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Ahmad Cox Dec 2011
Ordinal perfection in your grasp
Another new first begins again
This is my attempt at my poem of 10. I decided to write about the spiritual significance of the number 10.
Ahmad Cox Apr 2012
Lapsing into myself
I find
Inner demons
And the calm
I figured that I would try my hand at a 10 word poem.
Ahmad Cox Feb 2011
At the last minute of Valentines
I got my honey
A bunch of roses so she won't **** me
At the last minute of Valentines
I got my honey
2 box of chocolates
A bunch of roses
So my honey won't **** me
At the last minute of Valentines
I got my honey
3 diamond rings
2 box of chocolates
A bunch of roses
So my honey won't **** me
At the last minute of Valentines
I got my honey
4 sets of earrings
3 diamond rings
2 box of chocolates
A bunch of roses
So my honey won't **** me
At the last minute of Valentines
I got my honey
5 mercedes benz
4 sets of earrings
3 diamond rings
2 box of chocolates
A bunch of roses
So my honey won't **** me
At the last minute of Valentines
I got my honey
6 roundtrip vacations
5 mercedes benz
4 sets of earrings
3 diamond rings
2 box of chocolates
A bunch of roses
So my honey won't **** me
At the last minute of Valentines
I got my honey
7 maids a waiting
6 roundtrip vacations
5 mercedes benz
4 sets of earrings
3 diamond rings
2 box of chocolates
A bunch of roses
So my honey won't **** me
At the last minute of Valentines
I got my honey
8 new yachts
7 maids a waiting
6 roundtrip vacations
5 mercedes benz
4 sets of earrings
3 diamond rings
2 box of chocolates
A bunch of roses
So my honey won't **** me
At the last minute of Valentines
I got my honey
9 airplanes flying
8 new yachts
7 maids a waiting
6 roundtrip vacations
5 mercedes benz
4 sets of earrings
3 diamond rings
2 box of chocolates
A bunch of roses
So my honey won't **** me
At the last minute of Valentines
I got my honey
10,000 dollars
9 new airplanes
8 new yachts
7 maids a waiting
6 roundtrip vacations
5 mercedes benz
4 sets of earrings
3 diamond rings
2 box of chocolates
A bunch of flowers
So my honey won't **** me
At the last minute of Valentines
I got my honey
11 new purses
10,000 dollars
9 airplanes flying
8 new yachts
7 maids a waiting
6 roundtrip vacations
5 mercedes benz
4 sets of earrings
3 diamond rings
2 box of chocolates
A bunch of roses
So my honey won't **** me
The last thing I got that truly broke me
12 different houses
11 new purses
10,000 dollars
9 airplanes flying
8 new yachts
7 maids a waiting
6 roundtrip vacations
5 mercedes benz
4 sets of earrings
3 diamond rings
2 box of chocolates
A bunch of roses
After this she better marry me
This parody is set to The 12 Days of Christmas
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
Therefore he sent his angels to converse with them who caused men to behold of his glory. We must be willing to give up our old selves and old ways in order to truly progress. If we continue to let our past ways rule us we can never move forward completely with God. If we truly forsake our past selves we will be born again and made new unto the likeness of God as we move forward with kindness to everyone around us. Seeing God in every single one of Gods creations as we move forward with a new type of love and faith.
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
People are like stories or books. We all have our own histories and lessons that we take with us as we continue to live and build our stories as we go along in life. We carry our stories  with us as we move along in life we return to those old stories that have made us here today as we continue to write our own stories along the way. We tend to think we are the authors of own stories and in some ways we do but ultimately God is the author and creator of our lives and of everything and when we begin to see it for ourselves we start to see the author's and creator's hands not only in our own life but others as well.
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
There is a new love on the horizon. God's love and angels and his healing truth and spirit is closer than ever. Even though there might be some people that in the dark the people of the light know and feel the time is at hand. The veil has been lifted and God's great love and truth has been poured out for all those who see and feel him as a testament of God's great love and mercy as he washes us with his power and grace.
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
I feel God's love and energy and presence in my heart. I know that whenever I call his name in prayer or when I am reading his word I can feel his purifying spirit in me as I share it with others. God's love purifies everything and everybody that calls his name. Darkness can not live where there is light. Even when I fall God still bestows his healing grace upon me when I return to call out his name in prayer and for others as well> I do not believe that God withdraws from his children so easily. Even when we fall or stumble we are only ever a step away from God's grace and healing guidance. If we turn our faces and our hearts toward the light God will always find a way to light the way.
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
