care now, I'm glad I've known him.

I was fourteen,
I ventured into something
That one thing I've been dreaming since child years
I had to let it go, glad I've some cheers.

I was fifteen,
I met another love, he ran in my mind
Yeah, he had a marathon right there
For a couple of years and I'm glad he did.

I was sixteen,
I was still in love with him while entering into
Somewhere that slowly reshaped my way of thinking
There had been stones along the way, I'm glad for 'em.

I was seventeen,
I thought I could make my youth last
But I was beginning to think I'm on a brink of something
I was about to be a lady, I was happy, yes I'm glad for it.

I was eighteen,
Oh and finally I could say I could decide for myself
Hey, I thought I would be happy to go
But I am happy with my parents, I'm glad I have them.

I was nineteen,
I let him go, he broke my heart but
Somebody came, broken too, much more than I
I'm happy, I'm waiting, I'm glad for him.

Tomorrow I'll turn into another year older
Hey, I don't want this to be written for somebody else
This if for me, this time I'll write for me
And for everything and for all I care, I love how my life turned out right now.

~~ Criss ∞
I love myself. I love what I have, what I had, what happened, everything. Not because I want them, but they taught me life lessons that I could not get from somewhere else. Life is good and I'm about to start my #100happydays in a couple of hours.
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