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2d · 17
Lives Matter
When we are aiming for equality
And people really need it
Should we start pointing out the difference?
Why don't the signs say, "Lives Matter!"
Instead of something so specific.

The thing is, we are equal as humankind
But we are each so unique
So can we ever really achieve
This amazing thing called equality?
There are so many rules for poems
A sonnet must be 14 lines
With iambic pentameter
If you write Shakespearean
And I forget how to write Petrarchan
Buy all I know is the rules

Then there are haikus
Made to be simple and short
But I can never get the right syllable count
So what am I to do?

Then there is the exphrastic poems
Which I don't know how to describe
Other than they describe art
And I simply cannot

There are so many rules to the write
I don't know what is right anymore
7d · 37
What is a hiaku
But a poem for nature and you
Tell me, illuminate
Trying out other poetry
May 23 · 35
Dark Poet May 23
C rying all the night through

R inging our the pillow case

Y ou haven't come home yet

I doubt that it with ever happen

N ever felt like this before

G o away. I know of you lies
A nice little acrostic for my ma who's going through stuff right now
May 23 · 26
Of the Man
Dark Poet May 23
I carry the last name
Of a man who violated me
They didn't change my name
Because I was too young
To speak the truth
About what happened to me

But when you're three
And you're talking about things
You don't learn about until you're 11
People should believe you, right?

The court smiles at me, a menacing grin
As they tell me 'you're a * for sure'
And then they walk away
Satisfied with their case

And here I am now
Writing that name on papers
Because they need my last name
But I don't belong to that name
Not does it belong to me

You can't hold me hostage with your name
You can't tell me that I'm crazy
That I'm lost my head
But what you can do is **** right off
And take your name with you

I hate this last name
That I have for the rest if my life
I hate this name you gave me
Along with your abuse

Writing with disgust
Everytime I write that stupid
Last name
Your name
To all those out there like me. Stay strong. Stay safe. Someone does love you, and they love you as you are.
Dark Poet May 23
Respect existence
Or expect resistance

Why shouldn't we stand up?
We're people just like you!

Some days I want to cry for all the women and PEOPLE who were violated
And I want to scream at all the people who didn't stand up for them

Respect me as a person
And I'll treat you like a friend

Don't expect respect
If you don't treat me the same

All are equally
Equal to each other

Skin color doesn't determine who you are
YOU determine which you are

Act like a resectable human
Not like an authority who has "every rite"

Abortion isn't for everyone
It's like children

"He was laughing at me
While I got the husband stitch
When the doctor said 'I'll stitch her up nice and tight for YOU' "

I'm done doing things for people
Who do nothing for me
May 23 · 94
Young Innocence
Dark Poet May 23
Soft high voice
Embodiment of childish I
He reminds me of when I was happy
That's why I like him
He reminds me if young innocence
That was so long ago lost
May 23 · 18
Secret Society
Dark Poet May 23
Somewhere out there
On the internet so vast
Is a secret society of poets
Who in their works bask

Somewhere out there
Is hidden from the world
A little site of rebels
That walk a path all their own

The title of the page is unknown
Even to the poets who've been there for eons
Hidden in the lesser clicked pages
The poets hide in their secret society

They all click on the link once a month
To tell each other of all their poems they wrote
Then when the day is done
And each is logged off
The secret site disappears again
The society lost

Somewhere out there
Is a secret society
Of poets just like us
With disappearing links
And words like a gun
Just thought that it would be cool to have a secret society of poets that stayed hidden because they like writing but don't want the recognition. This is what that is about, if anyone finds a secret society of poets (other than this one) please comment!
Dark Poet May 23
No one wants to hear the truth
About the people behind the words

The singers who hide themselves
Amongst their guided armor of hurt

The poets whose pain drips from their pen
Their everlasting sword

The writers whose stories are
Really not that fake

Tell me when you want to hear the truth
I will speak it to your face

Instead of talking behind your back
Instead of making your heart ache

Don't tell me all the things I want to hear
Because the only thing that I want to hear

Is the truth from your very lips
Stop bullshitting each other it's not fair to either of you. Start telling the truth and life will be so much better.
May 23 · 32
A Nice Boy Who Writes
Dark Poet May 23
I want a nice boy who writes
Because he'll understand
Why I have this search history

I want a nice boy who writes
Because he'll have answers to all my questions

I want a nice boy who writes
Because he'll understand me

I want a nice boy who writes
Because he'll watch me finish my book
And read it with pride

