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Apr 2018 · 1.4k
The look of love
Ahmad Cox Apr 2018
The look of love
It's on your face
A feeling that time
Can not erase.

Be mine tonight
This is the start of
So many nights
Like this.

Let's make a lover's vow
And we'll seal it with
A kiss.

I can hardly wait to
Hold you
Feel my arms
Around you.

So long have I waited
Waited just to love you
Feel my arms around you

You have got the look of love
It's in your eyes
That time can't deny

Be mine tonight
And there will be
So many more nights
Like this.

I can hardly wait to
Hold you feel my arms
Around you

So long have I waited
Waited just to love you
Now that I have found you

Don't ever go
Don't ever go
I love you so.
Based off a song.
Mar 2018 · 1.5k
Ahmad Cox Mar 2018
In my dreams I see millions of fireflies flying in the dark and illuminating the night with their heavenly light.
As I am watching this scene unfold I see hundreds of frogs on the horizon as they march slowly towards the fireflies I witness a grisly scene. I start to see right before my eyes that the fireflies are being eaten by the frogs. At first one by one but soon hundreds of fireflies have fallen to the skillful tongues of frogs until only a handful of fireflies remain and then there is only one firefly left. Even as the frogs are trying to get that one last firefly it is brighter and lighter than the rest and it is able to easily avoid the tongues of the frogs until it begins to rise above the frogs and into the sky free from the frogs at last. I feel like sometimes we can be like fireflies sharing our light but when troubles come we can easily be swallowed by the frogs of life that try to bring us down but as long as we keep our inner light strong in ourselves we can be like the last firefly left easily avoiding the frogs of life that try to bog and you will rise any trials that life has to offer.
A poem about fireflies.
Mar 2018 · 3.6k
New Beginnings
Ahmad Cox Mar 2018
Save thyself and come down
From the cross
Likewise also the chief priests
Mocking said amongst themselves

With the scribes he saved other's
Himself he cannot save
Let Christ the king of Israel
Descend now from the cross
That we may see and believe

And they that were crucified with him reviled him
And when the sixth hour was come there was darkness
Over the whole of the land until the ninth hour
And at the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice
Saying Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani? Which is being interpreted as
My God My God why hast thou forsaken me?

And entering into the sepulchre they saw a young man
Sitting on the right side clothed in a long white garment
And they were affrighted and he said unto them be not affrighted

Now when Jesus was risen early in the first day of the week
He appeared first to Mary Magdalene out of whom he had cast seven devils and when she told them that he had had been with him as they mourned and wept and they heard he was alive believed not

And he said unto them go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature he that believeth and is baptized shall be saved but he that believeth not shall be ****** and these signs shall follow them that believe and in my name shall thy cast out devils they shall speak with new tongues they shall take up serpents and if they drink deadly things it shall not hurt them they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover so then

after the Lord had spoken unto them he was received up into heaven and sat on the right side of God and they went forth and preached every where the Lord working with them and confirming the words with signs following Amen.
A piece of scripture
Mar 2018 · 1.2k
Sign of the times
Ahmad Cox Mar 2018
It seems as if most people these days
Talk about the sign of the times.
It seems as if every generation
Has their own idea of what
The sign of the times really is.
For every person it is different
But we still manage to have
Some things in common that get
Passed down too.
It is up to us to define what
Our own idea of what
The sign of the times are so
That when the majority
Changes with time you
Can still define your
Own idea of what the sign of the times is with confidence.
If you don't you will end up changing with the
Whimsy of every one else instead of being strong inside.
Jun 2017 · 1.9k
Rhythm of Love
Ahmad Cox Jun 2017
The rhythm of love
Is all over your face
It is a feeling that
Is hard to mistake
Our souls rise
Even soar as we
Fly tonight in our
Love as the rhythm
Takes the beat I know
The beat will last forever
As our dreams of love
Take flight as we fly
Even higher not wanting
To come down as our
Hearts lead the beat
We feel the rhythm of love
It is hard to replace
As we feel our love
And feel the beat
We know that the
Beat will last forever
Loosely based off of a song.
May 2017 · 985
Ahmad Cox May 2017
Rain drops
Falling in my head
Releasing their
Kinetic flow
As they fly
From my mind
I am free to
Fly from the rain
Fly free from
My trouble
As I float in
The sky I
Know that
Will be fine
As the raindrops
Fall on my head
The rain can be
Nourishing too
After a long draught
A strong rain can be
A good thing
Sometimes we have
To let a little rain
Fall in our lives
To truly get ourselves
Clean and wash
The grime away from the day
A poem about rain
May 2017 · 1.3k
Let Me Love You
Ahmad Cox May 2017
Let me love you
Let me love you stronger
Let me love you
Let me hold you in my arms

