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Oct 2015 · 2.2k
Suppose I was a wildflower…
I did not depend on anyone to grow.
I just did.
I absorbed the sunshine,
Drank the raindrops.
I was wild;
Not like an animal, but a beautiful,
Colourful, innocent little flower.
I added colour to the world,
Made it a beautiful place,
And never realized it.
I was a wildflower.
Oct 2015 · 1.9k
Dreams come true
Belle turned a beast into a man,
Ariel learned to walk on land,
Rapunzel was freed from her tower,
Elsa learned to use her powers.

Jasmine married who she pleased,
Snow White's stepmother became deceased,
Mulan saved her father's life,
Pocahontas found love through strife.

Aurora married the prince of her dreams,
With destiny tearing at the seams,
Cinderella found her other shoe,
And that is why dreams can come true.
Oct 2015 · 2.9k
I’m no Alice in Wonderland,
But I am more like the Cheshire Cat,
They say I am more deranged
Than the Mad Hatter’s hat,
They say I can be quite rude
Like the Queen of Hearts
And like the March Hare
I sometimes nervously fall apart,
I’m no caterpillar
Blowing smoke rings
But I might as well be same to them all,
Because I’m madly curious about things.
Oct 2015 · 276
There is a happy place in my mind,
and nothing can change that

Where I can hide away
when everything around me
is a big, fat mess.

This imaginary vacation in my head,
is always free to visit
when everything else fails me.

But what am I supposed to do,
when it's horrible to be thinking blue.
Oct 2015 · 372
The leaves have turned different colours,
The smell of Turkey watering my mouth,
The wind has made the leaves fall off,
Now there is cold breezy wind in the night,
The dark clouds blocking the sunlight,
Days are getting shorter,
Nights are getting longer,
Autumn has arrived.

— The End —