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Jun 2016 · 870
Lost the knack for words
Bill murray Jun 2016
Been gone for a while
Lost my knack for words
The poet pipe used to be my crack
And I'd splice it with some herb.
But I lost the good vibration
That made me tic the keyboard tac
But some reason now I'm writing again
The youngin age is coming back.
I missed all my fellow typer's,
Penner's, grinners, ******'s
Writer's. Dont take ****** word wrong
Because trust me I'm a ****** to,
Hello out there my fellow poet
That's right, Gramps did miss you.
I've been enjoying the sun
Not trapped inside the hellopoetics cube
We all need some getaway time
To come back like a fresh flower
Renewed and refined. So for today
I inscribe my bloodlines time,
Because in time we record our being's,
Today I'm back to make fancy words
And tell you fanciful thing's.
Glad to see you, hello Mr and Mrs
Poetry, hope your doing well\
Gramps missed your typing keys.
May 2016 · 901
Sweet Ma' for you
Bill murray May 2016
It's complete euphony
Hearing memorable Melody's.

Remembering from the age
of five and up.

Ma' always warming my milk
with honey in the cup.

Ma' wanted best,
and showed what hard workin was!

Hard workin not slack, was the way her hands had become.

It's complete euphony, hearing her sweet talk before bed

Has it been that many years ago Ma', your sweet lullaby's said.
Bill murray Apr 2016
Take me to the province
Where the purple florets rest, take me to the purple
Where the province is the best. Take me to
Hurricane hill, the plateau there I'll get my fill,
Take me to the province
Where purple rains, purple quill's.

Take me to the satellite
That swirl's it's own thought's, thought's that swirl,
Satellite world's! Take me to the roundabout
I'll shout the purple top's!

Take me to the majesty, of friendliness
And the kind! Take me to the place to see,
A place not old and blind! Take me to
The purple field's where all is real I
Smell the peels, of Apple meals and
Caramel crumb's, baked good's-
Country love! Take me to the
Purple fields

