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Darkness approaches darkness
Clinging to lots of clumsiness
Light dissolves in light
Shining so bright
Trees offer shades
When the scorching sun invades
River meets river with gled
Mingles with the ocean and the sea
Darkness is certain
Light is certain
River is certain
Trees are certain
Uma natarajan Mar 11
We are not here merely to play
And act just funny and ***
Or just to dream
Or merely to scream
Or to drift apart
Our life has more preoccupations in its chart
To prevent this world from evil
Merely not blaming the devil
We have to stand up
Fight for the right
Making others alert and cheering them up
In the wrong matters to question
Not to faint but to correct with assertion
Through the walls of hut
Thrill of joy keeps my mouth shut
My huts muddy structure makes me rest
It's earthly smell arrests
Travails of age create as if bring old era
I recognize the hurricane lamp
Lighting up my earth in this new era
Standing with mute lips my lamb tumbles
Eats grass and rumbles
Time flows
With heavy blows
Through literary veins
Word tries to gain
Lots of expression
With sharpness it is born
Amidst the emotion's thorn
Try to bloom
Taking shape groom
Erasing hurdles come out
Appear and sprout
New words generate
Along with time *******
Come into life and vibrate
Rain comes alive
With muddy patch to survive
It connects me to its tune
And my senses become immune
It sways
Goes out of ways
Rustles and roars
Wets land surface but never bores
Falls in torments
Making the sprouts ferment
Every time I use the three little words
I do not come forward
Because It means much more
Your existence that I adore
Cherishing the time spent together
Trying to explore your feelings
That keeps on my brain revealing
Reminding whether you too feel the same
Keeping me in guess, lips utter your name
Even your ****** acts attracts
And my emotions gets distract
Uma natarajan Jan 25
Traveling in the brook gladdened Meadows ahead
Watching mountains of wearisome heights raising the head
Passing on the roads in the afternoons
Stretching away to the night of moons
A travelers rejoice in mind
Non stop moving of its own kind
Memories of past appear and rewind
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