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 Jun 29 Pilar Orozco
and she looked at me
like there was something worthy to look at
and finally
i knew what love is supposed to feel like
 Jun 29 Pilar Orozco
Silently i
Understand how
Incapable i am of
Controlling things unless
I can control my own
Everything is falling apart
 Jun 29 Pilar Orozco
i don't want to be in love
but you are so perfect
 Jun 29 Pilar Orozco
at night
my heart aches
from my devastated feelings
 May 14 Pilar Orozco
every word you say to me
adds to my alphabet soup

i crave for your consonants
i've grown gluttonous for your vowels
and the creamy soup glides with your voice

when people ask me what i would like
i feel as if it will always be alphabet soup :)
Since she walked away I haven’t known what to do,
With all of my colors that have turned gray–I’ve been left to only feel this color of blue,
As there’s not a shade in this world that could ever replace her hues,
My sight and mind has been left in a haze–and left ever so confused,
With my eyes that stay closed–for I’ve been blinded by the truth,
Wherein the only thing my eyes want to see–will no longer be in my view,
So go ahead and paint my world however you wish and want to,
As you can paint my whole world with the most vibrant and amazing hues,
But until the day that she returns–all my eyes will see is gray and blue

— The End —