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briannah rae Jun 2018
I am a writer.
Stringing together eloquent words
To make beautiful sounding sentences:
That is supposed to be
My calling.
And yet ask me
To put into words
The effect you have
On my heart
And I'll tell you
There is something
about your love
That is inexplicable.
Try as I must
I can't fathom
How I landed your heart.
And although I am a writer
My words simply
are not sufficient enough.
So I will leave you with
A collage of cliches
Because there seems to be
No other way:
I love you
to the moon
And back.
You are my sunshine.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Candy is sweet
And so are you.
  May 2018 briannah rae
Sometimes I'll
come to you in pain
but I won't know
how to tell you
where it hurts.
briannah rae May 2018
And when you cried.
Oh when you started to cry.
I felt something inside of me
Drop to the pit of my stomach
Because I had failed you.
I had failed to lift your problems
Off of your shoulders.
I had failed
At making you happy.
And so as you cried
I caught each teardrop
In my hands
And counted each one
And stored them in a jar.
briannah rae May 2018
Everything I thought I knew
I know no longer.
My head is not
A library
Filled with shelves
And shelves
Of lively knowledge.
I thought I knew
What love is.
But how can I
When I've been hurt so much?
I thought I knew
What love is.
But how can I
When I cry myself to sleep
Night after night.
Do not read my words
And think I'm experienced
With the ups and downs
Of life.
I do not know anything.
I just know
That I go through life
Dreaming of something more.
briannah rae May 2018
The sun
To rise.
A never ending cycle
Of necessary glow.
And when I look at you,
I see that same glow
In your eyes.
The same consistent glow
In shades of yellow and orange.
And if one day,
I awoke and the glow
Was anything but present,
I'd look to the moon
And ask where it went.
And if the moon
Did not have an answer,
I'd look to the stars.
And if each and every star
Did not have an answer,
I'd know the glow
Has been extinguished.
I could not
Be mad at you.
For I know
That although the glow
Is what we've all expected
It can never be permanent.
  May 2018 briannah rae
Kaaya Faye
Even if the stars stop shining on us
And the Sun refuses to rise
There still wouldn't be a single person
I'd trade you for
briannah rae May 2018
you are like a pool
on a hot summer day.
so refreshing
and exciting.
but there is always
that small part of me
that is scared of drowning.
and although you seem all good,
i've come so close to drowning
so many times,
and i'm scared
that one day
i will dive in
and i won't come back up.
i'm back
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