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Night defeats the sun
    and hangs its pale imposter
    in its own sky
    to wax and wane
    and woo young lovers
    under the boardwalk.
    Lust ebbs and flows.
    Our tide was high.
    Our moon enormous
    balanced on the horizon.
    Reach out and touch it and
    be reborn with me tonight.
So much pain in this brief life
Fog upon the bridge
Som tam at the restaurant
Diet Coke in the fridge

Coastal California
New York City snow
Thich Nhat Hanh in Saigon
4 dead in Ohio

Gratitude for my little place
Sleep. DVDs.
Protection from the worst.
Please. Please. Please.

 Jul 2023 b e mccomb
I miss him
when he isn't gone
it makes me feel
as if my heart
is making peace
with losing him

How can I
convince him to stay
when I write
like he is already
 Jun 2023 b e mccomb
If you were a candle
You'd be one with a wick
That was cut just a little too short
And I'll scrape the wax around
Just to keep you lit
But I always worry
That if I turn away at the wrong time
Your light will flicker out
And I won't be there to save it
 May 2023 b e mccomb
Samm Marie
Italian shores sparkling like champagne
New York streets bustling, humming my name
Sedona palms and eternal light
Lou'siana grandeur, twinkling nights
I asked her what she did today, and she said,

"I got a Brazilian and went to the bank.".

Bonnie Fielder © Mar 2023
 May 2023 b e mccomb
deer with antlers touching,
us with horns,
hand in ochre hand
an ampersand.

wearing the crown,
deer with antlers touching,
one head hanging
you pull away
and im still here;
I end at the neck.
/about the phenomenon of bucks clashing over territory, and if the antlers become stuck, the stronger buck may tear away and wear the others' head/ something about having another being rot around you/
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