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Ariel Hill Apr 2020
I found a new set of lips!
they talk in a new strange set of ways,
much better than the last I think
at least for the first couple days

in a curious fashion
I lick till its sticky while
it holds its tongue
to hide its fragility

and the corners drop sudden
it has cast my type
my new set has discovered
for certain, I bite
Ariel Hill May 2018
A spectral wasp trapped in a lung, rattling the ribcage with its frantic flight

A dusty projector hosting a viewing of hideously awkward memories

A kiddie pool filled with quicksand

The junk drawer nearly overflowing with tasks, moldy from neglect

A dark cloud in the corner of a sunny day

Anxiety is not...

Ariel Hill Feb 2018
he comes armed with charm. a smile that commands a return. his shiny cuff links make my lashes blink. slow. fumes of his freshly laundered suit seep out the cracks of my lungs and into my bloodstream. his gaze lays on me like a straightjacket. together we fold the little red flag and tuck it neat in the corner of my subconscious. he pets me, I purr. tonight I’m the special kitten in his litter of *******.
Ariel Hill Jun 2017
I gotta give him up
Or I'll wager staying stuck
He decoded me with every touch
Pierced a hole and left it gaping
Cold wind chaffing my insides
God I want just one more ****
But that'll never be enough
Ariel Hill Jun 2017
I'd never met a silence quite like yours before.
thrusting itself into my space
it firmly coiled itself around my neck
holding me in place
forcing my restless twitch to lay dormant.

grasping tight, it tilted my head
your direction
demanding me to listen
commanding me to watch

it was not out of fear that I complied
but paralyzing arousal

after a moment or few
it surrendered my neck
for the sole sake of taking it's place
standing between us
a militant glass door
the embattled captain
challenging even my soft quick breaths

but through the thick hush
I could feel the color of your eyes
biting at my workings
awakening my desire
#silence #attraction
Ariel Hill Jun 2017
a spark
an idea
enough to find in a fraction
enough to fall in love
a small stroke
in a mural of a person
Ariel Hill Mar 2017
I found you/ a musical note
in a pond full of static
we made a soundtrack
that no one ever heard
drowned out by sirens
a gap that just widens
you were my unique find
I'd do anything for you
but stay
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