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Ashley Kay Sep 8
I’d rather fall to ashes in a western wildfire than settle for a sweet tea Sunday
Ashleykay2020 Don’t settle for less.
Ashley Kay Jun 22
I carry
Ethos and exhalations

Reverberations of sunsets
Beads of moisture
Condense on my cortex

I could lose my memory
And string together who
You are

Muddy water of
Suspended never written endings
Percolate into

The Delta of history
Time will always escape
Even if I pursue the sun
Ashley Kay May 10
Home, (is) the broad chest
of daylight
Sounds of the birds
Shepherd me to a doorstep,
Like a ledge of a canyon
Enthralled and petrified
Little pebbles descend,
And the skin of the bedrock
Leaves my palms raw
Ashley Kay Apr 2019
I am water
forming to
the glasses
I pour my
Self into
Ashley Kay Apr 2018
A flood of flurries
coats the car floor
he grins and opens
the passenger door

Cocoa eyes size
up the impending storm
and decide to
court the unknown

Winter chains snap
on the old road
as his calloused hands
soften her soul
Ashley Kay Dec 2016
Cigar smoke
stuck to my lungs
I never licked
bit the bit
glossed by ringlet lips,
It was against a belief
held tightly by
enamel-less teeth
It came tumultuously
tearing at the capacity of
my anatomy,
No auroral eye could foresee
the disease packaged in
tobacco leaves.
Ashley Kay Nov 2016
Dew dripped down
earth's arid
aromas amplified yet
deliquesced by colder days.
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