I want a nice boy who writes
And tells me all the best obscure
Internet cafe

I want a nice boy who writes
Because for once someone
Will understand my mind
A nice boy who writes, hope you're put there
May 22 · 27
Who am I to Say
Dark Poet May 22
Who am I to say
That this *****
That I am lost on a road
Destined to not come back

Who am I to say
That life isn't fair
And that I am just a victim
And everything is worthless
Including me

Who am I to say
That nothing is quite right
In this world of wrongs
That keeps spinning for no reason at all

Tell me that I am crazy
Just like you tell everyone else
You didn't understand
Just like you tell me
When you know that I am right

But who am it to say
That I'm right
Who am I to say
That this is the right
That I am not okay

Who am I to say
What I already know
May 22 · 20
Dark Poet May 22
People know how to hurt
But not how to recover
All they seem to do
Is hide under the covers

But one day
When it is all too much
They'll find a way to **** it up
And say that life is good
And all the bad things that happened
Happened under dark hood

Nobody is out to get you
Life is never fair
And one day you'll realize
There was so much more there
Than the bad things
The things you thought unkind
Someday you'll find out
That life is really quite nice
May 18 · 29
Dark Poet May 18
What is fame
But an excuse
To live on *******
And whatever else you please
The pressure to please

Sure, everyone loves you
But you know they don't know you
And you're too high
To notice the people who do

Have fun on your next trip
You're flying high now
Life is pretty great
As long as you can't see straight
You love it like that
Life through a color-blurred film

What is fame
But to hate yourself
And hate life
And say nothing about it

Someday if you're lucky
You will find help
But for now,
You will just enjoy the next sip
The next lover
The next hit
The next lie
May 17 · 13
Too Young
Dark Poet May 17
He had started using
When he was far too young
He was only a child then,
A child without love
His father had abandoned him
When really it was his mother
His father only left
Because he was being smothered

Later in the years,
He turned really bad
Getting on heavier hitting drugs
Until there was no pain to be had
He sulked and glowered,
Acted until he got his way
Now, he can't be numb
There is far too much pain

He hasn't come out of his room for months
He dropped 38 pounds
Because he wasn't loved
The boy now had a grey pallor
Sunken eyes
And a wilted smile
He has given up,
And he's is only 15
Too young to die
May 13 · 23
Rough love
Dark Poet May 13
Why do we let rough love
Into our lives
Just laugh when it's a person we know
A person who we love

Why do we see people with bruises
And just walk by
Not think about them
For the rest of our loving day?

When your sister wears big sunglasses
And your brother wears long sleeves
When your mother starts smoking
To dull the pain
Why do we walk away?
Why do we shut them out
Because the abusers
Are "good people"
And the abused "must have done something wrong"

So tell me,
Why the hell do we accept
"Rough love?"
May 13 · 50
Too Strong
Dark Poet May 13
Am I too strong
To need a person to lean on?
Am I too strong
For people to love me?
I am too strong?

What if I just need something
What if I just want to let it out?
Would you think that I was strange?
Would you think I am irregular,
That I need to man up
Just like I always do?

Am I too strong?
Do people not see that I am human
Like everyone else?
Why do people think
That I am strong
When in reality, I am not.
To all of those people who think they need to stay strong no matter what. No one is that strong. Don't be afraid to ask for help! Sending love, and health!
May 13 · 37
Dark Poet May 13
Thank you for liking my poem
Thank you for saying that I'm good
Thanks for all you have done
When no one else has done anything for me before
Is all I have to say
May 13 · 28
"Couldn't Resist"
Dark Poet May 13
**** is the only crime
That saying you "couldn't resist"
Is a defense
Whereas for other crimes
That is a confession

Stop saying you can't resist
Because you can
And not doing something
Is easier than doing it

People don't **** outfits
People **** people
Don't say she was asking for it
No one asks to be violated

No one

And everyone can resist




May 13 · 99
Become the Character
Dark Poet May 13
Become the character
That you write
Lose your reality
A little more
Every night
I am tired of this dullness
Give me an adventure
Let me become the character
That I have worked on so hard
To write
May 13 · 52
Don't Tell Me
Dark Poet May 13
Don't tell me
That I don't know what it feels like
To stress

Don't tell me that I am too young
To understand

I am tired
Of being told
That I don't know

Please tell me that I am smart
Ask me to talk

Don't tell me
That I am things I am not
Just don't talk to me. I am tired of people saying that I can talk to them, then just telling me I am crazy. Don't ever talk to me. EVER. I mean it
May 13 · 28
Can't Say No
Dark Poet May 13
She won't say no
Never has
She lets people into her life
A life they haven't let her begin
She is living a lie
Just trying to please herself
I am tired of this nonsense
I can't help it anymore