Where old men's
Rest awaits!
Apr 2016 · 569
I was there 66-69
Bill murray Apr 2016
I was there
66, through Albuquerque
Passing flag staff. Land
Of the cacti, hippies blowing
Smoke from arazonian glass.
Flower children and hard working
Laborers, I hit L.A seeing the
Whiskey a go-go, some band's
Made it to the stage, others a
No-show. Some to down and
Out broke or ******!
I was there back in the era
66-69. The farmers got together
With the hip ones to keep the
Sun inside these dark States
Apr 2016 · 301
Bill murray Apr 2016
Ever notice
How the tiniest spark
Can ignite a world of twinkles
Apr 2016 · 464
Vacationing schmucks
Bill murray Apr 2016
The upright has been uprooted
From the once shore of the....                  Free!
The vile and barbarous
Now run the oil's......                                  Squeeze!
Pocketing, they make their run's
Breathing polluted air from man-made.     Greed!
I can spit into the indignant sun
While my head burns from its.....             ***!
The law abiding has been rousted
Though we say no more! Get out the doors, of the white house you are....        Hosting!
We don't need no hosts
You Mason jokes
We need no smoke
Blown from your holes,
It's so **** tiring
Getting........                                                 old!
Regain your soul's
If you have one of course,
Yes the people are irked
Yes the people are worked!
Many a dime from hard working
Being taxed up their............                            ***'s!
We're not taking anymore
You vacationing                        schmucks#
How's this for globalism
You globalist                            f#####!
Apr 2016 · 300
Payola white walls
Bill murray Apr 2016
Rephrasing Ex President Ronald Reagan.
Mr. President, Barack Obama, TEAR DOWN
Your wall's of payola!
Mar 2016 · 565
Stop all that kerfuffle
Bill murray Mar 2016
What's going on
Where is all that
Kerfuffle coming from. Can't you get along?
Hey now stop playing dumb.
I'm hearing all negativity
Noones getting along
People got it in the 60s
Whether fake or not
They played their songs.
Hey what's the commotion
Getting mad at others
Haven't you learned a thing
To love one another.
Still you shed innocent blood
Not talkin' just by steel,
Words like deadly poison
To and fro get real.
Talkin down another
Hey " throw away that cutter,
Didint your mother teach you to
Hold your tongue
Don't say hey mother f.. ..
What you speak is
What you are
And what you are
Is what you speak
Am I getting to you
Do I seem unreal
Though it's many realities
I teach
Kerfuffle is a fun new word trying out Kerfuffle (noun) has been around since the early 1800s. There are two ideas as to how it came into English. It probably came from either Scottish Gaelic or from Celtic Irish, the languages that were used historically in Scotland and Ireland. It's like saying what's with all the commotion, came to like this word instantaneously
Mar 2016 · 326
Strangies are the same
Bill murray Mar 2016
Hungry for some poetry
Gramps will give you words for free.
My write will not cost you a dime
I will make you laugh, **** and cry.
Don't Let the gas go around the room
Smells like skunk, it smells! Peeeww.
Hungry for a write or speak
Gramps is here, poem of the week.
I may be abnormal, a little odd
That's because I was born a thorn and ****.
But don't dislike me for how I am
We're the same, strange writer man.
Bill murray Mar 2016
They grab our goods
They steal our land
They show off their
Tanks, with guns in hand.
They wear their Gear
Camouflage green and brown,
They practice open on the scene
Stealing young men's dreams,
They reap your harvest
And steal your ground.
They turn us against another
Claiming their right,
While taking farmlands
**** on cia demands.
Making secret laws
Behind your backs they will stand.
Here take this, here have that
You can slow yourself down
By getting dumb and fat.
Have some wine, here take a pill
Here's some McDonald's
Go have your fill.
Take our gmo's, it's alright it's okay,
We'll make you pay for you funeral the next day.
We don't care how you live or your ways.
What's yours is ours. And what's ours is ours.
Don't worry about working, we got jobs for you.
Work for uncle Sam, uncle Sam loves you.
Hey your sick, don't worry we got your care
We got doctors who take bribes, and give vaccines to **** your stare. We even got growth formula's to grow your no hair.
Theirs your smile, now your getting there.
Don't get mad, why are you crying, okay well give you a
Psychologist, just make sure your not lying.
Wait just a second, no reason to be mad.
We're your government, your big brother.
Mar 2016 · 370
Karma x ten
Bill murray Mar 2016
Don't give bad karma
You always get back the amount times ten
What you decided to put in
Bill murray Mar 2016
It's a cold bitter pill
When your left alone
To thrills. Thrills only
Creatures at night will
Understand. We've turned
Weird. Asking hand to hand
For money instead of
To share.

We've fondled the devil's head

And we wonder why all the years we did sigh
When our coffins were Inked of misery\
From the misdeeds we have fed.

Lying in a bed
Of peccadilloes turned to imposing poundage.
Only to have died
Long ago.
Bill murray Mar 2016
To my friend
Bill Hughes
Who just lost his kitten

Hope that lonesomeness
Gets back in its cube
With all the other itches.

To my friend
Billy Hughes
Dear rhymester of hellopoetry
And SoundCloud.

If you need a Bud
I'm here with love
I can be your cat for a day
And speak to you as a friend.
Long live your black cat.
He's eating mice by heavens dozen,
His life has just started
It didint end.
Bill murray Mar 2016
We could pick apart
All the pieces of someone else
Who we may think isn't the best
Example to others here around us.
Though when we start picking the bits
Out of our own eyes, ears, and mouths,
We'll realize what right do we have
To piece-pick from another human  being.
When we must first pick the bits
Out of our hearts and minds first.
Feb 2016 · 868
reese's pieces
Bill murray Feb 2016
Pick up the phone
Dial home- hey E.T on the line,
Does he like reese's. Maybe not now
But soon he will in time.
Feb 2016 · 314
Big the engine up
Bill murray Feb 2016
Dig it
When your small
Becomes a big it.
Feb 2016 · 595
Jump jack bean yellow
Bill murray Feb 2016
Jack jumpin flashin
Bean, green or yellow
Skin of seed. Jump in
Bean, jump in me.
Make me healthy
Make me stealthy.
Make me a ninja
Of organic wealthy.
Bill murray Feb 2016
"This is a song..."
"This is uhh, This is a new song..."
"It's through the eyes of one of the greatest people alive, I feel..."
"The Lunchlady"

