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  Feb 2016 Aaron Conway
Dawn King
It’s somewhere in the astral plane
The dwellers there don’t call it by name
The basin is dusty, desolate
Within it a carnival
Where many congregate
Light is dimming when I arrive
I feel an approach
Turn to look, as you appear
I’ve known you
From an earlier time
Yet never seen you
In this life
You’ve arrived there
To bind into my eyes
And take soul prints
Never breaking my stare
May the Darkness embrace me
*May the Light engulf me
  Feb 2016 Aaron Conway
MS Lim
Time doesn't exist
but for mankind's presence
it's amoral, heartless and nonchalant
though it doesn't utter a single sentence.

Wielding a whip over everyone's head
like a cattle-drover
none would it leave alone
it's a bully and a dictator.

The day is bleeding
men and women are in frenzy
work must be done--deals must go through-
everyone needs the money

too eager to push a competitor down
it's survival of the fittest
it's a jungle out there
pity the weakest.

Many would be the day's losers
hopes will be dashed,  tears will flow
hearts will be broken,  promises unfulfilled
that's the way the world does go.

This is the bleeding of day
and a heavy toll it has taken on so many
the evening and night offer little rest or comfort
while time is watching without the slightest sympathy.
  Feb 2016 Aaron Conway
m i a
is like having your lips sewn together, your voice is trapped in a prison and its sad you see, because you yourself hold the key.

its like having your feet glued to the ground in big crowds, and you feel like everyone's constantly staring you down.

its like feeling so alone in this world, especially when you're just a little girl, and all you want to do is be free and twirl.

its like being a bird, but you have clipped wings and you can't sing.
this is anxiety to me//
Aaron Conway Feb 2016
Say again...
     so, that i can hear you.
          What were those pale eyes,
               they wispered to me
               wanton flirtations and sensitive appeal.
     its handsome passion,
          the strength,
               slight movements,
     of constant arousal.
          Reassure any desire.
  Feb 2016 Aaron Conway
Dawn King
fearless flame
dance entrance me
jump on the bullet train
fairy dust torrid
gutsy love
whirl around me
telepathic, high speed
multiplied by multiples
from underground, all over town
punch drunk carpet ride
organized, cartel sized
cat got your tongue
caramelized, cinnamon slide
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