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RV Dec 2015
You are still on top
In the list of my "recent
-searches" my darling
R. V.
RV Dec 2015
tell me you did not just dream of me, my love
because this is the poison rushing through my veins
that our dreams have always been the same

and still they're haunting me awake.
R. V.
RV Nov 2015
And so I read
And re-read

And re-read the lines
That my eyes have gone through
In search of meaning

In search for the words
Lying by the in betweens
That may not be there at all, my love

But I am running out of guesses.
And I'm still guessing if I am fine.
R. V.
RV Nov 2015
The warmth of your smile
Is escaping my memory
Like cigarette smoke
I exhaled too quickly

And I desperately try
To breathe it back into my life

But darling,
You have already floated away
R. V.
RV Nov 2015
Touch your lips to mine
With your eyes left wide open
And tell me if you see
Your fantasies coming true
Or just another night well spent
R. V.
RV Nov 2015
leave me under the illusion
that the stars are burning
in place of our desires
R. V.
RV Nov 2015
You asked me
To stop smoking
So much

Thinking that I am
Inhaling too much of
What seems to be my death

I thought about how
I breathed you in
Once upon a time

And there wasn't much difference.
R. V.
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