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Apr 2020 · 169
XIII Apr 2020
considered by many.

as many said.

Considered as bad luck,
like a black cat.

The thirteenth,
it is feared.

Only a handful can see
the divinity underneath..

such as hers;
her eyes differs
in what it sees

I think it can see rainbows
in a monochrome facade,
an angel
from a fallen devil,
a poet
in a psychotic patient,
the positive
in a double negative,
a person deserving of love,
although it hated its own blood.

It's a complete wonder; a mystery.

But as the Italians say,
"fare tredici":
hit the jackpot
with the numero trece,

More than what she can see—
that is what she is to me.
Apr 2020 · 139
The Audacity...
XIII Apr 2020
..of you to shout!
when you have not heard
one tiny cry
of a whistle or a whisper

..of you to scream!
when you have not listened
to the begging,
to the pleading

..of you to demand!
when you have not given any
out of your heart
though you had many

..of you to blame!
when you're at fault too
putting others to shame
you aren't always true

..of you to betray!
my trust
when I thought you're with me come what may
you pounded it into dust

..of you to act!
as if nothing happened
apologies is all I ask
how is this heart ever gonna mend?

but then again..

..of me!
to forgive
and suffer silently
over an unsaid sorry
Apr 2020 · 301
XIII Apr 2020
slouch on the couch
idly waste the time
tomorrow will always arrive

because there is just
an insatiable thirst
lock the door first

all of us would agree
that food is sacred
no one's satisfied until fed

take an anger bath
soak in its vengeance
until the last dance

it is your guide
to stand on the mountain high
stepping unto others 'til they die

because you don't wanna see
what you do not possess
take it; claim it; in every possible ways

giving is not your deed
why, if you can horde
you'll be the master—the lord

because everyone is guilty
of the seven sins so deadly
you can deny it, but then quietly
your guilt eats you, painful and slowly
Apr 2020 · 141
A Bittersweet Paradox
XIII Apr 2020
You get sleepy;
You drink coffee;
You get sleepy because you drink coffee.
And it goes on for an eternity.
Apr 2020 · 111
XIII Apr 2020
I have no time to write poems.
Because all my time is spent
actually loving you instead.
Us time.
Nov 2019 · 171
XIII Nov 2019
Let me introduce to you, HP,
My MUse
The one who've seen my unspoken truth

She was my shot to the blue moon that hit
The pig that grew wings and flew
My albino crow
That one moon who heard the wolf's howl

She's my warmth even when hell froze over
The dragons of Cressida Cowell
The celebration day of Saint Never's
The rising sun in the West

My rainbow unicorn
Even the salt lightens and glows
The rain of leaves from the oak
The donkey on top of a blossoming flagpole

Hers is the bite marks of hen
On my hairy palm
The wind caught on my net
The calves dancing on ice

You can hear the cow cough
And see the snake smoke
The crawfish' whistle from up the mountain echoes
While the long-haired frog croaked

She's my improbable
My impossible
My fantasy
Now a reality

So let me introduce to you
The reason why my fingers are poet-blocked no more
The proof that broken hearts can still start anew
Beat again, and open a new door
Nov 2019 · 162
Have a good good night
XIII Nov 2019
I want you to sleep well tonight
And every other night
Every night

I'd lie awake
Even with my sleepyhead
There's nothing a hug can't mend

I'll wait for you to sleep first
Until your snore is heard
The blanket is all yours

Because I want you to know
That you're not alone
I'm with you, now and on nights to come along
Nov 2019 · 222
Storm Signal #4
XIII Nov 2019
It is raining sighs.
© Cepheus June 6, 2019
Nov 2019 · 130
Chemical Reaction
XIII Nov 2019
I truly hope that this love
won't turn into hatred
in the end
because I am honestly tired
of this formula.
© Cepheus June 6, 2019
Nov 2019 · 115
Monochrome Sunset
XIII Nov 2019
Sometimes the brightest sun
That shows gleeful colors at its best
Can be covered with clouds
Gray and ugly like a beast

But even so, even so you're like the gray sunset
If it means anything, just a little thing
I still find you beautiful
Whether monochrome or colorful
© Cepheus June 5, 2019
Nov 2019 · 106
Hello Karma My Old Friend
XIII Nov 2019
It stood on my doorway
I sighed
They said it will caught on me someday

Guess I haven't been keeping my tabs
I still have unpaid bills to pay
That broken trust
On that unfortunate day

It came like a mirror
Perfectly synchronized
Just like how it happened before
It swiftly unraveled before my eyes

What I did to a friend
Unintentional, yes
Was done to me too, by a friend to whom I've fallen
Unintentional too, and it's a mess

I was the perpetrator
Now I am the victim
I guess this is how life goes
And I deserve it

And though this is the case now
The stubborn that I am hasn't given up
Still holding on to a questionable love
How long, I wonder, can I keep this up?

