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 Aug 2016 Ariel Hill
You were an exquisite boy, or so I thought. You looked past normalcy in individuals & dug around in their chests for something to cling to. I saw a light in you. I'm guessing because you came from a far off place. A place I hadn't known to be tainted & hollow. I looked to you for answers. Answers you didn't have. I looked to you for safety. And a safe place, you weren't. Nights were spent indulging in music I had never heard, & sewing my skin back together in rows. It's hard to let go of the one who reminded you to drink. But eventually you just left me to dehydrate. It's for the better, I know. It was self destruction honestly. & although I no longer romanticize this silence, I will always love the boy who loved me when I was sad.
I have an idea of the future.

Bleak and stale.
It's salty **** licked at my neck
Then turned and let me be
A solid hammer of stone.


I smashed, smashed, smashed
Away at your T.V.
And pulled your hand through,
All the while;
Your lips just keep saying no
and no, and so I let you go
and let the sweaty sand drip off
Of my boney fingertips.
As if it was my way,
Of letting your scent go
Away with the
Summer-time *snow.

— The End —