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birdy Jan 2023
my heart urges to
but my mind
cannot focus on passion
can’t put aside pain
so my heart’s paintings
become plain
overwritten by
an unloving mind
birdy Jan 2023
i feel like the carpet
frankly ugly
birdy Jan 2023
scarce serendipity

scathing scars

sorrow’s souvenirs

serenity secluded



birdy Sep 2022
Make a wish
What if I don't want to blow out these candles
I never want to leave this moment
And I know that once these flames turn to smoke my life will change
Because this means I’ve survived
past the age
I treated like a deadline
birdy Sep 2022
the birth mark on your left shoulder
reminds me of how some things stay when we’re older

looking back tears wouldn’t have helped
wounds bound up by doubt
birdy Aug 2022
love without laments
land without lord
birdy Aug 2022
your imperfection perfects me
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