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Jan 2018 · 431
Andy Cave Jan 2018
The perfect Haiku
Can it be written or not
The question at hand
Dec 2017 · 595
Looking Ahead
Andy Cave Dec 2017
I don't know where I'm headed
no clue what road to take
endless paths and infinite choices
decisions I have to make.
Mar 2017 · 1.0k
Do you or Don't you
Andy Cave Mar 2017
Do you or don't you
The question always on mind
It's stressing me out.
Apr 2016 · 1.6k
Black Mamba
Andy Cave Apr 2016
Dear Kobe,
For years I've watched and hated
as you tore through the N.B.A
but even though I despised you
I couldn't look away
You became one of the greatest
made me respect the way you play
from a three point shot to start your career
to sixty on your final day.
It's been a pleasure to hate you
but I'm sad to see you go
because beating L.A just won't be the same
without a Black Mamba show.
Jan 2016 · 830
Andy Cave Jan 2016
Laying in my bed
endless thoughts swirling around
inside of this mind.
Jan 2016 · 1.1k
Andy Cave Jan 2016
I only want to smile
to feel all warm inside
someone to say they love me
every day and night.

I want to be romantic
write you my cheesy poems
so I search and I wait for love to appear
and my heart to not feel so alone.
Aug 2015 · 1.1k
In the distance
Andy Cave Aug 2015
I stand in this valley
a flood of colors surround me
green, blue, purple, yellow
a bounty of flowers all around.
Jagged cliffs stand in the distance
towering, mysterious, desolate
beckoning me to come near.
I run towards them
through the valley of flowers
through the calm sea of colors
off to the unknown that awaits
at the top of the cliffs.
May 2015 · 1.2k
Andy Cave May 2015
You were always there for me
always able to put a smile on my face
you knew exactly what to say
to brighten my world up.
We were only friends
but for me it was much more
back then I was just figuring out
how powerful love can be.
I never once told you how
I truly felt
when perhaps I should have
because looking back
you weren't just my friend
you were my best friend.
I could ramble on for hours
of nonsense
and you would smile and laugh
and make me feel special.
But I never told you
how I felt
and slowly our lives
moved on in opposite directions.
So now I look back of
what could have possibly been.
I regret not telling you
however I look at the woman
you have become and
how happy you are with
your life and smile
because even though
I never acted on my feelings
I got to experience a truly special
friendship with a wonderful
person and will always treasure
the memories I made with you.
May 2015 · 1.2k
Natures heartbeat
Andy Cave May 2015
I love listening to natures heartbeat
the rain falling from above
the birds singing of love
the crickets nighttime chorus
coyotes howling in the forest
waves splashing on the beach
wind rustling up leaves.
Just close your eyes
and listen up
to hear natures
rhythmic thump.
Apr 2015 · 990
Andy Cave Apr 2015
Green all around
nothing but trees
flowers blooming
buzzing of bees
squirrels running
under your feet
sun blaring down
blistering heat
nothing for miles
can't find your way
must start a fire
tonight you must stay
the wind chills your body
down to the core
and here comes the rain
a torrential downpour
what started as happy
a nice nature hike
turned into horror
and a fight for your life
so the torrent falls
and you shiver away
hoping and praying
to be found 'fore it's too late.
Apr 2015 · 756
Andy Cave Apr 2015
I've just met you
but it's easy to see
that you could be the one
I've been hoping to meet.
You could be that girl
I see in my dreams
the one who shows up
and sweeps me off my feet.
I do not know why
I feel this so fast
but I know one thing
I'd love if it'd last.
Mar 2015 · 997
Andy Cave Mar 2015
I stare out my window
and into the rain,
at the dark clouds
filled with electricity
and watch
as the sky is illuminated
as strike after strike
is sent from within
to the world waiting below.
Feb 2015 · 562
Color Blind
Andy Cave Feb 2015
Time passes me by
all I see is black and white
colors elude me.
Feb 2015 · 669
Andy Cave Feb 2015
The bags of his eyes begin to fill
begin to weigh down his entire being.
He shudders, lips trembling
as the dam breaks and the tears fall.