Is it hopeless to believe in this fictional vow?
In this one thought, an idea
That maybe you're my karma now
But perhaps tomorrow you'll be my good karma
© Cepheus June 5, 2019
Nov 2019 · 111
Anxieties do come true.
XIII Nov 2019
Nothing is more painful than the realization of your anxiety.
© Cepheus June 5, 2019
Nov 2019 · 164
XIII Nov 2019
Ako yung pending
Na nalimutan **** asikasuhin
Sa dami ng iyong gagawin
At dalahin
Nawala sa iyong isip
Dahil na din siguro ika'y makakalimutin
At ang iyong isip ay lumilipad sa hangin
At sa sakit
Na di mo pa kayang burahin

Pero ako yung pending
Na nandito pa din
Na mananatili
Sa iyong tabi
Parang aninong
Bubuntot buntot
Na 'di ka hahayaang mag-isa
Sa dilim man ay iyong kasama
Paglingon mo, ako ay tatawa
Makaguhit man lang kahit papaano ng ngiti sa iyong mukha

Kahit na ako yung pending
Na di ko alam kung kailan mo balak gawin
Kung gagawin nga ba o buburahin
Na nakatawa man ay may kirot pa din
Na tumatagas pag ikaw ay 'di nakatingin
Hahaha heto na naman akong martir
Pero ayos lang hihintayin kitang gumaling
Mananatili hanggat hindi papaalisin
Sarili mo muna ang iyong mahalin
At saka na ako isipin
© Cepheus June 5, 2019
Nov 2019 · 282
Monologo sa Palubog na Araw
XIII Nov 2019
Tinanong ako ng palubog na araw,
"Bakit narito kang muli?
Sa sampung beses mo akong dinalaw,
isa lamang doon ang may dala kang ngiti."

Natawa ako sa katotohanan
Oo nga, hindi ko maikakaila
"Ika'y aking tinititigan,
kaya lamang mukhang may luha ang aking mga mata."

Tila nanginig ito sa halakhak
Alam n'ya ang kasinungalingan
Na kinumpirma ng isang patak,
dalawa, tatlo... hanggang 'di na mapigilan

Binigyan n'ya ako ng maraming kulay bilang sagot
Pilit pinapakita ang ganda sa kabila ng lungkot
Ngunit ang tanging nakikita ay ang lungkot sa likod ng ganda
Ganoon nga siguro talaga kapag nasasaktan ka

Lumisan ako nung lumubog na s'ya
Ngunit iniwan n'ya ang kasiguraduhan
Na naroon lamang s'ya
Upang aking balikan

Umaasang sa aking muling pagbabalik
Ang isa sa sampung beses ay maging dalawa
At madagdagan pang hitik
"Oh haring araw, nawa'y magdilang anghel ka."
© Cepheus June 4, 2019
Nov 2019 · 104
XIII Nov 2019
I'll hold you
Even though it means piercing me through
my body, mind, heart
and soul too
For you Hedgehog, I'll do
© Cepheus June 4, 2019
Nov 2019 · 119
XIII Nov 2019
Every time you loosen our entwined hands,
I tried to hold onto the warmth

Every time I think I’ll be able to meet you,
My heart dyes with a beautiful shade.
Even the common things turn into memories when we’re together

Even your voice, even those fragile shoulders,
Even your eyes are not mine,
No matter how much I am by your side,
My feelings won’t come true unless I destroy your future,
One moment’s dream; I love you to the extent that it hurts,
But tonight is ending

I walk the shimmering streets,
Trying to cover the times we can’t meet,
Your playful smile, after our hands had met for the first time,
Keeps reviving in my memories

I want to embrace you; I want to embrace you tightly,
Yet you are not mine; my broken heart now,
Wants to embrace you, but I cannot,
I want you to the degree that it’s overflowing, that it’s melting,
Without even being able to stop the FX and make a promise
You wave your hands

