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  Dec 2017 Ahmad Cox
Most days I find it hard to look in the mirror.
St times, I convince myself that no one would miss me if I were gone.
My scars tell stories that I wish I could keep to myself
I cry for no reason, and I have trouble figuring out the way i'm supposed to function, when my mind is such a scary place.
I got out of bed this morning, and that's a start to getting better.
just be patient and keep fighting
  Dec 2017 Ahmad Cox
A hole in her tender heart
An ache in her soul
Whose heart is that
I think I know
The owner is quite sad though
How can I mend that heart
Whose Heart Is kind ,melt and deep
Now stabbed,lied and cheated on
I guess it must be loved
So strong until her heart
Reach eternal bliss
So the hole in her heart
And the ache in her soul
Will fade
More poems in my blog....
  Sep 2017 Ahmad Cox
Journey of Days

sky disintegrating
more wreckage
I can see it coming
after fall


gravity no longer
after fall


fluttering flames
orange and yellowing leaves
briefly blaze
beauty disappeared
after fall


nothing remains
we stand unwavering
having seen the kingdoms
reduced to dust
after fall


parched soil
repelling rainfall
it runs away
lost to drought
after fall


do you really know
what happens
to our souls
the essence
after fall

@jobiranyc and @journeyofdays
"after fall" deeper meaning behind the ordinary observations.
inspired by a line from Jobira's
another collaboration by Jobira and Journey of Days
  Sep 2017 Ahmad Cox
Cait Harbs
Do you feel it, lovely?
That all-too-familiar gust of wind?
It's the magnitude of the distance
By which we passed each other, again.

Something's broken here,
and logic spells our end with each good-bye.
We pretend we can't read,
but the truth on our palms won't let our hands lie.

I'd trade my soul for what's it worth,
or perhaps, the deeds my hands have done
for the bandages to heal your wounds,
or infuse your veins with the strength of the sun.

If we aren't meant to greet Forever,
or kiss Tomorrow's mysterious brow,
I pray for the power and ability necessary
to love you as you are meant to be loved, right now.

Do you feel it, honey?
That once-too-familiar gust of wind?
It's the speed of my heart running back to the night
we first met, to fall for you all over again.
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