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1d · 182
Rain saturates
The skin of the rainforest
Legs vibrate, Bones click
like locus hums  
banana leaves block
The sunset
But rays of afternoon
Cut through volcanic
Sand, it’s glint
Sticks to the underbelly
of the day, in clear water
The membrane of the mind is still
Jan 5 · 514
Ashley Kay Jan 5
Far and far between
The rare bird
Circles the earth
After extinction,
Who still chases
Its white feathers
Like foot steps
Pressed into the world
Before a long rain,
There is a map
(Residing in the chest)
For the pilgrimage to
the unseen
Dec 2021 · 28
Ashley Kay Dec 2021
It falls again
A purple dusk, we
hold pastures between
Separating palms,
The valley grows
I am Eastbound, the sole
witness of a rising sun
Dec 2021 · 583
Ashley Kay Dec 2021
Ghost river
Creases imprint
the ground like ligaments
of snowflakes,
arms outstretch for acres
In hushed patience, she awaits  
The water of winter  
To descend
Dec 2021 · 48
Ashley Kay Dec 2021
Time passes slowly
In stillness
Tamarisk teases the wind,  
its roots always
Woven to the Earth,
A porcelain sky
Never falls farther
Than the stratosphere
But light
Its body, the spirit  
Dec 2021 · 181
Ashley Kay Dec 2021
Mystery came down
from the moon
What does the wind
carry in her teeth;
A low growl
bird feathers
The Night grows in minutes
feel the indigo expand
Like wet ink of sacred letters,
Midnight riders
Meander in the shadows
Dec 2021 · 205
Ashley Kay Dec 2021
Under dawn
nylon fibers frozen
And dry hands flutter
Bodies curl tighter
To the smoke of
Black coffee brewing
Last night
Essences blanketed the frontier
With the softest snow
Dec 2021 · 94
Ashley Kay Dec 2021
Between falling
White fingers, aspen
branches snag
On the corners
Of fast moving callouses
If you were the wind
What would you touch
Every honey comb canyon
The ephemeral lips of a stream  
Or would you haunt
The land with one juniper tree
It gently calls the soul to
Pause and breathe
Dec 2021 · 30
Ashley Kay Dec 2021
Back to lapping water
Kannah Creek, a lullaby asks
Who are you
A sea under your skin or
An earth without an ocean
Eyes unfold into the sky
Waves break  
The sound of collapse is
The sound of remembering
Dec 2021 · 27
Ashley Kay Dec 2021
See resistance
In December dew
Where is the grass
Her sheen, July intoxication
In ten miles
Rubber screeches stop
The heavy trunk
Gives up
Sandstone walls stand as
Witness, the promise of
Tomorrow crumbles
To a high desert farewell
Dec 2021 · 207
Before Dusk - on the Range
Ashley Kay Dec 2021
Sunset smiles
leans over a
broad shoulder
Rosy light pressed
To irregular fringe,
Stalwart and
Snow dressed
Even shadows
melt, shedding skin
Dec 2021 · 30
Ashley Kay Dec 2021
My mouth
Swells in your saltwater
Each drop it’s own ocean
Black water  
I want to see your soul
Deep into the unknown
We twist our currents together
Until the confluence glistens blue
Dec 2021 · 199
Ashley Kay Dec 2021
Lean in
Who drew the zen garden
On the Mesa
We should have a ceremony
And throw sand back
to the ocean
In the rivers of time
Quartz flakes shimmer
We swim through
Lava Falls rapid
Nectar water
I am
Lost on you
Dec 2021 · 335
You, the eclipse
Ashley Kay Dec 2021
Shadows ask
To speak under
low breath,
A campfire burns
With pinion twigs
Scavenged from
Old Dolores
Land, still she cries
A forgotten martyr
words now frail
Sentiments, in the
Pitch of night,
The curse breathes
Through the sand
Nov 2021 · 251
Ashley Kay Nov 2021
Misty ravine  
The night wishes to
Be tucked under
yesterday flames,
Setting sun, apricot
gloss smooths
itself into
Channels of crows feet
Surrounded by
quietude, the hum
of machinery
A distant memory
Nov 2021 · 665
Ashley Kay Nov 2021
Air scrubbed clear
By monsoon rain
We sit, pretzel legs
Summoning desert oracles
At dusk, a purple flame
Halos a crystalline sky
Striations and veins
Cross like past lives  
The purr of mountain
strengthens the
silence, her life
Our sagebrush prayer
Nov 2021 · 35
Vignettes of the desert
Ashley Kay Nov 2021
A house built without
bricks, leathered exterior
Earth breaks
in chipped paint