When you smile
The world opens up for me
When you laugh
The whole world takes notice
I just want you to know
That you have my heart
And I love you for always
As long you

Let me love you
Let me love you stronger
Let me love you
Let me hold you in my arms

When you love me
You love me completely
Your love is absolute
So strong is our love
I want you here always
Always to stand by me
I know our love is complete
As long as you

Let me love you
Let me love you stronger
Let me love you
Let me hold me in your arms

When life seems out of place
And I am lost in the storm
You always find me
And I am forever grateful
For the love you give me
Everyday when I need
It the most you are always
Right there waiting
With love so as long as you

Let me love you
Let me love you stronger
Let me love you
Let me hold you in my arms

When you love me
You love me completely
Your love is absolute
So strong is our love
I want you here always
Always to stand by me
I know our love is complete
As long as you

Let me love you
Let me love you stronger
Let me love
Let me hold you in my arms
This is based off of a song
Nov 2016 · 1.4k
At all times
Ahmad Cox Nov 2016
At all times
We are loved
At all times
We are looking
Inside trying to
find the truth
At all times
We doubt
We wonder
Why we are here
At all times
We question
We wonder
Why things
Are the way
They are
At all times
We must
We are whole
We are loved
To make it
Through the day
You must
At all times
My friend so
You can make
It through the day
Never forget the
Lessons from your past
At all times
Never let go
Of who you are inside.
Something to remember.
Sep 2016 · 1.5k
I have Huntington Disease
Ahmad Cox Sep 2016
I don't believe that any body on this site is aware of my recent diagnosis of Huntington Disease and I wanted to get the chance to let  all of you guys know and even though it has been a while since I have written anything new I still wanted to share it with you guys. I will let you guys know more as things progress but if you have any questions to ask about it just shoot me a message in this post and I will try to answer them as honestly as possible. I have come to enjoy your poetry and I have appreciated any positive comments you have left on my poetry too so I at least wanted to give you guys the heads up about it and where I am at with it.
Oct 2015 · 1.4k
Ahmad Cox Oct 2015
Spirit horse
Horse of spirit
You are very
Beautiful to
Everyone you
See as your
Spirit shows
It glows bright
Shining through
Everything like
An ethereal glows
That surrounds
You in its warm
Embrace as you
Move in spirit
And move in
From your true
Beauty begins
To expand ever
Greater ever
Brighter for
All eternity
For Charlotte
Oct 2015 · 1.2k
Ahmad Cox Oct 2015
Very pretty
Kitty Eskimo
She is my new
Friend and
Favorite cat
She is always
Fun to be
Around and
Always speaks
Her mind but
I have much
Love for the
Very pretty
Eskimo cat
That has stolen
My heart and mind
A very special friend
Oct 2015 · 1.1k
Two Sisters
Ahmad Cox Oct 2015
Two Sisters
Delilah and
Pearl and
Two sides of
The same coin
Just from
Different ends
They are very
Alike even though
Though they
Spent a long
Time apart
Two parts
Brought whole
Again though
They were never
Really apart in
The first place
Brought together
By love and family
They once thought
Was lost forever
A new start
A new love
Straight from
The heart
Two parts
Of the same
Whole that were
Never apart
Begin with
A poem for Delilah and Pearl
Mar 2014 · 3.2k
Free Flow Positive
Ahmad Cox Mar 2014
I cant hold back
I have to attack
This negativity
Inside of me that
Is building a
Beat as it climbs
I cant rewind my
My mind from the
Negative as I testament
I cant deny this feeling
That keeps burning in me
In me
In me
Stay Damaged
Stay Damaged
I got to find
That inner fight
For the light
Or stay Damaged
Stay Damaged
As I free flow this
Time I feel I cant
Break free
Of this Damage
This Damage
The only thing
That can heal my
Heart is the light
That is just
Staring to spark
As I become
Less Damaged
Less Damaged
Cant give up the
Fight for the light
So that others can
Becomes less damaged
We have to help each other
To stay in positivity
Healing each other
In this free flow positive
As we move forward
In life trying to
Heal and create
Less Damage
For the earth
Less Damage
For each other
Less Damage
For ourselves
Less Damage
For our family
Less Damage
Less Damage.
Mar 2014 · 10.5k
Ahmad Cox Mar 2014
Positivity is not that hard to see
All you have to do is to find that
Inner happiness and positivity
For all to see as you move life
Begins to take a whole new look
As you start to see the positive
In everything and everyone and
You begin to see life for the lovely
Yet crazy existence that we all live
In and just how beautiful the world
Is and all of her creatures big and
Small as we swirl through space
And time colliding with each other
As we go about our days but if we
Could share a little joy and positivity
To the people around us the world
Would be a more positive place to be
Feb 2014 · 1.4k
We are all one
Ahmad Cox Feb 2014
Even as separate and alone
As we can feel sometimes
We are all connected to
Each other in some way