He screams but nobody hears
his pain, his agony.
His body lies useless
as an emotional barrage
begins ripping him apart.
What could he have done
to help if anything?
His body trembles as sleep
takes him away
to the only place
he'll see her again.
May 2014 · 1.2k
I want you to know
Andy Cave May 2014
I want you to know
that the pain you are feeling
is only temporary
that the heartache you're
will soon be gone.
I want you to know
that you are all loved
and even though
you hurt today
you will thrive tomorrow.
I want you to know
that you are all beautiful
on the inside and outside
and are perfect just how you are.
I want you to know
that you are all
wonderful people.
Believe in the power of love and friendship.
Jan 2014 · 1.9k
Andy Cave Jan 2014
He laces his shoes
steps onto the court
a fire burns bright
in his eyes.
He flashes a grin
as shot
after shot
goes right through.
You try to contain him
but you know
you can not
because he is Kevin Durant
he is unstoppable.
Dec 2013 · 749
Andy Cave Dec 2013
I know you're out there somewhere
and someday we'll find each other
in this endless world
full of endless faces
we will find one another
and both of us will experience
what it is like to find
the true puzzle piece
that completes our heart.
We have both experienced heartache
and we have both experienced love
but neither of us have truly felt
the fullest extent of human passion
that we will discover
when we find one another.
Sep 2013 · 1.1k
Andy Cave Sep 2013
I still love her
though I do not know why
our time together was
short lived
but made me feel
so alive
I lie awake hoping
that I can find love again
that the passion returns
and a new romance
Jun 2013 · 1.5k
The breakup
Andy Cave Jun 2013
I was at the top of the world
the highest of highs
but with one simple message
you said your goodbyes
so now I'm shaken
hurt down to the core
fall down onto my knees
and slam my fists on the floor
because I know that
you love your ex so much more
than you could ever love me that's for sure
yes I gave you my heart
knowing you would keep it safe
but I was wrong you broke it
like an empty *** vase
so now the tears fall down like
I got sprayed with some mace
and now my heart is going
crazy in such a frantic race
no I never thought a person
could feel the way I do
heart is broken
but still in love with you
I just want so bad
for us to begin again
but I'm afraid that it won't
I'm afraid this is the end.
Jun 2013 · 1.0k
Hiding pain
Andy Cave Jun 2013
I put a smile on my face each and every day
just trying so hard to bury this pain.
But no matter how much and how hard I try
the hurt escapes from deep inside.
I've tried to move on I've tried to forget
but just hearing your name makes my heart skip.
So now I'm lying in bed all teary eyed
hoping that this isn't our final goodbye.
I wrote this a long time ago but lost it so now that I found it I decided to post it.
Jun 2013 · 1.6k
Through so much
Andy Cave Jun 2013
I know you've been through so much
and ache so deep inside.
I can't begin to understand how
you are so strong.
You've been abused
you've had your heart broken
you've cried a trillion tears.
Through all of what you've been through
you still are so sweet towards all
even the ones who have hurt you.
I know that it will take time
for your wounds to heal
and maybe not all of them will.
But what I can do is always
be there for you
always be your shoulder to cry on
always be there to answer your
calls at 3 in the morning.
You are the love of my life
and I will not allow for another
person to hurt you in anyway
shape or form.
I will try to heal the
breaks that have been
created in your beautiful heart.
You're my soulmate.
Jun 2013 · 895
Andy Cave Jun 2013
She lies there oblivious to her surroundings
the only thing she knows is hurt.
She has yet to have felt the best emotion of all
She is swimming in grief and pain
but yet she won't let it show to others.
She lies there oblivious to her surroundings
while she slides the hot steel knife
deep into her skin.
The bite of the metal calms her
relaxes her.
She does this to force her pain elsewhere
but all it does is show the wounds
no one thought was there.
This was inspired by the book Willow by Julia Hoban.
Jun 2013 · 1.1k
The special one
Andy Cave Jun 2013
I used to lie awake at night with overwhelming sorrow
until you came into my life.
With you I now am happy
depression gone.
I can sleep soundly and have no fear
of waking up sobbing.
