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Ashima S Jun 2021
The halo shines iridescent
Above my head
Once gleaming purple
Once pink
Then silver

Through the translucent green
I can see
How it incarcerates me

My skin of porcelain
is wrapped in silk
pink, ironed
it mustn’t have a crease

I twirl gently,
Round the pole
Past the

Lights reflecting
Off my manicured nails

They scream privilege.
Ashima S Dec 2020
I saw
Two yellow leaves
Fall to their end
(Or was it just the beginning?)

They twirl
Let the air carry them

And in them,
I saw us
Even in suffering
(or was it desire?)
Oops I wrote a love poem....
Ashima S Dec 2020
(in love)
The curves of her body
Glisten in the moonlight
As she lies still

by the pond
I want to trace them
with my lips
I tell her
she is

and her giggle
rings in my ears
little bells
signalling spring

The curves of her body
As the first rays of sun

Greet her
she whispers
She is broken
I want to

her wounds
they are deep

And as I touch them
We can pretend
She is cured

My words drip like honey
They form a ribbon
With which I wrap her

I insist
She is perfect
How can she not be?
~written from the perspective of the lover/parasite

— The End —