This society tells us that
We are separate and we
Have to fend for ourselves
Our else someone else

Might take what I have
Or somehow take what
I own or what I have
Spent my hard earned

Money to buy and to
Obtain without thinking
About the other people
Around them who are

Needing some love and
Comfort and healing and
All they need is a kind
Word or a person to let

Them know that things
Will be ok and that
Everything will be alright
And that they can make

It one more day and
Helping each other
Where we can simply
Because we can rather

Than trying to figure
Out what we can get
From that person in
Return or trying to

Manipulate them into
Getting what we want
For our own gain and
Profit when if we just

Asked and shared with
Each other there would
Be no need for stealing
Or for wars or the need

To feel separate or alone
Because we would live
As a community of people
Actively working together

To help each other where
We needed and helping
To heal people from
The heart as well

We tend to separate and
Segregate people instead
Of acknowledging the
Beautiful diversity of

Life and of people as
Well when we should
Be celebrating our
Uniqueness while at

The same time
Understand that
We are all one
And we come

From the same
Source and that
Even though we
Might have different

Ways of feeling
Or seeing or
Interpreting things
Doesn't mean that

Someone else's view
Is wrong is just another
Way to look at something
From a different angle

Than you might have
Originally been able to
See on your own and
Being able to learn from

Each other instead of
Trying to force our
Ideas our thoughts
On another and if

We get to the point
Where we understand
We are one we could
Never hurt or harm

Or steal or even have
Wars because we would
Understand that we are
All the same and if I harm

You I am harming a piece
Of me and when you can
Get to that understanding
Of life and nature and of

