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Black- soil-stained hands,
Weaklings at my feet,
Today we thin beets
So the others grow strong.

The beet is my spirit animal
In food form, but
Not the weak kind-
I am the strong one that is good enough
to eat.

The beet is discrete
The beet is a vicious vegetable
The beet is humble, *****,
Beneath most humane things
The beet is ugly, absurdly
I often wonder how it could be natural
But the I remember Hell is natural too.

I dream of beets
They are at dusk and dawn
In the desert monsoons,
In menstrual cycles,
In the blood of my enemies I want to slaughter,
Then taste.

When I roast and handle my beets, they are the
blood on my hands I can't rinse off
The black soil remains under my nails indefinitely
When I’ve forgotten about the beet,
The beet has not forgotten nor forgiven
I **** and **** and spit red
The beet never leaves me
Beet, please, never leave me.
An Ode to beets.
My intention is to tell of bodies vanished
Or mutated; the "others" who made the mutations,
Will help me-or so I hope so-with a poem
That ceases with the world's ending,
Back to civilized days.

The Destruction

Before the deaths occurred, or vanishings, or mutations,
Civilization was, different, a diverse, organized, so called,
All intelligent and of moderate matter. Everything had its
Place, no creature nor object lay in contradictory conflict.
There was electricity to light dark rooms; clocks to keep
Track of time. The universe, worked well in harmony.
There was land and air and ocean.
Land for every creature to live on, and water
For fish to swim in, air for all the living to breathe,
Societies didn’t fight, a world finally repaired.
Forever at peace: within this utopia.
The gazelle lay beside the lion; the youth respected the elderly,
The strong and rich provided for the weak and poor.
A beings' lowest emotion was simple satisfaction.
Till "The Others" or alien nature,
Settled on earth and spread out.
They took children from their mothers, warriors from their
Towns, and eyeballs from their sockets.
From another planet they brought terrorization.
Beings so evolved, and out of the blatant blue,
Found humans and bound them to trees and poles.
Some forced fire down mortals' throats, and flesh,
Some leaped in air, claiming their human slaves in the
Highest planet.
Some hid their humans below the earth, their last wish
Ungranted, grasping for life, gasping for air.
Some did indescribable, grosser torments, with water as a weapon,
Lowest of all, some mutilated babies, tormented women, and
Ate their limbs for breakfast.

Whoever their god was, he demanded chaos,
First there was disorder on this earth, and then came
Their divisions, laws and uniformities.
In the end, there was no hope.
On every riverside blood discolored the waters,
Alien vegetation spread and rose under their new sun,
Surrounding our homes; alien pawns and their diseases.
Banks and stores where rummaged through and destroyed,
Sea monsters were fed fresh earthlings,
Women were made their ****** and experienced excruciating pains,
Spread apart from their families and friends.
We assembled prisons and torture chambers for our kind,
We were their precious jewels, and earth was their vault.
Our world was divided into three zones,
The north and held prisons and torture chambers,
The south now a feed ground of the growing aliens population
And in the center, a paradise with perfect seasons and organization.
The other zones held contaminated air that darkened
The earth, grease floating atop of waters,
And chemicals that instigated fires and explosions.
Towers and buildings were torn and disassembled,
And fear struck each soul every time
The Destructor called orders of
General *******.
We fought and argued with them but nothing good
Came of it for us, the aliens continued
To tear our universe apart.
     These boundaries taken away,
The stars went dim,
The hazardous mist covered their sparkle,
Fish were depressed of their water,
Beasts from their land, birds from the air.

But something else was decided,
By a man capable of thinking logically,
A man born to a civilized earth and to the middle class,
And now, recently and forever separated
From security, love and even his God-
Such destruction made with unknown forces,
Turned humans back to clay and running water.
All animals slowly expired; one man,
Alone and crazy, rose his face to his lost heaven.
"This is the end", he knew.
A parody of Ovid's Metamorphoses

— The End —