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Arif Somji Mar 2015
My heart's desire,
Is set to fire.

It is neither here or there,
but everywhere.

Looking to and searching for,
someone to love, someone to trust.

Deep inside this place,
is a journey that must come to face.

Light is more powerful than dark,
realize this and embrace it from the start.

Ignite the way you see yourself,
"to each is their own," is what they say to themselves.

It's a long way to the top,
you've already made your way so don't you dare stop.

If you start seeking answers,
your heart will free itself from its cancer.
Written on 8th December, 2013
Arif Somji Mar 2015
I see it differently
I see it vividly
I see it with deeper meaning
I see it so unexplainably

I see dreams
I see people
I see me
I see you
I see it so unexplainably

It feels real
Though it may not be
It feels more
Though it may not be
It feels true
Though it may not be
It feels right
Though it may not be

I feel the touch
Though it fades away
I feel the flight
Though it fades away
I feel the love
Though it fades away
I feel the strongest of emotions
Though it fades away

I can fly
I can see the sky
I can feel the lift under my feet
I can kiss and feel
I can get amazed
I can get dazed
I can feel it from within
I can feel as if it's real
So much so it's confusing with reality

It's amazing
It's great
It's sad
It's scary
It's happy
It's extraordinary
Written on July 30th, 2013
Arif Somji Mar 2015
If you ask me what it is love

What do you want me to tell you?

Do you want to know the way it feels or what it does to you?

For the way it feels, people can tell you things or you can read stories but

You can’t feel love till you feel it.

As for what it does to you,

This is no easy task.

It can envelope you and consume you,

It can elevate you or keep you on your knees,

It can empower you or destroy you,

It does many things to you,

I can’t even begin to explain what it has done to me.

But I’ll tell you what,

It’s worth it,

Whatever love I had or have,

I always have someone that loves me,

And when I’m in love, I fall in love.

Deep under into its sweet abyss,

Energy that just runs through your body and shakes your soul,

Something that makes you forget small things,

Such as the hate, sadness, pain and anger.

You grow into something that comes from nothing and is filled with this thing called love.

You look past imperfections and materialistic objects,

Into what’s actually real and pure,

The core of your being,

That which makes you shine and bright,

Once you’ve loved,

You learn that there’s a choice of how to live and react to situations,

Making mistakes is what will get you to love,

For that which is not normal,

Puts you in a space of multiple possibilities,

And opening your mind to the unknown,

You’ll learn love in ways you can’t imagine.

And in that you are different,

Not a different person, but in fact your true self.

When you are the person you are inside but able to live it outside,

Not that you don’t normally,

But you are your most complete self, when you’re comfortable in your own skin.

Doing the things that matter,

Rather than worrying about all the little things that prevent you from true potential.

Love pushes you forward from what you wanted into something unexpected.

And isn’t that beautiful.

I want to continue,

I know what I feel and can express my true self to you,

But you’ll have your own experience at it.

This is one piece of script in a book that has no ending till you die and not even then.

Find yourself in love,

And let it take over you,

Give in order to receive,

And don’t expect it back

So you lose no love,

And have no motive to love,

Instead love just to love,

Written March 9th, 2015
Arif Somji Mar 2015
They come they go,
A dime a dozen.
Look all around,
Then you're frozen.
Out of time,
Out of line.
Far from the top,
But that's all fine.
In a moment,
Sooner than later.
Finds you unexpected
Then you start to cater.
It is that simple,
To make an attempt.
Break free from the walls,
It'll start to commence.
The walls look big,
Yet are just hollow.
Make that step,
And see what follows.
Words begin to flow,
Actions become reaction.
Take it slow,
Don't lose your traction.
The ground keeps you down,
When you're up in the sky.
It's actually happening,
Seize the moment before it dies.
Worry not of the outcome,
Rather about the process.
Detach that constant fear,
And forget about the losses.
Written on February 22nd, 2014
Arif Somji Mar 2015
Driving on the road,
but don't worry,
Not out the ordinary
Just on a cruise,
While I got my winter blues
Passing seasons,
Call to reason.
Fall to winter
Spring to summer.
Fade away,
Like a glimmer.
It's just a trip,
Something you shall not strip
Beauty in it's essence,
Freshness is the incense
It might be the same route,
day by day.
Yet always looks different,
No matter what you say.
That's the difference,
The side effect.
Changes often,
You only see the defects
Live in the present
Take it for what it is,
Give it freely,
Without having to feel what really is.
At the end,
Or so you thought.
It all comes crashing,
Unless you fought.
You're still here and alive,
This is the work of The Sublime
This is where you come to line
This is where you're meant to shine
It's where you come to question,
All the things you should have to listen
The things that really matter,
The small joys in life,
That are in plain sight
Written March 5th, 2014

— The End —