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Yatma Faye Oct 2018
If only you weren't destined to being with me
Then your life wouldn't turn like this I am sorry
That I couldn't fulfill, both your dreams and wishes
Sorry that I betrayed both you and your eyes
I didn't show you what you always wanted to see
Cause you had a heartless partner baby you were lonely
I never worry about  you and didn't care about your love
All I wonder is how can you forgive me all above
I'm sorry for the loneliness, misery and the sorrow
Helplessly I didn't find a heart that I could borrow
You asked  a lot of questions, but only needed one answer
It hurts when I realized that all the time  I was a player
Never thought I would denied to say the three words you wanted to hear
All of that lied to the fact that you were with a heartless partner
you got mad, and  you wished I wasn't exist cause you hated me
Then I  laughed, because your love once got you cry over me
Remember when we met how good my mouth was running?
Every good words I knew I told you just to keep you smiling
All you did was caring, loving, and crying
All I did was playing, hurting, and ignoring
I know I hurt you but I'm sorry for all of that
I am sorry that I didn't do everything I swore to God
Knowing that I was lying, loyalty didn't have any importance
Until now I apology with this nonsense repentance
I never knew how to care cause I thought it was irrelevant
For the first time in my life I realized that I was ignorant
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Yatma Faye Oct 2018
Ô Afrique
Je suis fière mais en même temps j’ai honte
Fière parce que chaque fois qu’il y’a un Blaise,
il y’a aussi un Sankara à côté, prêt pour se sacrifier sa vie pour ton bonheur.
J’ai honte parce que chaque fois qu’il y’a un Sankara, il y’a aussi un Blaise derrière et qui n’insiste jamais de lui prendre la vie.
Ô Afrique
L'assassinat de tes leaders au pouvoir c’est manque de conscience de tes propres fils.
Ce derniers deviennent même tes propre ennemis
À chaque fois que l’un de tes fils lève son arme c’est pour contre l’un de ses frères ou sœurs.
Mais quand ils ont un peu de diamants ou de l’ors, ils jettent leur pirogues dans l’Océan Atlantique vers l’Occident.
  Ô Afrique
Ils te tournent le dos en pleine nuit, avec des tonnerres de méchancetés sans même avoir
pitié du pluie de tes  larmes.
C’est à cause de ce genre d’universalistes que
tu es dans la merde mon Afrique
Parce que chaque fois qu’une puissance étrangère vient piller, ils se lèvent contre leurs propres frères et sœurs en disant
« Les blancs sont des bons sans eux on n’a rien et tuent leurs propres frères et sœurs parfois juste pour un visa et une photo sur les champs Elysée »
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Yatma Faye Oct 2018
With lights the world is so bright that you won't be able to see your dark sides.
Without it, the world is so dark that you won't be able to see your worth.
Consider it ( light) a woman then you would respect her as she makes you shine.
You mouth-breather wouldn't be here if it wasn't her desire.
A woman's worth cannot be measured neither can it be bought by any mean.
Her dignity hides in her eyes and
You take it away whenever you make her cry.
She might not say it but at the very first sight she was aware of your cowardice.
Don’t you take her as a fool because her love is always stronger than herself.
You’re the fool by thinking that she’s not aware that you just admire her beauty.
You think she has no dream but you’re wrong because your happiness is.
When she leaves you and never return that was the last option before she died
She offered you *** so that you would love her while you love her to have *** isn't that right?
It takes years being a man but a lifetime being a woman !
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Yatma Faye Oct 2018
The little kid wished to achieve something in his life, so he went to a trip in a foreign place but recklessly took the inexhaustible route.
There he got lost in an irretrievable direction.
Near a well full of salty water he sat, there he began to eat his mango.
Two hours after the fruit was gone, the poor child became hungry again.
He sowed the seed over the earth hoping to grow a mango tree.
He emptied the well just for watering his fruit plant.
Several years in the same forest Mr. Lorne was thirsty and loner.
Since he evacuated all the water, he wanted to give up his life because he thought he was a loser.
Yet, under the trunk of his mango tree he sat down speechless.
There, he realized what an awesome company he had and an unexpected achievement!
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Yatma Faye Oct 2018
Deep inside of me I have a feeling
So strong and gloomy unintentionally hided since a long time

Deep inside of me I have myriad of words
words of love, words of hatred, Words of an innocent convicted for loving

Deep inside of me I have been searching
a life-lasting partnership which I never found

Deep inside of me Love means misery and
Happiness is very scarce, yet hope keeps me alive

Deep inside of me I dream to be searched as I search, to be found as I find and to be loved as I love

Deep inside of me, Deep inside of me Deep inside of me
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Yatma Faye Oct 2018
I was born during  a great depression.
Yea I was planted for a specific reason.
They watered me because I’m their treasure.
It is obvious that my fruit is their pleasure.
They stopped watering me, but the lord threw his rain on me.
They tried to cut me but I never stayed on the ground.
I grew up and became taller than those who cut me down.
They neglected me because I did not have  any advantage.
The few moments I was down, there were few repentance.
I am just a Tree but speaking is my only difference from you.
I live, grow, then die just like you do.
So why distinguishing me from you?
Are you just ignorant of my necessities?
When you are alone,
come close to me and I will let you sit under my trunk.
My leaves will be your companions.
When it is hot,
I will protect you from the heat of the sun.
Indeed, respect me and I won’t expect anything else from you .
If you read and understand then our friendship is up to you!
My name is Yatma, I am here today to tell you guys how I can see myself through a "Tree”.

As a person who frequents the borders and fault-lines of disparate social groups without ever actually being a part of them, my intentions are often misconstrued and accusations of hypocrisy are not unheard of.
I like to believe  however that I carry the same message within me at all times. And while it may be inscribed in mutually unintelligible languages, the import is very much the same. Also, I rarely move anywhere outside of my own comfort zone as far as people are so concerned and so socially speaking, I am a Tree and I don’t shout out the message. Sufficiently interested? You’re welcome to read me.

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— The End —