True peace and calm comes from understanding that there is nothing to fear. That is usually easier said than done. We are conditioned to fear certain things or even certain people. We live with uncertainty and fear all around. The world is a dangerous place as we are told and taught at a young age. We are taught we should fear certain people. We must fear certain things. We must be afraid of what we don't know and everything in between. When we react out of fear is when we can get ourselves into trouble the most. When we cease to fear and we replace fear with love it can open you up to a whole new view you could never see before.
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
People want to be free. We all long for that freedom of our souls,minds, and bodies. As we strive in this world. Even though we might think we are free we are captive in a strange land and that we are struggling desperately to get out of. In this struggle to be free we can sometimes hurt ourselves and other people around us but we are all searching and longing for freedom. Freedom from pain. Freedom from fear and hate and freedom from the isolation and separateness that can suffocate us with it's grip. Ultimately no matter what we might do to free ourselves there is only one answer and one solution. It is  God. When you have God he takes away your pain and fear and separation and replaces it with hope and healing and love that can truly help you to find what your heart has been longing for all along.
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
I am the sky and the moon and everything in between. I am the great creator. I am the spirit inside your soul. I am in you. We are altogether one in me. More parts making up one whole. Even part of I and we have worth. Nothing works without the one but nothing works without us and we and everything in between. Even we are separate we are one. Many separate yet unique parts making up the whole.
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
Complete and whole we are all complete and whole. We are all born with everything we evert need as we move forward in life. Learning to navigate life as we continue to add to ourself as we go along. Sometimes these things we add will only weigh us down as we try to make it through another day and there are somethings we lose along the way but ultimately we are all complete and perfect in God's eyes. He truly sees our potential and he loves to remind us of how beautiful, whole, and complete. We all really are in our own way.
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
Abundance overflowing is our father's for his children. We all have a piece of God in our hearts and souls as we return to the earth to rest our final slumber our father is always with us as we return back to him and return back to his universal love and healing and joy comes from God as he uses his angels to impart his loving kindness with overabundance to all of his children that call his name.
Ahmad Cox Apr 2012
Taking a break from my mind
A break from this world
A break from myself
A break from this mess
Ahmad Cox Jun 2013
We are all
Into the future
Into a new dawn
And a new day
Time is moving
Ever quicker and
Swifter towards
Its destination
That we are all
On the brink of
Time as time is
Expanding and
Moving ever
Quicker with
The flow of time
As we move alone
Getting closer to
Love and moving
Farther from fear
As our hearts combine
As one as we move
Ever quicker to
The point where
We can be one
Returning to the
One love and the
One source as we
Run farther from fear
And separation and
Move closer to love
And unity as our hearts
Move ever quicker with
The beat of time which
Is accelerating us into
The future and to a new
Day of thinking that we
Have known all along
Ahmad Cox Jul 2012
Acceptance can be harder than you think
Accepting yourself
Accepting where you are
Accepting life
Accepting peace
Accepting love
Accepting hurt
Accepting pain
Accepting your past
Accepting that everything you have been through
Has lead you
To exactly where you are now
Even if its hard to accept sometimes
Ahmad Cox Aug 2012
Accepting the truth
Can be as simple as
Accepting yourself
Ahmad Cox Apr 2012
A change is coming
It comes faster every day
We are in the hour of discontent
We are moving quicker towards something
There are eyes that are awakening
People that are shaking
Awakening their hearts
We are moving
Toward what
Only time will tell
Ahmad Cox Jun 2012
by Ahmad ***
I feel like sometimes we are very good at acting
Very good at putting on a show
When we are really feeling something else inside
We teach ourselves
That certain feelings
Certain things are unnacceptable
We are supposed to be civil
We are supposed to put on a good face
We are supposed to hide the negative feelings
The dark feelings that well up inside of us
If we don't accept ourselves for who we are
For better or for worst
We will keep acting
Keep playing the part that everyone else has for us
Afraid to stop acting
And to live our own lives
And to keep us from truly expressing
The uniqueness that everyone has inside
Ahmad Cox May 2012
Action speaks louder than words
We are so quick
To put something off
Not truly dealing with
The heart of the issue
Ahmad Cox May 2012
Addicts come in different forms
We are all facing our own demons
We all have those things
That we wish that we could let go of
Those inner demons
Those inner forces
That seem to drag us down
That snag us down
We all have the things
That keep us up at night
Those moments in our lives
When we doubt if we are really here
Really living
Really existing
Or if we are just floating along
Not truly grafting to anything real
Just floating along with the breeze of life
Giving in to our demons