The moment I met you I knew
you were special
I knew you were sweet and amazing
but I had no idea that one day you'd be mine.
Jun 2013 · 860
The feel of her lips
Andy Cave Jun 2013
The feel of your lips pressed against mine
so amazing, so divine.
I never want this kiss to end
so hold me forever my sweet Kaitlin.
Jun 2013 · 987
This feeling <3
Andy Cave Jun 2013
Hugging not wanting to let go
my chin resting upon your head.
You look up at me with those beautiful blue eyes
and my heart begins to melt.
Butterflies burst from within
and I am overwhelmingly happy.
All I can do is smile because
words become lost as I try to speak.
But even if I could they would not
serve any justice towards how I feel.
May 2013 · 923
Andy Cave May 2013
It seems like forever since I've felt the way I do
heart beats skipping with just the thought of you.
I feel like I'm in love but it's too soon to know
but every moment spent with you
just makes these feelings grow.
May 2013 · 815
Soul Mate
Andy Cave May 2013
Hold my hand, don't let it go
walk with me forever.
Stay with me as we grow old
our love will never sever.
Mar 2013 · 1.2k
24 in a row
Andy Cave Mar 2013
27 down and insurmountable feat
streak on the line for the Miami Heat
They fight, they rally, they scratch and they claw
They defeat the odds and leave us in awe.
I am not a Miami Heat fan but this was an epic comeback to keep this amazing streak alive.
Mar 2013 · 1.5k
Life rant poem
Andy Cave Mar 2013
Everyone plays a part in the game of life
some are meant to succeed and thrive
while many are starving and struggling to survive.

This game has top tier people who rule the rest
while there is people on the bottom rung just trying their best
there is people like you and me and if food's on the table we feel quite blessed.

The people on the top control most of the cash
while those down below struggle to even make a splash
even if given an opportunity it's gone in a flash.

To the greedy, the overly wealthy, the top tier class
I have something to say while it maybe rash
you can kiss my poor, lower class, white, American ***.
Andy Cave Feb 2013
Everyone has there own personal story
in this book we call life.
Some stories are happy with fairy tale endings
while many are tragic and filled with despair.
One thing all of our stories in this book
have in common with each other
is that we all make choices
that can and will effect how this book
turns out, for better or worse.
This book is filled
with love
with hate
with mistrust
with deceit
with sexism
with racism
with ******
with family
with friends.
This book of stories
will never end
will always have tales
of heroics
of thievery
of superstition.
This book called Life
has billions of authors
and billions more to come.
This book
shows bravery
and cowardice.
This book is amazing
this book is full of
crazy story lines.
This book
I wrote this when I was falling asleep so it might be a little weird to read. Please leave feedback on my tired writing :)
Feb 2013 · 1.2k
Andy Cave Feb 2013
Believe in yourself
take hold of the wheel
let loose your emotions
feel feel feel.
Let out that sadness
you hold deep inside
and let your happiness
rise and climb.
Don't let others
put you down
be who you are
and be it proud.
Feb 2013 · 1.0k
Dust in the wind
Andy Cave Feb 2013
Crippling words you spout from your lips
breaking my spirit, sinking my ship.
Your words are so hurtful, they tear me apart
if they were a game I'd be sent back to the start.
Your words leave me empty, I'm dust in the wind
but your words read the truth, this is really the end.
Feb 2013 · 1.4k
Valentines Day
Andy Cave Feb 2013
Red roses
violets so blue
the perfect gift
from me to you.
With candy of course
you have to have that
and a Valentines card
with a cute kitty cat.
This day is so sweet
but I just wish it would end
because I almost forgot
we are only just friends.
Jan 2013 · 1.4k
Andy Cave Jan 2013
Frantic beating
from my heart
hyperventilation starts
mind races
body numbs
head pounding
like erratic drums
an anxious fit
won't go away
with me forever
it's home to stay.
Jan 2013 · 862
Dream of love
Andy Cave Jan 2013
Another day
has passed me by
the sun has set
the moon did rise.
I look above
at the moon so bright
and dream of love
of Mrs. Right.
