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in the barracks
i lick honey off his fingers
hot air rips across
fields of the elapsed
with backs to the earth
eyes trace sparklers in the sky
uncertainty between our teeth
we spit and drink  
the sweetness of now
i sink with the low sun
into chestnut waters of
the colorado
a waning crescent
loses its light
palisades crumble
my soul unravels
and spirit remains ubiquitous
in the deepest
chasms of the wild
Ashley Kay Jun 22
i held his sunflowers at
the base of canyon creek
white water licked the
salt from our knees
in the freckled morning
cotton wood embryos  
hang on entangled legs
captives of the red lands
we allow time to bend
Ashley Kay Jun 22
it was all for something
on our bed of thorns
with smoke on the bookcliffs
and rain in the desert
the long road forward
separates us and i
hold paradox in between
tongue and cheek
Ashley Kay Jun 22
i met it on the horizon
in the ponderosas
surrounded by flocks
of white butterflies
the motion of their wings
faint, almost inaudible
ushers me to the spirit world of
grand mesa, in the margins
goosebumps crawl up
the small of my back
it’s as if i can feel the feathers  
of departed thunderbirds
and my bare feet slip
into their tracks
in all of my searching
i know it is here, i have always been
Ashley Kay Jun 13
east of the river and
west of his collarbones
moonlight spills across
the ridge, we stand
entangled like roses
on a white picket fence
with every breath of
the light breeze, our
shadow fades deeper
into the starless gorge
we call the sky
Ashley Kay Jun 13
he pulls in like a storm
to mountain peaks
I hold my arms
above my head as
his hands release
sheets of white rain
in moments of emptying
the land is tender again
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