People as well you will
Start to see things in a
Different way than you
Have ever seen before
Feb 2014 · 720
In spirit
Ahmad Cox Feb 2014
In spirit there is the divine
Connecting us to God
Connecting us to the angels
Connecting us to our
Feminine source of healing
All wrapped into one the
As we breathe in life and love
As our bodies begin to take in
And understand the great
Mystery of life we begin to
See the beautiful divinity
That lies in you and that
Lies in me as we seek and
Soar for the greatest heights
Of love as our hearts melt to
The sound of the universe as
We call out in grace and
Mercy and we understand
That everything has a spirit
And should be honored and
Seen as the wonderful and
Beautiful creation that it is
And when you can see the
Spirit and divinity in
Everything and everyone
You can begin to connect
In healing ways with the
Divine and God and
Our mother and spirit
And the angels and the
Life here on Earth and
Everything in between
Feb 2014 · 777
Ahmad Cox Feb 2014
by Ahmad ***
Gia I adore you
I emplore you
Give us one more chance
Your children's folly knows no bounds
We seem bent on destruction
Bent on our own twisted ideas of justice
That justify the destruction of others
We can not see
We can not hear
The cry of Gia
The cry of our mother
She cries for us
She cries for herself
She cries for all creation
How much longer must she cry
Before we hear her
Before we recognize her
And we allow our beautiful mother Gia
To breathe
To heal
To sing
And to live
Jan 2014 · 871
Life always finds a way
Ahmad Cox Jan 2014
Life always finds a way
by Ahmad ***
The green permeates
Gives life
Mixture of life and spirit
Rolling into one
Life propagates even in the harshest conditions
Life just want to be free
No matter what you do
Life always find a way
Even when it feels like everything has been burnt away
The green glow of life still flows on
Even in situations where there seems like life shouldn't be
In some of the harshest environments
Life still finds a way
Even in the darkness
Far away from the light
Life persists
It's a lot harder to extinguish life
Then we might think
Just as soon as we think we have a handle
When we start to feel like we have control over life
Life has a way of putting us back in our place
Life was never meant to be controlled
Life is meant to just be
If we allow life to persist
To grow
To flourish
We will find that life will do just fine
If we just let it be
Jan 2014 · 866
The highest high
Ahmad Cox Jan 2014
The highest high
by Ahmad ***
The highest high imaginable
Is achieving your dreams
And obtaining your goals
Feeling worthwhile
And feeling like
You have made
A positive difference
In someone's life
Being able to look back
At everything you have done
And understanding that you
Are exactly where
You are supposed to be
Jan 2014 · 738
Balled Up
Ahmad Cox Jan 2014
Balled Up
by Ahmad ***
I'm balled up inside.
I am slowly crawling out.
I'm awakening
Jan 2014 · 1.5k
Ahmad Cox Jan 2014
by Ahmad ***
There is air between us
That touches everything
Every part of the world
Has touched some other part of the world
At some time or other
We are all living in air
There is air that we breathe
That is in us all
That is in everything
Even the deepest depths of the ocean
To the deepest cave
Still has some air
Caressing us all the same
It blows with force sometimes
To let us know it's there
None of us are separated
Though we are separated by space
Separated by time
There might be air in between
But all of our hearts are connected
In their own ways
And every single one of us
At some point in our lives
Has been recycled by the Earth
And by the air
And by the ground
Recycled and reused
Death and rebirth
Played over and over again
Until we all are apart of each other
And we are a part of the Earth
We can't deny it
We all live here on this Earth
Breathing the same air
Taking up the same space
Living together on this Earth we call home
Dec 2013 · 2.8k
Dolphin Goddess
Ahmad Cox Dec 2013
Dolphin Goddess
You light our souls
With your rich and
Luscious gia energy
And allow us to
Bask in your
Goddess form
As your soul
And energy take
Us to newer high
As we all climb
The mountain of
Your love and
Connection for
Our mother earth
And for the rich
Feminine and life
Giving energies that
Are all around us
You survey your
Kingdom and see
That it is good and
Beautiful and that
All is well in your
Paradise as your
Dolphin Goddess
Dreams take flight
In the night we get
Closer to your
Heart and soul
As you open up
Yourself fully
And completely
To anyone who
Is willing to bask
Upon your light
And gain your
Ancient wisdom
And joy that
Sprouts from
Your heart and
Gets shared with
With everyone
You meet along
Your way in life
They see that light
And hidden goddess
Inside just waiting
To be unleased with
A warm smile and
Embrace of souls
As her energy
Collides and
Embraces with
The universe and
In between
Dec 2013 · 22.8k
Ahmad Cox Dec 2013
There are some people
Who think very logically
They have a hard time
Seeing anything that
Doesn't make sense in
Their minds and that
Doesn't fit into their
Ideas of what is
Logical and right and
What they can see right
In front of their eyes
There are also the
People who understand
And comprehend the
World around them
Through their feelings
And emotions and
Can see the bigger
Picture and the bigger
Plan easier than most
We all make up our
Own parts and we
All have our own
Purpose and even
Though we are all
Different in our own
Ways we must learn to
Appreciate the wonderful
Differences that make
Up the whole and
To see and take notice
Of the wonderful and
Beautiful diversity of
Life and of people and
Of thoughts and even
Of the Earth as well
As we begin to
Celebrate the diversity
Instead of trying to
Segregate and separate
Ourselves based on our
Differences we should
Be trying to learn and
Understand from each
Other instead of trying
To conquer and subjugate
People to our ideas and
Ways of thinking we should
Be trying to see things
From the other side of
Things and understanding
There is more the life than
Right or wrong and trying
To prove yourself to others
And seeing that even with
All of our differences we
Are for more connected
And alike than we all
Could imagine and once
We understand that simple
Truth everything else starts
To fall into place as we start
To see the beautiful diversity
And the wonder of life as
We begin to see things
More completely and
Understand we are all
Parts of one big great
Diverse community that
We call the human race
Dec 2013 · 657
Ahmad Cox Dec 2013
These thoughts
Keep drumming
Through my head

