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 Mar 2015 bb
caught in the light
frozen in spaces
love filling places
electric fright

the moment before
expanding to singularity
undulating from uncertainty
wanting more

fallen hearts beat
feeling without touching
desire fuelled clutching
two halves meet
 Mar 2015 bb
 Mar 2015 bb
All around me,
Everything I see--

Blinded by lights,
Brighter than the sun,
Iridescent and reflected by
all of the

A sickly woman in a nightgown.
A set of tubes.
"Breathe through your nose."

A series of small bites
in a location that I can't find.
And then the scream of some horrid machine,
Like the scream of an insolent child.

A large,
violent pain is radiated.
The smell of burning is the same as its taste.

Curled toes,
Tense muscles,
Wet eyes.
"Are you okay?"

More drugs.

Eyes closed,
everything moves at a slow pace,
as if I'm simply watching it happen
from a stool in the corner.

the sound of crunching bones
somewhere in my head.
"Just breathe through your nose."

A hand pulls a string,
but I don't feel anything.
Like a puppet doing its master's bidding,
so I obey and succumb to this disembodied hand.

Slowly I am lifted
from the dream world I am in.
Bright lights fade,
I am reborn as a helpless child.

But I have legs just the same as you.
I can ******* walk,
so let me walk.
Don't you see?
Those drugs don't make me incapable of handling myself.

...Or do they?

"Don't stand up so fast."
Don't worry.
I know the limitations of this new person.
But the taste of blood reminds me of who I was.

And going back is equally as scary as going forward.
 Mar 2015 bb
 Mar 2015 bb
It’s only love
Tells you in the card
Flowers to go

What do you know
Let her go again

Let me whisper in your ear
It’s in the air
Are you the one

What do you know
Let her go again

Can I just say, you look great
I sometimes wonder
What would it be like
Me and you

What do you know
Let her go again

Sometimes when I'm all alone
I hear this sound
Take a chance
It could be love
So strange, I hear another

What do you know
Let her go again.
 Mar 2015 bb
SE Reimer
 Mar 2015 bb
SE Reimer

she paints in
well-articulated strokes,
in shades that boldly
show the seeker,
she brushes
in the open
the painful colors
of the searcher.
in between,
she is the
doubter and believer;
on the edge
of learning who
and what she is;
struggling to chart
a course for
who and what
she will become.
she knows at least enough
to know her present
is not enough,
and knows too much to
call an ending
to her painful search.
she is trapped
lament and expectation,
pain and exaltation.
she is beautiful
but caught on
an ugly razor's edge.
the past and the future,
but so distant
on this search
to her existence.
the if's, the why's
behind locked doors,
away from all
the peering eyes,
the adjournment
to her journey,
her acceptance
of acquittance;
her debt discharged,
the charge expunged;
forever free,
her best revenge.


*post script.

for she who came to us with broken wing,
who cannot move forward without
her own acquittance of her past.
 Mar 2015 bb
Dorothy Parker
 Mar 2015 bb
Dorothy Parker
Into love and out again,
        Thus I went and thus I go.
Spare your voice, and hold your pen:
        Well and bitterly I know
All the songs were ever sung,
        All the words were ever said;
Could it be, when I was young,
        Someone dropped me on my head?
I imagined I gave you,
All the love in every vein I could,
Every part of me I thought was good,
And every word I knew I should,
Share with you.

I imagined your hand in mine,
Comforting me when I was down,
Pulling me out when I almost drowned,
Accepting me when I found,
Another inside.

I imagined I held you,
When your ocean eyes were filled with tears,
When your perfect heart was drilled with fear,
When all you wanted was not to hear,
Deafening noise.

I imagined I was there,
When happiness lost its ring,
When you needed me more than anything,
When all you wanted was to hear me sing,
My love to you.

I imagined a world where you and I could share glances with each other,
Or gaze for eternity,
Where time lost its hold,
And let us slip between the hours,
In an endless embrace

I imagined an infinity of loving you,
But none of it outshone reality.
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