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astrid Apr 2021
my tears flow down like lava
burning my skin
and leaving crinkling chars
astrid Oct 2020
“why would you speak to me that way?
especially when i always said that i
haven’t got the words for you
all your diction
dripping with disdain”
- oxford comma by vampire weekend
astrid Sep 2020
the more i come to terms
that you aren’t coming back
the more my heart breaks
astrid Sep 2020
sometimes i am what i hate about other people
astrid Sep 2020
i lay here wishing there was somewhere we could go together
to escape the expectations of the world
astrid Aug 2020
in my head we live in our own world

a world where everything smells of vanilla
and the grass tickles our legs

a world you look lovely and you know it
with you dancing around with a smile
in clothes you’ve only ever dreamed of
and daisies tucked in your hair

a world where the sun is forever at sunset
and we’re the only people there
and the buildings tower over us
all of them made of gorgeous stone and thin glass

a world where a smile never seems to leave your face
all because it was made for you
and you live in my mind rent free
and you never seems to slip out of it
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