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azumiya Jul 2015
“Who am I?”
I always ask myself.
And whenever I do
Countless of flashbacks races before my eyes
Telling me that I am this and I am that
Making me feel uncomfortable on my own skin
Confusing me

“Who are you?”
I ask again
But I don’t really know

"Who are you?"
For the third time I ask myself
And I remember how I used to be
Acting differently between people I meet

And for the last time
“Who are you?” I ask
Still, flashbacks
The memories of me being innocent
Memories of me being a monster
And I ask myself again

"Who am I?"
[June 22, 2015] Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a mental illness marked by unstable moods, behavior, and relationships. People suffering from this disorder have a persistent unstable self- image and sense of self.
azumiya Apr 2021
what to do when you're done being mad?
what to do when you're done blaming yourself and other people?
what to do when you're done being sad?
what to do when you're done confronting the painful memories?
what to do when you've sobered up?
what to do when you're finally healed?

Begin again.
I have fought the good fight.
Now give me the good times.
azumiya Apr 2020
I keep remembering everything
My past keeps pushing me forward
My future keeps pulling me towards itself
I am on my way
Here's to my 7 years of process of healing & integration.
azumiya Jun 2015
I found myself in front of the mirror
I saw someone who looked exactly just like me
But I don't know her
She looks like me
But I don't know her
She mimics every move I do
When I fix my hair, she fixes her hair
And when I look at my eye, I see her eyes
When I look at my body, I see her body
Who is she?
The one that's standing in front of me?
Who is she?
The one who does the same things that I do?
Who is she?

Who am I?
[May 19, 2015.]

— The End —