There are truths
You learn that
Stick with you

And these are the
Truths that keep
Running through

My head that keeps
Me grounded to me
And keeps me sane

There are so many
People who are
Lost and who

Can't see the
Beauty and the
Simplicity of the

Life that is all
Around them
Life is never

Meant to be
Forfeited for
The likes of

Gain or profit
And all life
Means something

We can no more
Disregard our
Mother Earth

As we can
Disregard and
And toss aside

The animals and
Our brothers and
'Sisters that live

On this Earth with
Us and we must be
Willing to see and to

Understand that we
Are all part of the
Whole and we can't

See ourselves as
Somehow separate
Or different than

Anything else on
This planet and
Definitely not

Better or set
Aside from the
Plants and the

Animals or the
Earth and we
Need to realize

That we are all
Parts of the whole
Living breathing

System that brings
Life to everything
On this planet

And when we try
To disrupt the
Natural order and

Put ourselves above
The natural system
And try to control

Or to change it is
When we can find
Ourselves hurting

Ourselves and our
Planet and all of
Our brothers and

Sisters that are
Living on this
Earth with us

We must be able
To understand this
If we are to truly

Survive as a race
Because if we do
Not change the

Way we are doing
Things we will end
Up not only hurting

Our planet but our
Lives in the process
We need to be able

To see the bigger
Picture and see
That we all

Have a stake
And a right to
Live on this

Planet that we
All call home
Nov 2013 · 1.0k
Right Where You Are
Ahmad Cox Nov 2013
We seek we climb
We grow we sow
We die we cry
Yet we live to
Find ourselves
In the midst of
The turmoil that
Often life can bring
And even death is
A part of life that
Must be accepted
As we move ever
Quicker towards
Our ultimate goal
And our ultimate
Destiny we grow
And we change
As we sow our
Actions and as
We understand
And learn from
The past and
What we have
Been through
To get us right
Where we are
Nov 2013 · 725
Interlacing Fates
Ahmad Cox Nov 2013
Interlacing stories
Interlacing fates
Running together
Through space
And through

Time as we
Weave our
Stories and

We find that
We are more

By fate and
By time than

We can imagine
Oct 2013 · 748
Life Hurts
Ahmad Cox Oct 2013
Life hurts sometimes
Sometimes life hurts
It can be hard to know
Which way to go when

It seems like life keeps
Piling up the troubles
When all you want to
Do is rest your head

From the storm that
Never seems to end
It can be especially
Hard when the ones

Who are supposed
To love and care for
You the most are the
Source of your woes

And trials and when
A friend is no where
In sight sometimes life
Can get so hard we want

To make it stop and put
An end to all of the strife
And worry that keeps us
Up at night but it is during

These times in our lives
When the storm seems
The heaviest when we
Need to reach inside and

Find that inner strength
That comes when we
Have faith that things will
Get better and all trials

And storms only last
A while before the sun
Comes out again and
If you have hope for a