The things that hold us back
Sometimes it can feel
Like it's just easier to give in
Sometimes it can feel like
It is just easier to just
Keep going through the motions
Sometimes it can feel like it's easier
Just to live in the darkness
Giving in to those inner demons
Sometimes they can become so familiar
It can become all you can know
Ahmad Cox Apr 2012
Adding and subtracting
Can seem easy sometimes
Adding a little bit of ourselves
And subtracting a little bit there
Until we no longer recognize ourselves
Ahmad Cox May 2012
I think sometimes
We need to be a little adventurous
Conquering that new horizon
Letting go of your fear of the unknown
Letting go of your fear of losing control
Being able to revel in the new
Reveling in the moment
Tackling life
Without fear
And regrets
Ahmad Cox Mar 2012
I see the Earth before me
I see it in my mind
I can see it in an aerial view
I can see the people
I can see the plants
I can see our mother
She is there
Shining beautiful and bright
Suspended in space
She is our shining glory
Basking us in her motherly glow
We are all floating through space
Connected to the same planet
Connected to the same spirit
We are all here
Trying to figure things out
We are all here
Living our lives
Living each day
Even though we tend to forget
Our mother is always there
Just waiting to remind just how beautiful
Just how magnificent our mother really is
And just how magnificent and wonderful
Every single one of us are
I see our mother
I see the Earth in an aerial view
She is smiling
She is smiling for her children
And hoping
They will slowly
Start to wake
And accept their true place
On this wonderful
Earth that we call home
Ahmad Cox May 2012
Sometimes all it takes
Is a little positive affirmation
That can really speak to us
That can help to guide us
When we feel like life is off track
Helping us
To understand who
We really are
It can be nice
To know that you are appreciated
To know that someone cares about you
To know that you are special
To know that someone
Really truly understands
Who you are
Where you are
And understand what you need
More importantly
It's good to give those positive affirmations
Sometimes it can really make someone's day
Spreading waves of positivity
That will propagate throughout the world
Ahmad Cox Nov 2012
After everything
You have been through
After all the struggles
After all the strife
After all the pain
You can look back
With absolute clarity
My life has purpose
I know who I am
After all the things
I have been through
I know I am exactly
Where I need to be
With this new focus
I can move forward
With new resolve
I know who I am
I am at peace with life
Peace with the storms
Peace with the past
Knowing it has led me
To exactly where I am now
Ahmad Cox May 2012
There are people
Who are ailing
They are sick
And they don't
Have any place to go
They have been cast aside
And left out
There are people who are sick
Who are dying
Who don't really have to be
Whether it be by their own hands
Or whether it by unknown circumstance
They need healing
Deep down people want to be saved
Deep down people want to be healed
We all could use a little help sometimes
I think that we all
Deep down inside
Want to know
That everything is going to be alright
Ahmad Cox Jan 2014
by Ahmad ***
There is air between us
That touches everything
Every part of the world
Has touched some other part of the world
At some time or other
We are all living in air
There is air that we breathe
That is in us all
That is in everything
Even the deepest depths of the ocean
To the deepest cave
Still has some air
Caressing us all the same
It blows with force sometimes
To let us know it's there
None of us are separated
Though we are separated by space
Separated by time
There might be air in between
But all of our hearts are connected
In their own ways
And every single one of us
At some point in our lives
Has been recycled by the Earth
And by the air
And by the ground
Recycled and reused
Death and rebirth
Played over and over again
Until we all are apart of each other
And we are a part of the Earth
We can't deny it
We all live here on this Earth
Breathing the same air
Taking up the same space
Living together on this Earth we call home
Ahmad Cox Apr 2012
I had always wondered
About airplanes
Even when I was
A little kid
I used to wonder
How they actually
Stayed up in the air
Even though I knew
All the different principles
And the science
And the physics
That went into keeping them up
I am still amazed
That they actually stay up
Ahmad Cox Apr 2012
The people on the t.v.
Pay a lot of money
To take up airspace
To try and sell their products
And to try and grab our attention
And grab our minds
Convincing us
That we need to buy that extra ginsu knife
Or Chia pet
Or else your life surely couldn't be complete
Telling us that we have to live a certain way
Eat a certain way
Love a certain way
Look a certain way
Even feel a certain way
Or else somehow we just aren't good citizens
We just aren't being patriotic enough
If we don't buy into their political slander
And buying into the America dream
That is based on artificial hopes
And artificial dreams
Ahmad Cox Oct 2012
We feel at alert
Every day
We are
By life
We are
On every
Its easy
To get lost
Our way
As we
Move along
We need
To learn
How to
Live in peace
Turning off
Our alert
Our alarms
How not
To feel so
How to
Float along
Letting life
Float around
So that
You can
Ahmad Cox Jan 2013
We put on aliases
Every day when we
Try and pretend
We aren't who we
Truly are inside