Woke up in the morning
Put on my new plastic glove
Served some reheated salisbury steak
With a little slice of love
Got no clue what the chicken *** pie is made of
Just know everything's doing fine
Down here in Lunchlady Land

Well I wear this net on my head
'Cause my red hair is fallin' out
I wear these brown orthopedic shoes
'Cause I got a bad case of the gout
I know you want seconds on the corndogs
But there's no reason to shout
Everybody gets enough food
Down here in Lunchlady Land

Well yesterday's meatloaf is today's sloppy joes
And my breath reeks of tuna
And there's lots of black hairs coming out of my nose
In Lunchlady Land your dreams come true
Clouds made of carrots and peas
Mountains built of shepherds pie
And rivers made of macaroni and cheese
But don't forget to return your trays
And try to ignore my gum disease
No student can escape the magic of Lunchlady Land

Hoagies & grinders, hoagies & grinders
Hoagies & grinders, hoagies & grinders
Navy beans, navy beans, navy beans
Hoagies & grinders, hoagies & grinders
Navy beans, navy beans
Meatloaf sandwich
sloppy joe, slop, sloppy joe
sloppy joe, slop, sloppy joe
sloppy joe, slop, sloppy joe
sloppy joe, slop, sloppy joe

Well I dreamt one morning
That I woke up to see
All the pepperoni pizza
Was a-looking at me
It screamed, why do you burn me
And serve me up cold
I said I got the spatula
Just do what you're told
Then the liver & onions
Started joining the fight
And the chocolate pudding
Pushed me with all its might
And the chop suey slapped me
And it kicked me in the head
It's called revenge Lunchlady
Said the garlic bread
I said what did I do
To make you all so mad
They said you got flabby arms
And your breath is bad
Then the green beans said
You better run and hide
But then my friend sloppy joe came
And joined my side
He said if it wasn't for the Lunchlady
The kids wouldn't eatcha
You should be shakin' her hand
And sayin' please to meet ya
She gives you a purpose
And she gives you a goal
You should be kissin' her feet
And kissin' her mole
Now all the angry foods
Just leave me alone
And we all live together
In a happy home

Thanks to
sloppy joe, slop, sloppy joe
sloppy joe, slop, sloppy joe
sloppy joe, slop, sloppy joe
sloppy joe, slop, sloppy joe

Well me & sloppy joe got married
We got six kids and we're doing' just fine
Down in Lunchlady Land
Haven't heard this classical Saturday night live special in a good while but when I hear it gives the old beater a chuckle. Composed  by the madman Adam ******* and used chris Farley in his skit, rest in peace Farley's young comedic spirit
Bill murray Feb 2016
Back in the day they called it " gripping the duds"
Nowadays the little bits are nipped in the bud,
Protect your jewels their hanging doubloons,
They can squeeze like grapes, or get popped
Like balloons. Don't get a woman mad she will
Grip em for you. Protect your jewels, no ailment
With soothe. If you loose your dudsy buddies
You'll lose mankind to. But if you loose your
Peanuts, you always have left the hanging *******. Just
Don't let him out in public.,HEY ******! Put away that
Bill murray Feb 2016
I wanna take you higher
C'mon light my fire
Want to take you higher
Sly and family stone lyrics
Feb 2016 · 272
Mother nature and dr earth
Bill murray Feb 2016
If there's a storm coming

Mount the swish.