Even your voice, even those fragile shoulders,
Even your eyes are not mine,
No matter how much I am by your side,
My feelings won’t come true unless I destroy your future,
One moment’s dream; I love you to the extent that it hurts,
But tonight is ending
"© TAXI by TOHOSHINKI Lyrics Translation;
© Cepheus February 26, 2019
Nov 2019 · 738
Kuya Wil
XIII Nov 2019
Ang swerte mo
Inggit ako sa'yo
Parang na sa'yo na ang buong mundo
Pero hindi dahil sa pera o sa yate mo

Kasi na sa'yo siya

Pansin mo ba ang kinang sa kanyang mata?
Tuwing siya ay ngumingiti
Kung pa'no pumoporma ang mukha n'ya 'pag tumatawa?
O ang lambot ng kanyang buhok 'pag ito'y kanyang hinahawi?

Kung pa'no s'ya maglakad, tumayo o umupo?
'Pag seryoso na s'ya sa trabaho?
Ang ekspresyon n'ya 'pag sya'y nagki-kwento?
Pati paraan ng kanyang pag-ubo?

Eh yung kapag medyo tinamaan na s'ya ng alak?
Na parang ang sampung bote'y 'di pa sapat
Kulang pa nga ang pulutan
'Pag tutumba na s'ya'y mapapatakbo ka para alalayan

Ang ganda n'ya 'diba?

Kung tutuusin nga 'di na n'ya kailangan ng kolorete pa
Yung itsurang pagod n'ya kakaiba
Para ka na lang mapapatulala
Habang nakanganga

Lalo na 'pag naiinis na s'ya sa'yo
'Pag napipikon na s'ya kakaasar mo
Pero nakakatuwa kahit puno ka na ng palo
Kahit pa s'ya lagi ang dapat panalo

'Pag naglalambing s'ya
Kahit gusto mo pa magalit, wala
Mapapangiti ka na lang at hala
Galit mo'y naglaho na

Yung mata din n'yang namamaga
Kasi kakaiyak lang n'ya
O kakagising lang kasi
Iba pa rin eh

Kasi nakikita n'ya yung akala mo walang makakakita
'Pag nagtatampo ka na pero ayaw mo ipahalata
Yung gula-gulanit **** kalupi pinalitan pa n'ya
May iniwan pang sulat nung nawala ka

Nung nagkasakit ka, s'ya'ng nag-alaga
Alam n'ya kung pa'no ka pangitiin hanggang sa ika'y tumawa
Para nga'ng pati mga iniisip mo, alam na n'ya
Pati siguro yung katotohanang nahuhulog ka na

'Diba ang swerte mo?

'Yun lang kasi pwede kong iuwi
Para sa aking sarili
Kasi nga sa'yo s'ya
Do'n wala akong magagawa

'Di ko nakikita kung pa'no n'ya isiping mahal ka n'ya
Na ayaw ka n'yang mawala
Na ikaw na yung naiisip n'ya na habangbuhay makasama
Yung kinabukasan n'yong kayong dalawa

Kaya swerte ka Kuya Wil
Na sa'yo kasi ang 'di mapapasa'kin
Kaya ingatan mo s'ya't mahalin
Dahil kung hindi, baka sya'y aking dagitin
© Cepheus February 26, 2019
Nov 2019 · 122
XIII Nov 2019
It will always be a possible "no"
unless you ask.
But it will never be a certain "no"
if you don't ask.
© Cepheus February 26, 2019
Nov 2019 · 115
And Aubrey was her name...
XIII Nov 2019
Allow me to stutter
B-Because this is something i really can't admit
ExEmption—that is what you are to me
GanGin' up on me like little squirrels
AsphAlt-dragging cuddly bear
InducIng pain and ecstasy
Lalala-Lullaby of nightmare and desire no one should see

It really is something
N-Nah, you really are something
InItially something from my peripheral vision
E-elEvated like a server administrator
GoonG! a golden mic when you didn't auditioned
"OooooOoooh~" cried the wolf in a human form
© Cepheus February 26, 2019
Nov 2019 · 90
Road to a Hundred
XIII Nov 2019

Shall we start counting?
To a hundred
Every step will
Leave my heart broken
Lest I become insane
Apology sweetie for I'll deem this to be just a game

"Hello = Goodbye."
© Cepheus February 15, 2019
Nov 2019 · 116
XIII Nov 2019
Lift her there and she will never go down.
© Cepheus February 15, 2019
Nov 2019 · 94
XIII Nov 2019
I am different
I don't stutter
I don't talk of trivial things
My vocabulary is darker