                             Cowboy spurs
                             Rip through supple flesh
                             The four winds never bend
                             To the will of the west

            Skin of the Coyote
            Defiant snarls pierce
            borders of mans
            barbed wire
Nov 2021 · 37
Ashley Kay Nov 2021
Skeletal tumbleweeds
Dust moves faster on a open road

Sun cages in a long desert
Bars of shadows, the
silhouettes dance like a ghost,

With a right heel heavy
Listen to the speed of light

Faster faster

Hold a hand to the headrush
Veins of the watershed expand
Nov 2021 · 542
Ashley Kay Nov 2021
Leaves on the
cotton wood rattle
Like the sound of rain
Her skin coarse with
every rupture of expansion
She grows her branches
Into a pale golden gateway
Every year a new ring
Nov 2021 · 400
Ashley Kay Nov 2021
A map abandoned
Dissolves on the surficial
boundary of water
Red towers bashful
With the first touch
of the wind, inch by inch
A rugged exterior waxes
Forearms weave around
The narrowest section of
The river, Intentionally lost
Day begins again
Nov 2021 · 335
Ashley Kay Nov 2021
The whisper burns
through forests
Cremating the dead
Offering ashes back
To the soil, as only a
Vapor, droplets
float in the sky
Seeking new
acreage, bodies of
open creation
Wildflowers bloom
Nov 2021 · 78
Road Runner
Ashley Kay Nov 2021
In threads, clouds
Knit waves of
Free air
The road runner
Guards: byways
Humble secrets
Zabriskie point
He prefers
Demure exposure with
Unbearable temperatures
A naked oblivion
Nov 2021 · 47
Ashley Kay Nov 2021
Absence passes
Though the body
Like a revenant,
Arctic water
A cheek pressed
To the tension,
Glaciers crackle
In moans during
The longest night
Nov 2021 · 292
Ashley Kay Nov 2021
Floating on planes
Missing a dimension
I see light crown
The mountains on
A second goodbye,
Pale sun I follow you
To giant rock, did
Aliens or god
Sever her body,
Cloudless November
Reflections stain
The salt on your tongue
Ashley Kay2021
Nov 2021 · 748
Ashley Kay Nov 2021
I imagine you
With warm honey
porcelain voice
Lace vapor meanders
it’s way north
a garden mouth,
Roses pool
In small vortexes  
I wait for finger pads
To stain petals
Of my skin,  
The oil browning
Another moment,  
A bend in the road
Ashley Kay2021
Nov 2021 · 569
Ashley Kay Nov 2021
Refractive nature
Marigold trapped
Between lines of
Pink, the hills
Hold their weight
To the ether
tethered by
exhalations, dry
breath cracks
Barriers of soil
Grains swell in
stillness beneath  
Morning light
Nov 2021 · 276
Ashley Kay Nov 2021
Under summer lilies
water laps
Like a wet dog  
doe eyes pour
Into silent language

the tide creeps in

Linen sheets slip
from hot feet, white foiliage
The taste of sand
Adheres to every crinkle
Foam rises and falls
Nov 2021 · 132
Ashley Kay Nov 2021
Waterfall curls
Ebb into clavicles
Each current carries
A whisper of inner
worlds, entangled
In branch like fingers
Young bark, sun
crests the surface
The softest encounter
We rush on
Nov 2021 · 410
Cross section
Ashley Kay Nov 2021
A cross section of a man
Bones pointing to the high
Road, I lower into sloped layers
With an asymmetric smile
Built from earth up, jagged
edges slowly erode away
Nov 2021 · 199
Canyon land
Ashley Kay Nov 2021
Tease out delight  
From the mouth of
the river, cool water
Quivers in constellations

Mud and goosebumps
under an indigo blanket,
The Milky Way drips
From the sky
Nov 2021 · 37
Ashley Kay Nov 2021
Submerged caverns
Fill with the undercurrent

A pilgrimage
Through the atlantic,
Embedded in whale songs,
Origins of the Indian sea

Eons of quiet
Breathe though each
Trough And crest

She slinks from
The abysses to shore
Oct 2021 · 51
Ashley Kay Oct 2021
When the mountain
Is no longer a mountain
Grasses shed their green sheaths,
Weather of the mind
As fleeting as deer tracks
Along the waters edge,  
The pliable becomes stiff
Clay compresses
To build a lost civilization
Shelter of the unknown,
Wavering in color
Clouds pass
Structures granulate    
Pastures are lush once again
Oct 2021 · 95
Ashley Kay Oct 2021
Minerals in the
rain make love to
sun dried stone,
gently scraping
off surficial
honey comb
contours, skin
never the same

Geology glossary:

Surficial: of or relating to a surface, especially the land surface.

