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 Dec 2014 Angelica Tanaquin
Once there was a dreamer,
all he wanted was to run,
but he cannot even walk.
He can't break free of his own chains,
the one given to him since birth.
His mother was never proud of him,
he hid in the shadows of his curtains.
His father never really said anything,
he was always busy with something.
They love him, yes,
but that was not enough.
He wants to claim his own happiness
And so in dreams he says

I want to run,
it would be my dull life's cure.
I want to taste the sun,
I have never felt pure
I am tattered,
tainted with impairment.
A ***** disable,
I want to do things
my feet cannot bear.

I need my freedom,
I need my remedy.

And so in a dream,
he felt so ready,
he didn't hear the gun start,
nor the beating of his heart
This is clarity;
his feet floated,
he was immense,
And so in reality,
when he awoke, he said
It was intense.

All I sensed was the radiating sun,
I didn't do anything but run.
These children have wings, too.
Before I thought of doing it
My neck cradles itself sidewards
A strange glimpse
Stood out with radiance
And I knew it was different

I catch myself looking at you from afar
Your eyes meet mine
Is it just coincidence
Or an accident that happens too often?

Our glances hold messages
Of undefined feelings
Words become fathomless
For our eyes manifest.

Your eyes wandered through the crowd
And mine roamed around
We both know
This is just an excuse, a distraction
Not to seem obvious...
Until they locked
And I swear I won't let this moment pass

Oh, your eyes
Inviting me to see
Bidding me to come closer
Wanting to let me know you deeper.

I'd look at them all day of course;
Because of all the eyes staring
I only care for yours*.
 Sep 2014 Angelica Tanaquin
Sweetness in every hold,
the grasp of you can keep me still
hold me, forever and beyond and up until:
The connection gets stronger
the strings get tighter
and this infatuation float higher
Every move is flagrant -
every touch burns
too much to not be obvious,
Love, sweet love,
cohesive as can be
happiness in every stand
Let us burst in flames
let us ignite in this intensity
until we are nothing but ashes
Ashes that could cover up their eyes
let them shake their heads
let their minds see we how cogent love could be
Routines become us
and we become the universe itself,
and we become the life, the life itself.
on a scale of 1-Taylor Swift, how poetic can I be?
The questions eat me whole
is this really happening?
What a beautiful nightmare
This has been.
where will this take us?
I am uncertain
Scared as I may be, I continue
There's no reason to stop
Pointless to go back
I am already drowning in your love.
Slowly and surely...
I don't know if I ever want to get out.
Its fate that our paths cross.
Our ways and world collide
Seeing each others flaws
With a touch it fades.
You're too careful not to break me
be reckless
I can take it
I choose the people who hurt me
I know they're capable of doing so
But I take the risk.
One things for sure
this last question
I know its true
For the scars and frustration the others give me
This is the cure.
This is the start of something beautiful,
Something worthwhile
Bittersweet, it may be
Not perfect, not pretty
Real or not real?
Wth a touch of everlark at the end :)

— The End —