Give mother nature

And Dr earth

A tender kiss.
Feb 2016 · 312
Haha haha we say
Bill murray Feb 2016
Take a ticket
Click it or ticket
Yet meanwhile, back in police land
They chuckle

Knowing neither one of them
Wear a seatbelt. Haha they say
We can write tickets
Everyday. We could steal
The passerbyers drugs to.
Hey maybe give em a jails stay,
Haha haha
We blue men say!
Bill murray Feb 2016
You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant
You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant
Walk right in it's around the back, just a half a mile from the railroad track
An' you can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant

"Alice's Restaurant Massacree- song by Arlo Guthrie-
"Alice's Restaurant Massacree
Feb 2016 · 441
Bill murray Feb 2016
I don't expect anyone to understand an old stranger
Like me. I don't understand many things of others
Either \ their strange to me to
Feb 2016 · 488
American liberty
Bill murray Feb 2016
The feds take my sibs land
The feds take the rural land
The feds steal it right under your nose
You get played, you don't even know.
The feds **** the livestock and cattle
The ranchers are planters being slaughtered in battle.
The FBI murders and ****'s my family
The coastlines are barren
Birds fall out of the sky,
Experiment from the administration's control testing.
Property is disappearing
From right under your nose
Better wake up
You'll be the next host.
The FBI is taking my farmhand's good's
The CIA deals green leaf
And ****** mud.
They tell us their helping
They tell us its good.
Would of could of
Do something for good!
Do something now
American public,
We have run out of time
We're broke on the budget.
Take to the flag
By which you once stood.
Take to the grab
Of gun supplies, go to the
Take back your homes
Be the knights of your day
Persecution's started
It's not far from your gaze.
Do something now
American kid
Your grandpa was probably once a farmer
And you'll be next on the feds list.
A need to know of what's happening to the farmers lands, ranchers land. AMERICAS land. Not only farmers youngins, the country. Our land is being destroyed by experiment testing as I and the west coast know

Need to know: the Clinton's have made a deal with the Russians and Mr Putin to buy American uranium from our landscape. You may check that little bitty up on the Google!

Innocent rancher out in Oregon was murdered in cold blood and while being shot in his back by a fed FBI agent, the mainstream seemed to have cover that up, yet video details online tell the story

Birds are falling out of sky with other animals washing up dead!
Not the weather folks,

Article from

The U.S. government routinely conducts experiments on weather modification, and has been doing so for at least half a century. Previously classified under such names as “Project Cirrus” (1947) and “Project Popeye” (1966), weather modification is no longer a secret practice. In fact, a bill (S517) was sponsored in 2005 by Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, a Republican, “to establish the Weather Modification Operations and Research Board, and for other purposes.” This bill did not become law. Yet, there is reason to believe that various government institutions are carrying out numerous legal and illegal weather experiments without informing the public!

Note; yes this still happens, worldwide not only my great American country. As I've seen two other people speak about this here. The originations are called haarp. Yes a real thing the government openly uses in Alaska and other parts especially California its being used.
Haarp stands for .
High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.
Originating in gakona alaska founded in 1993:
The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska[clarification needed], and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA),[1] designed and built by BAE Advanced Technologies (BAEAT).
Yes you may check darpa to. Another man-made device to ruin a once great nation. You should ask a question to yourself as an American!
Why does and is this happening? As it all is.
It's called government dominance
Also stating a control mechanism! Every thing an American eats he is told what to eat because someone bigger than them tells then is good. As we shove gmos in our bodies
( gmo) genetically modified organism.. GMOs (or “genetically modified organisms”) are organisms that have been created through the gene-splicing techniques of biotechnology (also called genetic engineering, or GE). We are told what to watch
So we watch it.
Bill murray Feb 2016
Call it living but I'm dying to live another death
Feb 2016 · 395
Steel toed boots
Bill murray Feb 2016
I'm not a centerfold beaut!
I'm an old man with steel toed farmers boots.
Jan 2016 · 434
Im alive
Bill murray Jan 2016
The older you get
The faster you end up dying.