I want her to know
How to empathize
When all she does is yell at me
And tell me that I can't understand
When all I have done
Is been too old for my body
And slaving away like an adult
The only difference is that I
Don't have a job

She likes to tell me
That I am just young
To enjoy while I still can
What she doesn't understand
Is that youth doesn't mean much now
That youth is just something
Meant to bring you down
I have never been young.
I have lived all my life
Like I am ten years older than my age
Right now,
I am 40,
And I am handling your ****
You haven't done anything lately
You've just been stressing out
You have no idea what I am going through
And you don't have the time to sit down
And talk like you tell me to do
And no one will listen to
What I have to say
And no one will bother
To ask for my time of day
I don't have a life
I am just expendable
And worthless
And everything else
Don't tell me that I don't understand
Because I do, all to well
May 13 · 25
70 year-old 5 year-old
Dark Poet May 13
She is 70 with a lot on her mind
She is 70, and one of a kind
But recently, she's been acting
Like she is 5
Holding everything in
And coping with bad jokes
And relying on other people
To do the most basic of tasks
She 70 years old
Acting like she's five
She wants to antagonize
And act like she's 2
She wants her bottle
Or at least to annoy you
She's 70 years old
And acting like she's five
May 13 · 29
Blame Shifting
Dark Poet May 13
I want to shift the blame to anyone
The people around me who ******* up
The idiots who made Covid-19
The people who won't let us out of our lease
The ***** who can't keep money in the bank
And the woman who loves him
I want to blame this
On people I know
On people that I used to love
I want to blame this
On people that have ******* up
But really this is just life
So I need to keep my mouth shut
And stare down at the ground
Because this is life
And I can't blame shift
Because that is just a lie.
May 7 · 38
Dark Poet May 7
I feel like a light bulb
Trapped in a lampshade
I am unable to shine
At my full potential
I am just glowing
A dull useless hue of gray
That is all people ever see
Please, remove my lampshade
Let me shine
May 6 · 56
Blues and Greens
Dark Poet May 6
Blues and greens
Soft and hard,
cold and warm
Brightly gleaming
Looking pretty
They are so cold
Just like winter
Making skin look pale
And snow every whiter
Blues and greens
Obsession like fire
May 5 · 52
Dark Poet May 5
Thrown away
When you are done
I'm tired
Of being disposable
May 5 · 37
Dark Poet May 5
"I'm not trying to play the victim,"
she said to her mother.
"I know, you never have." her mother said back
But my question is
Why didn't she play a victim
When we needed it
Why didn't she play the victim
When we couldn't pay the rent?
Why didn't she play the victim
When we couldn't get out of the lease?
Why didn't she play the victim
All those times
When we need her
To play the role?
May 5 · 34
moving on
Dark Poet May 5
I packed everything up
walked away with my head down
I wasn't done living
I wasn't ready to leave

all my friends waved goodbye
they all wished me luck
they'll never know how much I love them
how much they meant

the tires move softly on the road
that is never-ending
until potholes dip down
and are jolting

life is hard
and I'm tired of moving on

maybe it was supposed to be this way
maybe I was supposed to leave

but right now I'm tired
and I want to go to sleep,
so don't make me move on
I'm not ready
May 4 · 102
Bleeding Eyes
Dark Poet May 4
my eyes are bleeding
red dots fill my sclera
my cornea is bruised
from seeing all this chaos

my iris is small
and my pupil big
from all the darkness
in which I had to live

I am sorry to everyone
whose life I have darkened
but will you please stop darkening mine
it's just not fair.

Please stop making my eyes bleed
it hurts too much to stand
I cannot live this way
my life is out of command

please let my eyes take a break
from the screen

I want a rest
to not be imprisoned
behind my eyes
because the world has been harsh
and there is so much punishment
for being who you are

let my bleeding eyes rest
May 3 · 30
Dark Poet May 3
At some point, I am just going to explode
From feeling so much
Anger, sadness, happiness, joy
But also hate
I feel to ******* much
But then I am drained
And there is nothing more to feel
Don't talk to me
Don't come near me
I don't need you
I don't need your words of encouragement
I don't need any of your "wise" ideas
Back away
Because you don't even know where you step off
May 3 · 45
Dark Poet May 3
You never listen to me
There is never time for me
Never any time to acknowledge
My very existence
There is no time
For us to be at one
Never any time for you to listen
To anything I say
My thoughts, my emotions
I just want you to listen
Is that so hard to do?
Is it bad for you to listen to me
When all I do is listen to you?
Never being heard. But is that really a bad thing?
May 3 · 25
Without a Title
Dark Poet May 3
No meaning
So many words
Trying to get more numbers
More people reading
I want people to see
What is really happening
To me
I want people to see that I am a person
A human being
I want people to see
That I am here, even if I feel like I am not
I want people to read my passion
I want them to read what I worked on
Every night
For my young life
I want people to see what they did to me