We give up a piece of
Ourselves each time we
Try and change ourselves
To fit someone else's mold
Or to fit in to the daily
Grind trying to fit in
And not be noticed

Sometimes it can seem
Easier to just go along
With the flow and
Never challenge your
Part or your alias
And the mask you
Put on everyday
To hide the true you

Ultimately it is better
To be yourself and to
Let go of everything
That tells you it is not
Ok just to be you

You are perfect just
The way you are
Every one has their
Own purpose and
Their own personal
Identity that wants
To shine through

Its when you let
Go of these aliases
And you start being
Yourself that you can
Be free of the trappings
Of the world and begin
To live life freely without
Any boxes or restrictions
To keep you from soaring
Free of the boxes and the
Aliases that control and
Restrict us in the long run
Ahmad Cox Mar 2012
We can often alienate ourselves from each other
Its very easy to close ourselves off
To shield ourselves from each other
To shield us from ourselves
We carry these shields around our hearts
That keep us safe
Keep us separated from each other
That keeps us from connecting with ourselves
Sometimes we have to be willing to remove our shields
To let people in
To let yourself in sometimes
So that you can really get to the hurt
That you have been shielding people from all along
Until you can get to the point in yourself
Where you can heal yourself
To know and love yourself enough
To be able to be open with others
To share your heart freely without fear
To be able to interact with kindness
Trying to offer yourself wherever you can
It's also good
To be able to make yourself strong
So that way you can deal with the rolls and the punches
That inevitably come with living
But if you shield yourself too much
You can cut yourself off from yourself
But most of all from other people
Becoming distant from people
Not being able to trust anyone
Or even trust yourself
Ahmad Cox Oct 2012
A little bit of this
A little bit of that
A little bit of this
And this is where's its at
Now ladies and gentlemen
Listen to me
I show you the feeling
The feeling in the street
So clap your hands
And wave real high
Just wave those hands
Up to the sky
If you feel the rhythm
And you feel the beat
Just stomp your feet
Just stomp em on the street
Stomp for the people
That can't find their way
Some for the people
Who don't have a say
Stomp for humanity
Stomp for the love
Pray for some heaven
Lots all get a hug
A little bit of love
Can go a long way
A little bit of hate
Can get in your soul
Can cause you to act
Without really thinking
But you must remember
We are all God's children
So feel the flow
Feel the groove
Just let it happen
Just feel it in your shoes
So now its time
To end this groove
I will leave you with
A little love too
So stomp your hands
Stomp your feet
Feel the love
Down in your seat
DJ Mad is out of here
So I want people to say
A little bit of this
A little bit of that
A little bit of this
Cause this is where its at
This is me in a playful mood.
Ahmad Cox May 2012
A little tired
A little worn
A little trial
A little worry
A little peace
A little joy
A little happiness
A little bit of sunshine
Can go along way
When you are feeling
A little tired
Ahmad Cox Mar 2012
Sometimes it can be hard to be alive
We go through so much
We have to go through so many trials
We all doubt
We all have to deal with pain
And just feeling lost in general
We **** ourselves over petty things
We allow ourselves to go through so much pain
We all wonder sometimes why we are even here
Why were we born
Only to have to deal with so much confusion
So much pain
Having to deal with so much
That it seems like we can hardly bear
But being alive is also a wonderful and beautiful thing
We all have that living spark inside of us
That part of us that wants to survive
That wants to persist
That wants to get stronger
We all have this living spark inside of us
With every breath we take
We take in life
With every moment
We live
We grow
We change
It might seem hard sometimes
But there is also happiness
The simple beauty of nice warm day
A hug
The beauty of our mother that is all around us
Being able to learn and to live each new day
Connecting with that inner spirit
Feeling that joy
Being able to share that joy with others
Feeling love
Being able to share that love
Coming together with others
Being able to laugh
Even cry when the time calls for it
But just being alive
Whatever the emotions
Whatever we are going through
Is still beautiful
Even with all of the pain and trials
We are all alive
Taking in breath
Carrying that living flame
That lives inside of us
Ahmad Cox Jul 2012
A lot of things happen
We can allow
We can allow
A lot to happen to us
Not really knowing
How to stop the flow
The flow of life
When it seems
Like everything is happening
All at once
Ahmad Cox Aug 2012
I am love
We are loved
We are loved
In our own way
Even as far away
We run
We are all loved
When you accept it
know it in your heart
The healing can begin
No matter who
All children are loved
We have to feel it in our hearts
To truly let go of the pain
All children are loved
Ahmad Cox Jun 2013
All in All