I'm alive,

Bury me with a pickaxe
An old hg wells book
A cup of Joe
And my old tophat

Bury me with a smile
Jan 2016 · 400
Old age quote for the day
Bill murray Jan 2016
We've put more effort into helping folks reach old age
than into helping them enjoy it.
Frank. a. Clark quote
Bill murray Jan 2016
I'm breaking through
To the other side
Jan 2016 · 402
Snow hotty
Bill murray Jan 2016
East coast bombed with snow
West coast with fire.
They should make a baby together
Call it the abominable snow hotty.
Wonder what their babies would look like
Bill murray Jan 2016
Tension builds on the western front
The Slopes moan in horrific altitude
Sorry to break the news.
Tension slaps the western
Face, the soil is moldy
The planets forming in ghastly trace.
Everyone knows it though noone sais it.
We're doomed, keeping a shotgun on the side keeping the suns
Memory in my mind, I've got a bunker, trust me, its better then bombs and gloom. I have come to the diddly widdly conclusion, I wont be trapped on the governments map, I won't be
In confusion. They'll bring us delusion, pin others against mothers, the west has seen this coming a long time comin. Lock and load boys, let the second amendment be kept to its name, light the matches, light the torches, darkfall will plague our land, were already plagued. Many things to be staged, farmhands are losing their lands, ranches are being stolen, golden tongues from hypocritical bums, will make some dumbed in conclusion. This old flesh will stay loosened, knock knock who's there? Gramps! Get out#theres noone here.
Jan 2016 · 427
Leap frog
Bill murray Jan 2016
One of the timeless classics.

Leap if your feelin froggy.

Well today i feel froggy.
Jan 2016 · 919
Freshness garden of lyrics
Bill murray Jan 2016
In this farmhand garden
I spray out words
To be avocados.
Tomatoes. Anything green
Red or  yellow. A gaming
Meadow with me as its
Lyrical rancher. I pick out the bad
Roots to be made into weird clothing
And picnic lanterns.
Because you can't have a good picnic
Without the freshness of the growers
Jan 2016 · 511
Infinite agin"
Bill murray Jan 2016
Old bone of bags, bags old of bones, shipwrecked hot toddy.
No longer a hot body, wrinkled, pickled as a pickle
Stuck in societies jar, hand's ******, arms tired, barb wire wraps
Scars, as by far I've been into to many bars to count,
Up and out, or up and over.
Purely sober,
Roll over rover:
Is what the youngins tell me.
But I still have life left to give
A breath to live
To infinity,
Dec 2015 · 844
Sea songin
Bill murray Dec 2015
If my time is to come
Then dog nabbit wrap me up
Like a rabbit in an old farmers coat
I prefer dickies.
I want to be warm
When my land gets stolen or sold
At least I won't sell my soul
Even if my land is taken
And I feel no more whole
I wanna be warm
Dog nabbit!
Not cold.
And gift wrap my banjo
Send it off to sea.
Let the sailers of the Pacific coast
Play sea songs
For me.
Dec 2015 · 527
Herb erb superb
Bill murray Dec 2015
How is it superb, if you don't got the erb in it? Or maybe that's herb.
Dec 2015 · 287
Stiff corpse
Bill murray Dec 2015
What do you get
When ya mix some ****
Into some fine clay and dirt?
Ya get good farming soil.
It's irony how we eat crap
And we turn to crap when turning stiff corpses.
Dec 2015 · 406
Riddle diddle
Bill murray Dec 2015
Fiddle diddles

Rhymin riddles
Gramps needs more sleep

Gramps is ****** skittles
Ate to much of those sugary treats.