Honeycomb Weathering: is a form of cavernous weathering and subcategory of tafoni that consists of regular, tightly adjoining, and commonly patterned cavities that are developed in weathered bedrock.
Oct 2021 · 268
Ashley Kay Oct 2021
Fingertips graze  
the honeyed horizon
Its viscous nature
Engulfing dusted
And bruised
hills, a chill is coming
By late afternoon
Cotton woods
are gilded in amber
Hands open
welcoming change
Oct 2021 · 47
For slumber
Ashley Kay Oct 2021
Leaves burn amber
By transition
The sheen of sweet grass
Turns to earth & sighs
Oct 2021 · 58
Ghosts Now
Ashley Kay Oct 2021
Silky white vapor
Reflects spaces
Between the pines,
Sap frozen in
Midnight passings
Migrations south,
Live for another
Moon of Jupiter,
The coyote wind
Holds tight
Oct 2021 · 51
Ashley Kay Oct 2021
The spine of a mountain range
drapes around the valley of his body,
Yellow light collapses into stratigraphic smile lines

I use my index finger
To chart a trail of freckles,
a topographic map of low springs  

rabbit brush roots in the watershed
Crooked roads,
A back no longer strong as steel

The land softens to lilac
He turns, the shadow,
An omen of shortening days
Oct 2021 · 161
Ashley Kay Oct 2021
Full moon, the beam
of a single headlight
Dissolves the boundary
Of earth and ether
Oct 2021 · 50
One way
Ashley Kay Oct 2021
Whispers on the street, entangled car rides, going against the wind, driving through uninhabited desert

“Is there a gas station In 50 miles” flickering neon is out of place among greasewood and cheatgrass, the shape of their bodies chews at my acumen

Metal grumbles for sustenance, No viable exits, I stand empty, a side of the lost highway, passion and suffering merge.
Ashley Kay2021
Oct 2021 · 256
Ashley Kay Oct 2021
Without clouds
Blue weather,
The kitchen
Table absorbs
My rain
Oct 2021 · 57
Ashley Kay Oct 2021
Naked, pillaged
begins on the
Veneer of soil
Oct 2021 · 39
Ashley Kay Oct 2021
Faintly ethereal
Snow settlers
Nestle in crooks of
Juniper on the
Huddled in
masses they
await wintertide
Oct 2021 · 116
Ashley Kay Oct 2021
Clarity, a gift
Folded in the hills
Of slow mountain
building, it rises
in centimeters to
a halcyon sky,
It is the redemption
Of fallen celestial
Wicks, fragments
Still glimmer in
quartz, under light
Oct 2021 · 521
Ashley Kay Oct 2021
The  rosy  glow  of  beginnings
is tarnished,                  observe
the shift in colors,               they
wane against                   a new
vision,              one imbued out-
side                           confines of
what was,                       into the
was is of                               now
sojourns of timeworn  devotion
walk   unprovoked     by       the
notion                        of endings
Ashley Kay Oct 2021
flatland plains of vapor
linear crests made in water
mountain ranges
sharpened at the sky

I build a basin with ambitious
permanence, within a moment it
is lost to the ocean
like a structure of loose sand
Ashley kay2021
Oct 2021 · 128
Ashley Kay Oct 2021
A tarmac of delays
enmeshed in desires to vacate,
frustrations hover
far above the landscape
Deluge, a loss
of control is wrapped in vellum
the cover of delusion softens
With every drop of rain
Oct 2021 · 46
Ashley Kay Oct 2021
Dried husks in uniform
vacillate, rubbing bones
with each cooling breeze
the withered shell, bodies
stiff in the doorframe
liminal space, before transition
they wait for time to change
directions, hinges of a season
a dissimilar path awaits
Oct 2021 · 347
Ashley Kay Oct 2021
Rain the taste of permission
Marbles a country side
In sage super blooms
The last opening of white petals

Illusion of permanence
Recesses with shadows
Stars no longer pretend
To flicker forever
Sep 2021 · 255
Ashley Kay Sep 2021
Desert moon rises        flushed        embers burn
A cherry of                                             a cigarette
in the nebula of milk                    crickets call for
a mate                                     legs strung together
Braiding breath,      an appetite           for stars to
halt the return  -  other woman of morning light
Sep 2021 · 615
Surface (haiku)
Ashley Kay Sep 2021
I think of you more
often than the sun touches
The surface of earth
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