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Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
Growing Old
in the twilight
of my life
growing old
with my wife
been married
fifty years
shared some laughs
shared some tears
four great kids
of our own
always asking
for a loan
now that
we are broke
our aging bodies
we need to soak
our grand kids
we highly adore
wishing we could
see them more
lived our life
to the max
paid our share
of government tax
saggy *****
saggy ****
wrinkles that
just won't quits
making out our
latest will
hoping our kids
don't try and ****
leaving everything
to the oldest
that move
is the boldest
no plans on
ever dying
even though
our kids are trying
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
been cuffed
been stuffed
been shot
been forgot
been grabbed
been stabbed
been forty
been *****
been accused
been confused
been there
been square
been drunk
been sunk
been ******
been disowned
been eccentric
been athletic
been scared
been prepared
been lazy
been ****
been cruel
been cool
been everything
there is to be
except the man
that is me
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014

Talked a lot for two long years,
shared some laughs, shared some tears.
Talked on phone, Facebook and Skype,
you lived up to all the hype.
Counted the days, til we met,
you are one hot brunette.
We fell in love instantly,
we're going down in history.
We make one hell of a couple,
every night, we love to snuggle.
You work all night and day,
while I just sit home and play.
You support, all that I go through,
you don't know how much I appreciate you.
We hug each other when we're sad,
calm each other down, when we're mad.
We laugh at each others jokes,
on Facebook, we give each other pokes.
Sticking together through thick and thin,
meeting you was my greatest win.
I cherish every moment together,
we ride out all sorts of weather.
I guess what I'm trying to say,
I love you each and every way.
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
How I Like It
I walk all alone
it's how I like it
being all by myself
it's how I like it
don't need anyone else
it's how I like it
I have no friends
I have no family
living in the streets
begging for money
begging for food
it's how I like it
sleeping in the near-bye woods
in a tent with many holes
I hunt rabbit
I hunt squirrel
I eat bugs
I eat worms
it's how I like it
would die for a Big Mac
would die for a Whopper
can't drink unless it rains
no coat when it's cold
it's how I like it
walking miles everyday
lucky to make a dollar
no drugs to dull my pain
it's how I like it
just waiting for my death
but I'll probably live forever
weighing only eighty pounds
losing more each passing day
it's how I like it
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
I Dare You
Falling down by the wayside,
another victim, that just died.
Someone else fell to pieces,
another soul, I releases.
You never have a chance,
only I will advance.
I dare you, to give me a try,
like the rest, you will quickly die.
I feel no pain, I feel no suffering,
I'm not lying, I ain't bluffing.
People come from all around,
I sniff them out, like a hound.
I dare you to cross my path,
soon you'll feel my darkened wrath.
Just try and take me down,
around the world, I am renown.
Nobody can stop me now,
you will die, but not sure how.
I dare you, to get in my way,
I'll drown your ***, in the bay.
Your blood is on your own hands,
as it spreads across the lands.
Got a reason, for why I ****,
it gives me a tasty thrill.
I dare you to try and run,
hunting you, makes it more fun.
I'm the devil, hear me roar,
law and order, I always restore.
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
Who Am I
so you think you know me
well nobody knows me
who am I
what am I
I wear an invisible mask
buried deep inside a flask
one day, I might come out
show you what I'm all about
my real identity
might never be revealed
it's in an envelope
and secretly sealed
my real name
you'll never know
I'm more famous
than Vincent Van Gogh
am I woman
am I man
I have a goal
I have a plan
someday you'll
know the truth
meanwhile, I'll just
keep playing a sleuth
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
Bad Day
today was a bad day
I'd like to forget
so much anger
so much regret
I lied to you
I lied to me
god threw away
my church key
I cheated on
my best girl
feel so bad
I could hurl
she punched me
in the face
I deserved it
I'm a disgrace
now my eye
is black and blue
she broke my jaw
now I can't chew
never have I been
more embarrassed
had to move in
with my parents
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