Without a title
Is not without meaning
So don't judge people of their title
Or lack thereof
Without a title
Is just not letting you know
What is hidden within
It's better that way
More mysterious
May 3 · 32
The World
Dark Poet May 3
I don't want to live in a world
Where I am not comfortable
Sharing my information
Seeing people in public, as a potential threat
I don't want to live in a world
Where people take advantage of others
And just say that they were sorry
When everything is said and done
I don't want to live in a world
Where people judge you when you are yourself
And when you have finally changed, they tell you
That you were better before
I don't want to live in a world
Where people tell us who to be
Where nothing is safe
Where there are pandemics
And the stress of paying bills
I don't want to live in a world
Where there is absolutely no control
I don't want to live in a world
Where homes get taken away
And where veterans are on the streets
I don't want to live in a world
Where we have to section people
By race, class, gender, sexuality
If you want equality
We should all be the same
But we aren't and we should see that
I don't want to live in this world anymore
May 2 · 164
The Last Stage
Dark Poet May 2
Maintaining control
is the stage where the predator
will do anything to keep his victim
a victim
He sits on the couch
With his arm slung over you
His breath is sour with alcohol
And cruelty
Knowing that he has power over you
There will be no changing the story
The story that contains
Both you and him
Is not your and his story
It is only his, and it will only ever be his
Because of him, you have been completely and utterly
These are the stages of ****** harassment, Stay safe out there guys, read up on these things, and don't get hurt. Sending love.
May 2 · 26
Sexual Contact Stage
Dark Poet May 2
This is the stage that everyone knows
where the predator gets what he wants from the victim
this is the most commonly discussed stage
of ****** harassment
He touches you
Bringing you down
You can't feel anything but his hands
Reigning down on you facing
You can't remember a time
Where you weren't controlled by him
Because now there is him.
Only him
These are the stages of ****** harassment. Stay safe everyone.
May 2 · 36
Isolation Stage
Dark Poet May 2
Isolation Stage; the stage where the victim
is isolated from their family
their friends
everyone, until it is only them and the predator
You isolated them
You gave them no time
You manipulated them
To the point when they were no longer human
But a perfect little slave
This is the isolation stage
Watch your back
These are the stages of ****** harassment. Stay safe everyone.
May 2 · 20
Giving Stage
Dark Poet May 2
The Giving Stage; a stage where the victim is brought something so that all of their needs are tended to
so that they trust, and are in debt
to the predator.
You give them something to make sure
That they are "well cared for"
When really they are just jumping
Into the lion's mouth
Instead of walking past
And knowing that you shouldn't trust them
But you did
And now they will give you something
So that you will be in debt
And never be able to pay it off
The stages of ****** harassment. It doesn't just start when it does. There is a prosses, and these are the signs. Read more, stay safe, stay healthy.
Apr 30 · 38
Dark Poet Apr 30
"Def; the action of a person
preparing their victim for meeting
especially on the internet
or chat room with the intention
of committing a ****** offense"
So if I don't talk to you, that is why
Please don't contact me
Please don't talk to me
It is wrong to do this to someone
Don't ever do it
It is horrible
Don't talk to me
Just don't
You are not my friend
You do not know me
So back away from the "message" button
I don't want to talk to you
Know that I am prepared to fight
So don't ever talk to me
I am not your friend
This is written because of a channel I watch on youtube that goes into the topic of abuse, CP, and other things like that. It is wrong, it is horrible. Don't treat someone like that ever.
Apr 30 · 58
Leave me ALONE
Dark Poet Apr 30
I don't want to hear it
Don't tell me a thing
I am just a person
Who wants to write
Don't tell me anything
About what is what
And what you like
And what you hate
Don't talk to me
Don't approach me
I want to respect your privacy
If you promise to respect mine
I will be polite
But it doesn't mean that I will trust
Or agree with anything you say
I am just warning all of you
That I am this way for a reason
And I am prepared to fight
To keep everything just safe
Fine and dandy
So leave me alone
I am warning you
Apr 30 · 27
Dark Poet Apr 30
Respect is an odd thing
If a person demands respect
They usually mean to respect
Their authority
And treat them like a god
But when they say, "if you respect me, I'll respect you"
And they mean that you will treat them like a person
If you treat them like a king/queen
And everything is just jolly good
Because you respect them as an authority
And they treat you (almost)
As if you were a human being I mean,
It's just not fair
What some people call "respect"
Apr 29 · 37
Better Now
Dark Poet Apr 29
I feel better now
Like I can live in my skin
I feel better with my soul
Less of a need to fit in
I think that I am beautiful
And for once in a very very long time
I don't feel fat
Even though I probably am
I just feel like I could go on existing
In this pale sack of skin
After all, what matters most
Is what happens to your soul
Your body is just a vehicle
Learn it from the best people,