Backs aching

I'd love for grandmammy to rub these feet
Dec 2015 · 327
Bill murray Dec 2015
Who said I'm schizophrenic?
Oh look politician's doing good for the country
Oops sorry my ****** visions again
Dec 2015 · 722
exfoliate and enema
Bill murray Dec 2015
Emollients are hard to come by
For this agronomy of my soil.
The hay is vague, the crops are spoiled.
I want, I toil, I quail the mail.
I'm tired, detailed, drawn as a
Pawn to the business grail.
My stool needs Emollient
My head needs painkillers.
Last nerves have got my words
My country and home
Needs a exfoliate !
Dec 2015 · 576
Bill murray Dec 2015
An old ****
Banjo playing
That rides
A farm machine with
A shotgun for protection
Or killing little critters
Who loves avocados,
Who eats nachos cheese
Cheese dip,
With the original cigars
On his lips
With stains
In my old flannels.
Yeah im outdated,
But gramps
Hasn't lost morals
Unlike today where the word moral is said
And you are arrested
Shot and blasphemed
For just being you.
The world's gone a little strayed
Has it not?
Bill murray Dec 2015
Vote for me- I'll set you free
Dec 2015 · 2.6k
The 60s baby in me
Bill murray Dec 2015
The year
Manson was on his spree
Hippies chilled the breeze.
Chicks dancing with rubies on hips.
Then came 1967
Hendrix wowed the crowd
Janis Joplins soul came out
Music splashed
Hallucinogenic heaven.
1968, patterns of clothing
Seemed to be from faraway.
It wasn't American to the main stream
Still wouldn't be today.
1969, Woodstock, the time
Of all togetherness, and weightless
Rockers heads filled with dust and buds.
Cities broke to riots
Gangbanging quiets over colors lust!
1970, met grandmammy
Touched the farmers scene.
Found the happy
In the sixties baby in me.
Today, now a mountain boy
On a machine that cuts down anything
In its way.
The farming hand
Making a living off of dirt and hay.
Spit and clay.
Dec 2015 · 219
Bill murray Dec 2015
Fed the hound dog's some hot dog's today
Wonder if the hounds realized
That the dogs they were eating
We're made from endtrails.
Dec 2015 · 301
Waves in tune
Bill murray Dec 2015
When the mountains
Of nothern Cali ring
Gramps lays back
Cool tuned cat,
To the
Waves sing the breeze.
Dec 2015 · 324
All night poetry
Bill murray Dec 2015
Sing a poetic song poet
All night long.
Bill murray Dec 2015
Missed the clock by an hour late waking
I woke drenched, needing quenched
A wrench for my brain that's unsteady
And in the undertaking.
These ol' bag o bones are tired
Need more sleep,
Eyelids sagging
I need restful peace.
Hard flesh,
Unwaking eyes
No work today, I'll take advantage of living
Ill catch northern California's
High rise.
Dec 2015 · 672
Joke night#this ones on me
Bill murray Dec 2015
1+OLD banana .

Two old men in a retirement village were sitting in the reading room and one said to the other, ''How do you really feel? I mean, you're 72 years old, how do you honestly feel?''
''Honestly, I feel like a new born baby. I've got no hair, no teeth, and I just wet myself!


Q: What did one saggy breast say to the other saggy breast?A: If we don't get some support soon, people will think we're nuts!


Q: What do you get when you mix LSD and birth control? A: A trip without the kids


Q: When do you kick a ****** in the *****? A: When he is standing next to your girlfriend saying her hair smells nice


A husband and wife are trying to set up a new password for their computer. The husband puts, "Mypenis," and the wife falls on the ground laughing because on the screen it says, "Error. Not long enough."
Dec 2015 · 290
The new breed
Bill murray Dec 2015
Dry routes in the cali valley, mountain's tumble to our country's rally, fighting and bickering is all that we need, to slowly die off
Killing another by genetic seed. I've come to learn

This generation hopelessly

Is a new breed!
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