Better dawn and a better
Tomorrow you can bear
Any storm and trials that
Life has to offer you in life
Sep 2013 · 994
Ahmad Cox Sep 2013
It is easy to get
Distracted with
So many things
That are going
On today in
This quickening
Pace that we set
Ourselves on
Sometimes our
Own minds can
Become deafening
In the silence as
We try to control
Our to understand
The very thoughts
That keep flowing
Into our heads
It can be hard to
Step away from
The eternal chatter
In our minds and
The eternal chatter
Of the day until
It feels like one
Continuos noise
That threatens to
Drive you insane
We have to be quiet
To listen to that still
Small voice inside
That still small
Voice that tells
Us everything
Will be ok and
That leads us
Where we need
To go and it
Is ultimately
That still small
Voice that lets
You know and
Reminds you of
Your worth and
Your beauty that
Is lying inside and
Gives you that
Strength when
You need to make
It just one more day
And when your
Reserves are running
Thin just listen to that
Still small still voice
And you will feel
That inner calm
And peace and
Strength returning
If you just be still
And be quiet and
Let the world
Pass you by
Sep 2013 · 1.3k
God Is Real
Ahmad Cox Sep 2013
I feel God in my heart
I know that God is real
I know that God is the
Creator of all things
I know that we are
All the children of
God and I know
That his love and
Grace and mercy
Lies in everything
We tend to have
This view of God
As being this angry
Patriarch spitting out
Commandments and
Rules that nobody can
Possibly live by and
If we do even one
Thing wrong he
Will smite us in
His anger and
In his fury but
God is a God of
Love and peace
He wants to offer
That peace to our
Hearts when life
Gets rough or
Help us to grow
And learn in his
Ways so that we
May see better
And know better
And understand
Just how beautiful
His children really
Are and just how
Beautiful our mother
Truly is as well
He wants us to
Call him Father
Because he really
Does see us as his
Children and even
When we might
Stray away from
His light and his
Love he is always
There to catch us
With his loving
Arms ready to
Return us back
To the everlasting
Flock that we all
Belong to from
The beginning
To the end of time
Aug 2013 · 831
Revelation #16
Ahmad Cox Aug 2013
I am light. We are all light floating through space. We all embody God in our own ways. We are not the mistakes we have made in the past. We are not the broken and brittle people the world tried to convince us of. We are all light in our own ways. We are light with substance. I am light. We are light. You are light. We are all light. We are all mirror reflections of Gods grace and mercy for us. We just convince ourselves otherwise. We get so caught up in our mistakes and in the world and we get so lost in the day to day grind that depression and disease and worry and all the other things that afflict can drive us away from that light inside of us. We can begin to rely on everything else to fill that void inside of us. We do everything we can to numb the space and numb the void that is inside of us but ultimately we are all light in our own ways. Even if you have fallen. Even if you are stuck in depression and addiction and are the farthest away from God you have ever been in your life the truth still remains. You are still light. Once you accept that and you find that light in yourself you will find a new strength and a new hope as you begin to understand and see the light in others as well. You will begin to shed the ways of the world and take on and accept the light and the love that is inside of you and even if you fall or if you feel like life is beginning to get too heavy for you to bear just remember that we are all light in our ways. We just have to accept that and God's love instead of listening to a world that tells us otherwise.
Aug 2013 · 605
Revelation #15
Ahmad Cox Aug 2013
To see the world in a different way. We have to be willing to open our hearts to the unknown and the unseen. We have to put ourselves past the wisdom and the trials of the world and of men and start to see the bigger picture in front of us. We have to be willing to see with new eyes and a new way. Seeing the unseen that can often change us if we know where to look. There is truth to be found behind the veil when you take away the fog from your eyes and your mind. We live in a cloud of misinformation. It can be hard to truly pick out what is true and what is false. We have to be willing to go beyond what we see and know and learn from the heart. That inner intuition that lets us know we are not alone. That lets us see and know the higher plan. That lets us know we are loved and that there is a plan and a place for us in the universe. That there is light at the end of the tunnel and that love is truly the key that binds the universe. When you can understand and see that we are all loved and beautiful in our own way and that we were all placed on this beautiful Earth with a beautiful purpose you will begin to move past the ways of the world and you will begin to see and understand things in a whole new way and a whole new light and you will never be the same again.
Aug 2013 · 560
Revelation #14
Ahmad Cox Aug 2013
The lord is with us always. Even when we fall we are only a prayer and a whisper away from Gods great grace and mercy. We are all loved. We just have to accept that. God wants us to be in his presence. He wants to give us that joy and healing and love. We just have to ask and we shall receive. The problem is that we convince ourselves we are not worthy of God's love. Whether it be because of the mistakes we have made in the past or the things we convince ourselves about God and his nature that pull us farther away from God. We get so caught up on thinking we have to be perfect that we can also draw away when we feel we have fallen or sinned before God and we want to hide ourselves from God and from our shame. Ultimately God wants to give us that love and that healing and joy. He loves all of his children. Once you accept that in your heart and you begin to accept God's love in your life you will begin to see and to understand things a lot differently and you will understand just how beautiful and truly unique you are in his eyes. We are all beautiful creations. We all have our own places in the sun. We all come from the same loving source.
