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Uma natarajan May 13
Committing the sin of falling in love again
Questions me my earlier perfidious step 's pain
The heavy metallic expression pointing out my folly
Banishes my current realm of love appearing jolly
Often at midnight at my door, still my old love tries to knock
Addressing as cheat  and dither it mocks
I feel at the verge of my present world collapse
I wet my pillow several times with tears that prolapse
Uma natarajan Apr 22
The blue sky covered with Ash grey clouds
Birds making their escape with shroud
Perhaps the sky soars for freedom
As the thunder creates havoc from boredom
Flawless geometrical patterns of raindrops fall
Smiles and whispers in the faces enthrall
Heaven and earth just touch some pathos
Washed plants as if contemplate to cross
Men and women without umbrella cover their heads
Cling​​ to the shade's surface available as ants spread
The place is unfinished scaffolded building
Uneasy combination of concrete and human yielding
Classes varied just jumble up creating confusions
But all reflect tremendous harmony of fusion
Uma natarajan Apr 21
Garden like heaven spread with full of roses
Laden with various hues and poses
Sudden bovine yell of herds of sheeps entered
Hastening the exists of their sullen heap centred
A circular arena of jasmine flowers fixed
Bleating of sheep still perusing mixed
All getting collected under the tin shed
Searching for renunciatotry shade
Innocent rose petals sanguinely shake
Nature 's splendour is still awake
Ignorant eyes try to decipher scenes
When rainbow scatters at the sky serene
Ideological evening elevates the mind
Uma natarajan Apr 19
Between the wide blue sky and my eyes stars just twinkle
Sitting on the sandy beach pebbles attract with their sprinkle
In the gallery of seagulls I bend my head with the question mark
Confronting problematic perceptions Lingering in my life dark
I Silently gaze over waves for getting solutions
But they rise and fall bringing revolutions
Sea water as if guesses my perfidies
Stares at me intoxicated with exuberance specified
My committed sins and follies
My World full of arrogance collapses and pasidiifies
I am banished from the realm of love
Failures of life stands all above
Uma natarajan Apr 17
Sitting on a folding chair at the top of mound of a small hill
Getting somewhat sinked with the cool breeze rather chill
Staring out at the blue delight of the sea shore
Human habitations appearing in miniature to score
Surrounding hutments, houses, factories and the ancient fort
The minarets of red mosque and high court
All buildings rising to meet the crimson sky
Sky as usual stable with  some clouds here and there to weigh
Sheltering and embracing kites at their free fly
Between the sky and my tired eyes
There is complete wide gap and Perturbing sigh
Uma natarajan Apr 10
Often the paintings keep expressing in unexpected ways
Freeing their internal spirit and the weight of subjects spreading their rays
They come alive with simple joy, touch and taste
Muddy smell of earth fills in their nostrils chaste
The painting of spring bloom of palash
Spreads its fragrance all around and abash
The paintings of the blue sea
Tastes salty and the waves dance in glee
Paintings of huts with Cowdung mopped floor
Straw and hey roof and vessels earthenware
Appear sophisticated and fair
All the painting S's consciousness seems collective
Classical theme of rare subject is objective
Painting canvas is loaded with variety of motifs
Birds, animals, nature all appear natural not stiff
To determine artist's imagery remains a puzzle tough
The magnificent glowing dot applied on forehead
Appearing majestic between the brows round and spread
It invokes readily the conscience of the on looker
Like a head  lamp red in color
Saves everyone from stumbling
Now a days it just adopts any form for fixing
A reflection that  of an enchanting pendant
Gushes through one's vision
Attracts with its dimension
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