I am under six feet plus deep
I shout out of abyss
I am just the iceberg's tip
What you see is just a tease

Don't put me in the pedestal
I am not a saint
Nor God's nor Lucifer's
Neither in between

So if you ever play of possibilities
You can't contain this
Overwhelming miseries is where you'll end up

Because unless you learn how to write
A poet will only write of what glorifies him
Unless you learn how to fight a battle of rhymes
You'll always be the immortal killer; not the victim

Because I speak of words lost in the Tower of Babel
But you will never ever understand
'Cause yes, I am an angel
But a fallen one
© Cepheus February 15, 2019
Nov 2019 · 105
The Moon and the Wolf
XIII Nov 2019
He is now the wolf
who cannot howl to the moon.
Because he knows
the distance he cannot cross.
Just like a poet
who's already afraid of his own pen.
© Cepheus February 15, 2019
Nov 2019 · 285
XIII Nov 2019
Gaya ni Fidel,
ako'y pinaasa mo.
Pero 'di gaya ni Fidel,
'di ako gumawa ng isang daang tula para sa'yo.
Sapagkat pangalawa pa lamang ito,
at sana'y dito na ito huminto.
© Cepheus January 31, 2019
Nov 2019 · 85
XIII Nov 2019
Funny how
means goodbye also

Funny how
this is the first poem dedicated
yet it might be the last as well

Funny how
I intended it to be a hundred
but the numbers might've already ended

Funny how
you should be reading this
but you don't know of its existence

Funny how
I thought this to be another chance
but it's just another part of me gone
© Cepheus January 31, 2019
Nov 2019 · 95
Only Me And HelloPoetry
XIII Nov 2019
Only me
and HelloPoetry
should know
that I'm feeling a-feeling-that-should-not-be-named towards you.
What is said here,
will stay here.
You will never know.
You should not know.
© Cepheus November 9, 2018
Nov 2019 · 632
XIII Nov 2019
'Di ikaw ang tipo kong laro
Umayaw na kasi ako
Sinubukan ko na kasi dati
Ayon, talo lang lagi

Pero heto na naman ako
Parang tanga ang loko
'Di mapigil ang ngiti
T'wing naiisip nang ang balat mo'y dumampi

Pucha, totoo ba?
Na-SS mo nga ba?
Taena, mukhang ako'y na-stun
Ng walang kalaban-laban

Langya, GG
Hindi good game, kundi gagi
Diba humindi na tayo sa sakit?
Ano na naman 'to? Wooh bakit?

Noob na 'ko eh
Weak, walang silbi
'Pag eto sa wala na naman nauwi
Sarili ko lang pwede ko masisi

'Pag in-game
Please wag mo na ko buhatin
Aasa pa sa GM ang tanso na manok
Pa'no, marupok

Mabel, pasensya ka na
Hayaan mo, ang 2019 ay papasok na
Baka lumipas din
'Pag hindi, patay, "I have been slained."
© Cepheus November 9, 2018
XIII Nov 2019
We were on an outing
It was chilly
We were sleeping
Under the same blanket

Your foot provided warmth
To my foot, to be exact
I didn't move after that
You didn't too and I was glad

You were extra touchy that day
Have you always been this way?
Yeah, I think, back during college days
Overthinking about this really isn't okay

I should really stop thinking
Of possibilities
Yep, it's just because of the recency
There's just no meaning to it

So let's stop remembering
The warmth of our touching skin
'Cause even the sandcastle we built
Was already eaten by the angry waves
© Cepheus October 25, 2018
Nov 2019 · 80
XIII Nov 2019
I brought you once to waveboarding
I plan to bring you again
How about some waterboarding?
© Cepheus September 10, 2018
Nov 2019 · 98
I Have No Heart
XIII Nov 2019
“A heart that is yours is a heart that loves you.”
"© Daddy "
© Cepheus August 22, 2018
Nov 2019 · 96
ALT + 0169
XIII Nov 2019
I understand
I hurt you
You did not deserve that
But I did not deserve this too

What, you ask?
Everytime I read yours, I gasp
Those were my children, my words

Can you not think of something original?
True, you alter it subtly
But those bullets are obviously from my arsenal