Jul 2013 · 775
Revelation #13
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
There are angels all around us. We are surrounded by Gods healing love. Angels are everywhere and they are waiting to heed the call of the father to show his live and mercy. We can all be angels in our own ways and we can all reflect Gods love and light. We can be those beacons of hope for those that are caught in the storm just one day too long and offering that healing light to whoever might need it the most. We all have the ability to be angels but there are angels everywhere in heaven and earth shining Gods healing love to the hearts of his children.
Jul 2013 · 563
Revelation #12
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
Our Mother is a site to behold. A beautiful blue pearl shining in the vastness of space. She is filled with life as she gives forth from her bounty and riches to all of the creatures and the creations on the Earth, The tree of life is written in everyone of her creations. We all came from the same motherly source. We all carry that life giving flame inside of us. It is written in our DNA and in our hearts. We can not deny our Mother. She is too important to waste. We must protect her at all costs to ensure our own survival. We have to listen to the cries of our Mother and heed her call. She is always there with open arms to share her motherly love to all who show her a little love back but she still loves all of her creations just the same.
Jul 2013 · 686
Revelation #11
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
God is the creator of all things. He is the creator of the universe and everything within. We are all created by God, We all have his healing power and glory in our hearts. God manifests himself through the holy ghost and Jesus Christ and the angels as God spreads his healing love and truth to the children of men who are willing to call his and to spread his works and mighty glory to all who are willing to listen.
Jul 2013 · 667
Revelation # 10
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
Behold the father and the king of all the earth and the king of heaven shall very soon shine forth among all of his children of men. We are all shining examples of God's love. God shines his love and grace and mercy on all of his children. We are all mirror images and reflections of God's great love and light. I know that we are here on earth to learn and to grow and to experience what it means to live. We have many trials and tribulations and a lot of us lose our way in life and get lost in the world. It can be easy to allow the world and darkness to consume us and to give into fear and pain and darkness but ultimately God shines his love on all of his children and he is continuing healing and guiding as we move forward in life. When we accept God and we call his name in prayer and begin to increase our love that we have inside all other things begin to melt away as you begin to take in and expand God's great purifying spirit you begin to understand we are all one and you begin to see and feel the universal picture in front of your face as you begin to react out of kindness for other people begin to see and to recognize that inner light and you can help guide others home as God shines his healing light from your heart.
Jul 2013 · 691
9th Revelation
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
Abundance overflowing is our father's for his children. We all have a piece of God in our hearts and souls as we return to the earth to rest our final slumber our father is always with us as we return back to him and return back to his universal love and healing and joy comes from God as he uses his angels to impart his loving kindness with overabundance to all of his children that call his name.
Jul 2013 · 507
8th Revelation
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
Complete and whole we are all complete and whole. We are all born with everything we evert need as we move forward in life. Learning to navigate life as we continue to add to ourself as we go along. Sometimes these things we add will only weigh us down as we try to make it through another day and there are somethings we lose along the way but ultimately we are all complete and perfect in God's eyes. He truly sees our potential and he loves to remind us of how beautiful, whole, and complete. We all really are in our own way.
Jul 2013 · 548
7th Revelation
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
I am the sky and the moon and everything in between. I am the great creator. I am the spirit inside your soul. I am in you. We are altogether one in me. More parts making up one whole. Even part of I and we have worth. Nothing works without the one but nothing works without us and we and everything in between. Even we are separate we are one. Many separate yet unique parts making up the whole.
Jul 2013 · 737
6th Revelation
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
People want to be free. We all long for that freedom of our souls,minds, and bodies. As we strive in this world. Even though we might think we are free we are captive in a strange land and that we are struggling desperately to get out of. In this struggle to be free we can sometimes hurt ourselves and other people around us but we are all searching and longing for freedom. Freedom from pain. Freedom from fear and hate and freedom from the isolation and separateness that can suffocate us with it's grip. Ultimately no matter what we might do to free ourselves there is only one answer and one solution. It is  God. When you have God he takes away your pain and fear and separation and replaces it with hope and healing and love that can truly help you to find what your heart has been longing for all along.