There is


Is contained

In our hearts


Awaits inside
Of our minds

If we know

Where to look

There is beauty
Every where in

Our minds and
In our hearts

All in All

The world
Isnt so bad

When you open

Up and allow that

Healing beauty
And light to

Come out there

Is a universe of

Opportunities to grow

And to learn over
And over again

If we learn how to

Know for ourselves
That everything

We hold is already

Inside of our hearts

All in All

Everything is


Ahmad Cox Apr 2012
Sometimes it helps to have an ally
Someone who has got your back
Even during the darkest of days
Helping you see yourself
Even if you don't really want to see
To help us laugh
And to help steer us back
When we are getting off track
Sometimes we could all use an ally in our lives
But sometimes it's nice to be an ally to someone as well.
Ahmad Cox Apr 2012
Sometimes when I am alone with myself
Is when I am at the most peace
When I can separate from the world
Finding myself in myself
Reveling in solitude
Sometimes we need a little alone time
To take care of ourselves
And to reclaim ourselves
From an ever advancing world
Ahmad Cox Mar 2013
Alone with myself
In the silence there
Is a calm and
Peace and love
Everlasting love
Flowing from
Every part of
Me as I feel
Your wonderful
And beautiful
Heartbeat inside
Of mine and I
Know you will
Always be there
Shining your
Love and grace
And peace and
Mercy and
Grace and
Mercy to
The heart of
The ones that
Need it the most
Shining your
Healing on
And everyone
As you pour
Our yourself
To me when I
Am alone in
My prayers
I know you
Are there God
I know you
Are there mother
I know you
Are there spirit
I know you
It is your
Love and grace
Peace and strength
That helps me make
It through another
Day as I feel myself
Become one in your
Spirit and one with
Your healing spirit
And love as I feel
Your spirit join
Into me as I sit
Alone with myself
In prayer and in spirit
Ahmad Cox Jan 2012
The first will become the last
And the last will become the first
As it is in the beginning
It will be in the end
The alpha and the omega
The beginning and the end
All in one moment
All in one second
Constantly playing out
Constantly balancing each other
As we move along in life
Just as there is a beginning
We all have an end
Life is always moving from one phase to the next
Constantly recycling itself
Never ceasing
Everything is transitory
Even when we think of people
We see that there are people who seem to have a lot of wealth
And people who seem to have all of the power
While it seems like there are some people
Who seem to be without a say
Without a voice
Without a dime to their name
But who is really happy
Is the business man that keeps buying all the things to fill his heart
Any happier than the child that might not have anything
That enjoys the simple pleasures
And can laugh and play with ease
And even the person who you might look down upon the most
Can have hidden knowledge and truths hidden in their eyes
And hidden in their hearts
That they are willing to tell if you would only listen
And whose heart truly sings when they see someone happy
But there are hearts that are almost always looking to destroy any happiness
Because they live so much in fear and in hate that anyone who is happy
Just shows them how unhappy they are inside
Who would you rather pity
The person whose heart sees love and can be happy for others
Or the heart of the person who can only see hate and greed and fear
Alpha and omega
As it is in the beginning
So shall it be in the end
And just as we begin to learn
We depart again
To return to the earth
Where we can all be free
Recycling ourselves
As even we move from one phase to the next
Constantly flowing in balance
As we continue to live and to die and struggle and grow