So trust me when I say,
If you want to take this time to be better
If you want to improve
You've got my support
But you're already perfect
Pure and true
To any of those people who need that. I hope you like it, and I hope that you can relate!!
Apr 29 · 32
Dark Poet Apr 29
Let me go, just let me be
Don't clutch me in your trap of poetry
I am tired of writing words
That don't have any meaning to me
I am tired of doing this
Just so I can get noticed
For me this isn't a hobby
This is something I want to do
For the rest of my years
I want to write away every little thing
Every tear, every fear
I am tired of writing for recognition
I am tired of not being able to get my book into the public
I am tired of not being able
To share what I want
I am tired of not being able to share my lovely books
I am tired of being trapped in recognition
I am just---- ACCCHHHHHHHH forever
Apr 28 · 27
Dark Poet Apr 28
Bones rattle together
As the dead start to rise
As the population decreases
Secret have started to die
Until that one day
When secrets
Are no longer what they are
Secrets are an ever seething
White marble scars
Apr 28 · 27
Tattooed Love
Dark Poet Apr 28
You left your mark
And inky black stream covering my heart
You pierce my skin with your needle
And let the ink run wild
As I ran away and found your tattoo
Right in front of my eyes
This tattooed love
Was not what I wanted
This inked mark
That makes me yours
Is a curse that will follow me
Wherever I go

I never wanted this tattooed love
That hurts me more than anything
A bullet hole would hurt less
But I worked hard for this
I thought that this was what I needed
But I guess....
I could be completely wrong
Apr 28 · 24
Empty Heart
Dark Poet Apr 28
My heart
Is an empty glass
Transparent enough to see through
Though it is clouded by hate of judgement
And everything else
My heart is empty
And so is my mind
Apr 28 · 41
if I was there
Dark Poet Apr 28
if I was there
I don't know what I would do
if I was there all I would want is to stare at you
if you met my eyes
the fire within would burn your skin
and you would be left with nothing
so you shouldn't let me in

if I was there
I would be absent
if I was there I wouldn't be there for love
I would be there for hate
And all of the things that you do to me
Apr 28 · 21
Dark Poet Apr 28
You are wretched
Standing there thinking that you know me
You watch me from your high horse
And think that I am happy
You know that I won't say a thing if something happens
There is nothing left to say at all

You are wretched
A lack of a soul
Make you indestructible
You hurt me more than anyone that I know
Just because I love you more
And for that you are wretched

An indestructible thought in my mind
Apr 28 · 23
Dark Poet Apr 28
I'm in a land where the skies are dark in summer
And the walls are painted black
You are told to go to this world and never to turn back
You look up to the sky to find the sun has been painted red
And wake up to find yourself resting in your bed

You've made your bed of hopes and fears
Never to return
To that awful place of dread and tears
Yet still you yearn
For the days when you could find yourself
Within that black hole called sleep
And to feel the ebbing
And let yourself be engulfed into the eternal sea of dreams
Dark Poet Apr 28
I have no name
What else is there to say
I have no guide
No way to know if the words will end
So what do I say?
Do I prattle on until everything is on the mend
Or do I just sit here in silence
And hope for the best?

Options, options
What should I say?
Should I have a meaningful speech
Where I say that everyone is great?
Or should I say something along the lines
Of how my life is ****...
(I know that I do that. No false pretenses here!)

Jeez. I just don't know what to do
With the letters, and words
I've been given
Hopefully, I can find a title
Lacking a poem
Everyone fits into a puzzle of life, bringing things to your life that you otherwise lack. Just know that some people are toxic, but everyone is there for a reason. And everyone has a lesson to teach, be kind enough to sit down and listen to it.
Apr 28 · 19
2 A.M
Dark Poet Apr 28
I didn't even know
That I would stay up this long
Because I am TIRED guys
Not crazy so..
leave me alone
When you say
That I should let the words go to sleep
because when my head is done for
anything that is said
communicated in one way or another
it is so ******* done
that there is no meaning
to be had
other than I am ******* tired
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