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Uma natarajan Oct 2021
In the tumultuous of day today life
Often out life gets eclipsed by our constant strife
We elaborate our pains even when they are brief
Our mental agony makes us get submerged in grief
Many critical situations arise with turbulence
And the horrendous instances paralyze our life's essence
Tears rush with fear making  moist the cores of our eyes
We eliminate most important activities by bidding them goodbye
But getting involved in fruitful hobbies, one can come out from this state of mind
Uma natarajan Oct 2021
A sparrow perching on the leaved bough in a flash of seconds flew
Traversed all around with chirping mood blue
It was not at all hurt by sorrow or glee
It just collected twigs and wastes, flying free
It was neither engrossed in any strife
It did not bother about the survival of life
It twittered and glittered and picked the grains scattered
Uma natarajan Oct 2021
Operating fast on weekends ,floating upon the big lake,the tourists boarding and sailing  on cruise
The snacks offered and the ambience provided with ease
Children beaming with fun and happiness
Guitarist playing melody ,listening audience in cheering mood 's fitness
Vibrant display of entertainment and refreshment rejoiced the passengers
Jovial seniors, juniors and the entire travellers
The scenic view of small hills covered with greenery
And the cranes in the company of ducks floating forming a queue in refinery
Uma natarajan Jul 2021
When I take a leisurely walk usually at night
Surrounded by illuminated path that fills my heart in delight
Every where it appears as if bathed in ivory moonlight
Cool breeze whispers, brushing my thoughts and its scintillating touch elevates
The fragrance of 'queen of night' flowers enraptures and alineates
Stupendous sound of flowing stream at the back of my house astonishes
I feel so blessed at the splendour of my shelter
Which entices to feel its warmth and my energetic spirit never alters
Uma natarajan Jun 2021
Getting myself drenched in the night's darkness
Watching the owl's mystic eyes shining like silvery brightness
My ideas envision the hues of black side of life's calmness
An intense passion arises at this hours of total eclipse
And the screeching and fluttering of the nocturnal bats in flocks enthuse
Unexplainable thrill
And my deserted den is echoed with glee and merriment with the noise shrill
My brain resonates innumerable queries, as it is full of grey shades, preferring negative perceptions
Which never await for a glorious sunshine
Uma natarajan Jun 2021
The gentle monsoon breeze carrying fragrance of earth and the rustling of the plants
Blow away my my mind's dust and moist the brain with their chants
Even then the stubborn heart steals few moments to persuade and follow the music of poised waves
That just raises and falls of the river flowing behind my house and it drives
My heart desires to stamp my feet on the wet miry sands
The crimson firmament of twilight spreading its orchestral band
Just enthuse sanguinity of joy creeping like the rays of sun rise
And my imaginations gallop floating around the peninsula of mind
Uma natarajan Jun 2021
I have quite often come across mellow autumn
Witnessing the pink, Violet, red, yellow and so many blossoms in their withered columns
Awaiting for the splendid bonanza of happiness at the beginning of the spring season
Watching the larks flying tirelessly in the sky distract my attention
My unlimited expectations keep multiplying along with the change of seasonally brought sceneries
My reflections of life just take a leap like ripples and pause for a break of reveries
Weaving dreams along with the changes of weather and the environment
Sunny days just long for snowy winter 's
cool, chill excitement
Spelled by the charm of rainy showers,
my loads of emotions find the suitable imaginations
And they get radiated by the azure bowers of droplets' s transcended elevation
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