Jul 2013 · 726
5th Revelation
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
True peace and calm comes from understanding that there is nothing to fear. That is usually easier said than done. We are conditioned to fear certain things or even certain people. We live with uncertainty and fear all around. The world is a dangerous place as we are told and taught at a young age. We are taught we should fear certain people. We must fear certain things. We must be afraid of what we don't know and everything in between. When we react out of fear is when we can get ourselves into trouble the most. When we cease to fear and we replace fear with love it can open you up to a whole new view you could never see before.
Jul 2013 · 494
4th Revelation
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
I feel God's love and energy and presence in my heart. I know that whenever I call his name in prayer or when I am reading his word I can feel his purifying spirit in me as I share it with others. God's love purifies everything and everybody that calls his name. Darkness can not live where there is light. Even when I fall God still bestows his healing grace upon me when I return to call out his name in prayer and for others as well> I do not believe that God withdraws from his children so easily. Even when we fall or stumble we are only ever a step away from God's grace and healing guidance. If we turn our faces and our hearts toward the light God will always find a way to light the way.
Jul 2013 · 490
3rd Revelation
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
There is a new love on the horizon. God's love and angels and his healing truth and spirit is closer than ever. Even though there might be some people that in the dark the people of the light know and feel the time is at hand. The veil has been lifted and God's great love and truth has been poured out for all those who see and feel him as a testament of God's great love and mercy as he washes us with his power and grace.
Jul 2013 · 450
2nd Revelation
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
People are like stories or books. We all have our own histories and lessons that we take with us as we continue to live and build our stories as we go along in life. We carry our stories  with us as we move along in life we return to those old stories that have made us here today as we continue to write our own stories along the way. We tend to think we are the authors of own stories and in some ways we do but ultimately God is the author and creator of our lives and of everything and when we begin to see it for ourselves we start to see the author's and creator's hands not only in our own life but others as well.
Jul 2013 · 442
1st Revelation
Ahmad Cox Jul 2013
Therefore he sent his angels to converse with them who caused men to behold of his glory. We must be willing to give up our old selves and old ways in order to truly progress. If we continue to let our past ways rule us we can never move forward completely with God. If we truly forsake our past selves we will be born again and made new unto the likeness of God as we move forward with kindness to everyone around us. Seeing God in every single one of Gods creations as we move forward with a new type of love and faith.
Jun 2013 · 1.0k
Ahmad Cox Jun 2013
We are all
Into the future
Into a new dawn
And a new day
Time is moving
Ever quicker and
Swifter towards
Its destination
That we are all
On the brink of
Time as time is
Expanding and
Moving ever
Quicker with
The flow of time
As we move alone
Getting closer to
Love and moving
Farther from fear
As our hearts combine
As one as we move
Ever quicker to
The point where
We can be one
Returning to the
One love and the
One source as we
Run farther from fear
And separation and
Move closer to love
And unity as our hearts
Move ever quicker with
The beat of time which
Is accelerating us into
The future and to a new
Day of thinking that we
Have known all along
Jun 2013 · 968
Raise Hope
Ahmad Cox Jun 2013
It can be easy to lose hope
Sometimes in life when
Things get there heaviest
It can weigh you down
And you begin to lose
Hope inside of your
Heart but if you allow
Yourself to raise your
Hope and raising your
Faith and allowing yourself
To soar and raise above any
Challenges that might come
Your way I think you will
Find that after a while
When life gets tough
If you can raise
A little hope
You will
Be better
Jun 2013 · 869
God Heals
Ahmad Cox Jun 2013
God heals
God is love
God heals
Hearts and
Minds and
Souls with
His love


Even if
We might
Not see
God is always
There waiting
And watching
And shining his
Love wherever he
Goes spreading
That life giving
Universal love
And energy
That he
Jun 2013 · 800
Ahmad Cox Jun 2013
History can be a mystery
It can be what defines us
Or it can be what we try
To hide when we look at
Our lives and we realize
Our history makes up a
Little more of us than we
Would like to pretend but
Ultimately you have to
Accept your history so
It wont be a mystery and
You can move forward
With clarity in your
Life and understanding
That your journey is
Not as confusing or
As complicated as
We make it out
Jun 2013 · 482
The Flow of Life
Ahmad Cox Jun 2013
The Flow of life
Is written in our

Souls as we allow
Ourselves to give
In to the flow of

Life as our hearts
Expand ever outward
Flowing in love and
In that healing

Glow and presence
That comes from
Listening to the

Flow as you
Get closer

To life
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