Some might say that I should be proud
For you drew your inspiration from mine
But gods, I am those kids' dad
I fvcking have the copyright
© Cepheus August 17, 2018
Nov 2019 · 85
XIII Nov 2019
It's funny how I got it
After I dumped my deposit
I lift my shirt
And bit
My left ring finger instead of the fabric

Few days later I totally forgot about it
Watched in horror how my nail seems to start decaying
Thought that along with my heart, where it's scientifically connected—
now it also faced its death

I remembered after though that that wasn't the case
My dead ring fingernail that up until now, stinks
Along with the other end of its veins
Was all caused by my own self
And its refusal to let go and make 'em start to heal
"Nail fungus."
© Cepheus August 17, 2018
XIII Nov 2019
Will a Beauty still come?
No I won't keep my hopes up
I, for one, knows how painful it is for the world to let you down
So I've learned how to stood by as the rose petals fall, and quietly watch

No Beauty will arrive
No, not for a hideous demon roaming the earth alive
Who would? None, not in their right mind
No one will be able to bear my slime

No one will be able to see what's beyond
What's inside before I had acquired my fangs
The me when I still wasn't a madman
But I guess, that is just fine

I don't deserve it anyway
At least that's how the world wants it to play
So be it, hate everything until I rot away
Being the Beast that I am, I'll have it the world's way
© Cepheus August 10, 2018
Nov 2019 · 120
Love-Fueled Poet No More
XIII Nov 2019
Just for the record
Once, I used to write love poems
Yep, I did, before

Fluttering feelings of euphoria
Used to be my genre
Cause I'm a natural Casanova
Keeping you feeling loved is my number one agenda

Yet you broke me
Of all people, really
Understandably, I'm now unable to write sweet poems about what took my sanity
"'Cause you fvcked me."
© Cepheus August 10, 2018
Nov 2019 · 176
XIII Nov 2019
It's a paradox

You're not fvcked up
But someone fvcked you up
You become fvcked up
So you fvcked someone up
And that someone becomes fvcked up
And will eventually **** someone up
Until everyone in this fvcking world becomes fvcked up

And we all end up in a fvcking ****-radox
© Cepheus August 10, 2018
Nov 2019 · 114
Oh Glenda Aboga-DIE
XIII Nov 2019
Oh Glenda
Have you received your karma?
I sure hope you already did
'Cause if not, I'd give it myself

I was reminded of what you did
So subtle, it took me three years
You probably don't even remember
But to me it still lingers

If you think about it
The beginning of the end all started with you
Sure it could've happened either way
But the finger who pulled the trigger was yours

Oh no, don't worry
It's not only you who's to blame
I still find her the most guilty
Oh you won't mind joining my little hate-game

Remember your seemingly innocent teasing?
Like you were so fond of us back then
But at the back of your mind you find me so naive
The truth is, you were really disgusted

That's why you had to step up
You felt the need to save
Oh yes, 'cause a fully-consensual-same-***-relationship is a no-no to you, no, not on your watch
Who knows, I might've gotten her enslaved

And so you had to evangelize
Just in case she had forgotten hell
Shove the grisly details into her mind
She's fragile, so she kissed-and-tell...

Goodbye to me
She won't fight for a love if it'd deny her an entrance to the pearly gates of course
Who'd trade an eternal happiness for a mere human being like me
So much for a "loving god", huh, go figure

Anyways, I am holding you accountable
For one soul was apparently being saved,
is equivalent to one soul to fall
How are you going to own up to this, babe?

You know you didn't have the right
I would've tore your nose apart
For rudely sticking itself to what was clearly NOT YOUR MESS

But then you were instantly gone
I couldn't even shot you a deathly glare
You just went AWOL, over and done
Oh dear, do you fvcking think that was fair?

And so you two left me in despair
Desperately wishing that karma's really an evil *****
Giving my faith to it that you two'll eventually get what you deserve
For making a perfectly loving person turn into an insane world-hating ****** who with just the mention of the word L-O-V-E, in anger and sorrow, cringe and twitch

Don't even try to wash your hands, no, no
No matter what you say I've made up my mind, I sing blah blah blah
Dareka no sei ni shitai yo
Tsurai na iya iya

For your weak brains to understand, in other words
Listen, or rather, read:
I want to make it someone else's fault
It hurts so much. I hate it. I hate it.