Ahmad Cox Apr 2012
Change can be a good thing sometimes
I think we need to be willing
To step outside of our own comfort levels
To really challenge ourselves
And to accept change
And alter ourselves where necessary
Change is coming
The world is changing
Every second
Moving quicker
Ever faster toward a new
Ever changing
Ever approaching horizon
Are you ready?
Ahmad Cox Aug 2012
Altogether beautiful
Altogether wonderful
Altogether lovely
Is your soul
I feel the beauty
Inside of you
I feel the love
The kindness
The light
Flowing through you
I feel you inside of me
I know you are there
Living inside of me
Your heart is in my hands
I know our hearts are one
They are intertwined
Of how far it is
Of how long it is
I can feel your heart
Beating next to mine
Slowly deepening
As we take in each other
Consuming each other
With our love
Not about any one in particular. This just came out. Let me know what you guys think.
Ahmad Cox May 2012
Always and forever
Forever and a day
I want this feeling to stay
This feeling of hope
This feeling of anticipation
This feeling of peace
Feeling the present
The future
And the past
Converging into one moment
Converging into who I am now
Always and forever
Forever and a day
Ahmad Cox Feb 2012
The whole of everything
Is always more simple
Than we really think
We as humans tend to complicate things
We have a hard time accepting that some things in this world
Are better left alone
Our hearts will tell us what is really important
If we are willing to accept that the whole of everything
Is that we are all whole in our own ways
Our hearts always know the truth
We just have to understand and let go of the things that we tell ourselves
The things that keep us from truly being free
That keep us chained to hate
And the things that keep us from accepting others
And seeing the light in our fellow man
That tells us that we are somehow better
Or that are actions somehow don't matter
That keep us bound to the material
That tells us we have to play the game
That we have to step over other people
That its inevitable that some people have to be hurt
Some people have to be at the bottom
To keep certain people at the top
That war and pain and diseases and poverty and ignorance
Are just acceptable parts of life
Its just something you can't avoid
And a fate that you can't escape
But the heart knows
The whole of everything
Is always more simple
Then we really think
We tend to complicate things
We are all whole in our own ways
We just have to find the truth in us all
Ahmad Cox May 2012
Amidst the hurt
Amidst the pain
Amidst the lies we tell ourselves
There is the truth
We are loved
Ahmad Cox May 2012
Am  I me
Or am I
Someone else
I am constantly changing
Molding into something different
Ever evolving and expanding
Contracting and contradicting
Things about me that used to make sense
That don't have pertinence now
Ever changing
Expanding and knowing
Changing and growing
Shedding off old coats
As new ones are being put back on
Ahmad Cox Oct 2012
Angel personified
I see your light
I feel your heart
I can sense the
Healing light
That flows from you
Flows from your soul
Bathing you in its
Life giving glow
I see your wings
Shining bright
Allowing you
To fly the highest heights
Soaring into the sky
Flying above everyone else
Sharing your light
And your love
And your healing energy
With everyone around you
Ahmad Cox Nov 2010
bears have claws
birds that chirp
hawks fly in the sky
fish swim in the deep waters and streams
fox hunts for food
rabbits hide
eggs hatch from ther nest
mice or mouse's hunt for cheese
people eat fish,fox,bears,hawks,eggs,rabbits and plants
plants r animals to?
scott wrotes this poem not ahmad                                        XD scott
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