Jan 2013 · 577
Final breath
Andy Cave Jan 2013
Holding her hand
he watches her
take her final breath.
A tear trickles down his face
he feels his heart tremor
and falls down, motionless.
His beloved was taken away
so he chased after her
through the clouds
of the heavens above.
Jan 2013 · 1.1k
Andy Cave Jan 2013
Take a look at yourself
what do you see
is this the person
you'd imagined you'd be
sunken eyes from sleepless nights
bitterness you hide inside
you try to hide your pain
push away your problems
just to feel ashamed
ashamed to hide from yourself
and ashamed to admit
you were wrong.
Jan 2013 · 758
Only a child
Andy Cave Jan 2013
Left alone
outside in the cold.
A child so young
could do no wrong.
left to die
can only cry.
Adoption was
once an option
no the answer.
But you threw
her away
and now you're in jail
to never again see the light
of day.
Jan 2013 · 1.5k
Andy Cave Jan 2013
Thoughts wander
tears fall.
What just happened?
What went wrong?
You said you loved me
well apparently not.
You left me broken
no second thought.
You said I'm the ONLY one for you
Ha, you probably said that to him too.
Jan 2013 · 1.6k
Andy Cave Jan 2013
Entangled in bed sheets
lost in each other.
Trapped by the covers
together forever.
Jan 2013 · 1.9k
The great Ray Lewis
Andy Cave Jan 2013
The greatest player
I've ever seen
The heart of Raven nation
a Superbowl M.V.P
You'll be missed so much
when this season does end
So Baltimore win it all
win it for him.
You are the heart and soul of the Baltimore Ravens and I'm ready to see you end this right, with a second ring around your finger. #H.O.F #GreatestLinebackerEver
Jan 2013 · 866
Letting go
Andy Cave Jan 2013
I see you with him
and feel broken inside,
yet all the while
I am happy for you.
Yes I am jealous
but seeing you smile
and watching that
love and bliss
flow from you
I can't help but be
happy too.
I guess it's time
to finally let go.
Dec 2012 · 778
My bleeding heart
Andy Cave Dec 2012
I want so badly
to get you out of my head.
But I can't
and never will be able to.
The love I have for you
is tremendous
but I can't have you.
I am your friend
a brother to you.
While you are
and forever shall be
the Love of my life.
Dec 2012 · 3.0k
Andy Cave Dec 2012
Neil Patrick Harris
a man who is
(wait for it)
Whether he plays
a doctor
a womanizer
or even himself
will forever be
a badass.
Neil Patrick Harris is my favorite actor and forever will be.
Dec 2012 · 1.4k
Sunday night clash
Andy Cave Dec 2012
Sunday night
on the line.
Who will win
this massive
and enter
the playoffs
with the
division crown.
Dec 2012 · 4.2k
Andy Cave Dec 2012
The fire is raging
as my passion explodes.
Heart beating so fast
my chest might implode.
I pull you in close
and our lips they do meet.
Such an affectionate moment
so perfect and sweet.
The fire burned brighter
for every second we kissed.
And all that was around us
ceased to exist.
Dec 2012 · 898
Andy Cave Dec 2012
I feel so alone
as I lie in this bed
an empty shell
of a heart now dead.
Dec 2012 · 931
Ryley Gallinger-Long
Andy Cave Dec 2012
A knock at the door
men in uniform.
He looks confused
they tell him the news.
Tears begin to pour
a son lost to war.
A childhood friend of mine that was killed while serving in Afghanistan. I wrote this from the point of view of his father. Rest in peace Ryley </3  July 4, 1992- August 11, 2011
Dec 2012 · 2.5k
Silly Mayan's
Andy Cave Dec 2012
Well the twenty first has finally arrived
yet I'm still writing, very much alive.
The mayan's were wrong
doomsday is not here
so enjoy your day
and have an ice cold
Dec 2012 · 845
Andy Cave Dec 2012
Some say words don't hurt
but that's a lie
they hurt more than you know.
So many people around the world
are hurt by words
are tormented by words.
Words that cut deeper than any blade
and leave scars that time
may never heal.
More of a rant than a poem but I felt like sharing it anyway.
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