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Dec 2018 · 152
Juan Dec 2018
rides the waves of teenage entanglements
and out of feebleness surrenders themselves to choke
inches from shore

rages and riots
in the home
of their birther

smokes and sniffs and inhales
and in their reflection

i do.
Dec 2018 · 2.1k
Little Things
Juan Dec 2018
forgetting to notice
the freshness of rain on his skin.
a hug.
the heat of a coffee cup on his raw palm.
a smile given by a stranger.
the air.
a set of loving lips that wrestle his.

a man on a ledge
neglects simple pleasures
and looks down at the asphalt.
I think often depression is caused by the failure to notice the positive things in life, not by living an unfulfilling existence. There is beauty in everything, even a burn on your hand!

— The End —