If you didn't know
Love + pain = hatred
Oh, of course you won't
I forgot you two are saints

Well, wait 'til you experience the same judgments and emotional torture I did
I just have a few last words to bid
Like what's in your surname, ABOGA-something, memory's not that sharp, aye
The letters I'm sure in it is, **DIE
"Throwback hatred Thursday. "
© Cepheus August 9, 2018
Nov 2019 · 84
Nobody Knows
XIII Nov 2019
Even if I love, nobody knows,
The footsteps that conceal you,
As you watch the curtain of tonight approach,
We want each other endlessly, crazily,
Without anybody knowing the liberation of one’s sigh

With this, we will be able to embrace the scent of crime and meet,
Excuses, such as not being able to sleep due to a fever, does not matter

Pushing you to the wall, baby checkmate,
The situation where we can’t help but melt into one other,
What are you still afraid of?
I’m next to you; in the depths of your body, baby

Even the satisfying fate,
Even the beautiful eternity,
It doesn’t matter anymore; you’re everything,
Getting drawn into your mesmerizing eyes,
Without anybody knowing my daily life

If you don’t want to tell a lie,
Don’t say anything until I open my eyes,
Only I know the truth; that this is not a nightmare but love

The bitter and sad black chocolate,
The communication we send by our mouths,
Because you promised that tears meant the end,
Now we are feeling each other on the next level

I want to see the blue sky with you in the future,
Can I dream of that? Secretly in my heart, without you knowing,
Nobody knows the words that are carried through this melody,
As I play the piano behind your back while you sleep,

I’m next to you; in the depths of your body, baby

Even if I love, nobody knows,
The footsteps that conceal you,
As you watch the curtain of tonight approach,
We want each other endlessly, crazily,
Without anybody knowing the liberation of one’s sigh

Even the satisfying fate,
Even the beautiful eternity,
It doesn’t matter anymore; you’re everything,
Getting drawn into your mesmerizing eyes,
Without anybody knowing my daily life
"© Nobody Knows by Tohoshinki English Translation"
© Cepheus February 26, 2018
Nov 2019 · 85
Lunar Eclipse
XIII Nov 2019
As the earth gets in between the sun and the moon
The heart that was frozen blue, thaws
Before that sweet blood shatters
In that split-second darkness
"Go along with the 152-year-spectacle."
Prisoners should be freed from their cell
© Cepheus February 1, 2018
Nov 2019 · 82
Two Hearts
XIII Nov 2019
I had to let you go
to make your heart whole.
Even though it means
leaving my heart broken into pieces.
© Cepheus January 21, 2018
Nov 2019 · 77
Once upon a time...
XIII Nov 2019
You stopped me from writing
You said wait until 2018
Then assess my feelings
If I still feel the same
Before I go publishing
The poem I've written
During that time when everything was on whirlwind

I've patiently waited
As I've promised
It's fine now, isn't it?
I am now opening my tight-sealed lips
To tell of an untold fairy tale
That no matter how tragic
I believe, hasn't ended yet
"If it's still not happy, it's not yet the end. "
© Cepheus January 19, 2018
Nov 2019 · 85
The King of Aethiopeia
XIII Nov 2019
Cepheus* *is the King of Aethiopeia
It is the
new reign of a new kingdom
A ruler that lives by re-branding
J ust and P* eace
© Cepheus January 19, 2018
XIII Nov 2019
Find me in this haystack of poets—
soaring where words and rhyme meets.
Find the poems still dedicated to you—
that you're still immortal in ink and in my heart too.
"You still win a hundred of poems against Stella. "
© Cepheus January 19, 2018
Nov 2019 · 155
J ust P laying
XIII Nov 2019
under the pretense of someone else
behind a new pseudonym
will someone recognize who's within?
will someone find that it's just you hiding?
© Cepheus January 19, 2018
Nov 2019 · 78 active now
XIII Nov 2019
Whenever I see your name
With that little circle colored green
On a bubble drawn with your face
My heart can't help but race
Race into a turmoil of pain
Like we're in a different place
Yet so near in a virtual space
Like I can just type a few keys
To trouble you again with my feelings
But I stop myself and grit my teeth
For that's the thing you'd want the least
For I am someone you'd want to be over with
And I could just delete our message
But for me it's too much waste
Because I'll always want to reminisce
The words we used to exchange
Because it's always you I miss
No matter how stupidly martyr it is
But then whenever we're both active
I found myself leaving
For I know you don't feel the same
And yet I foolishly spend everyday this way
© Cepheus January 19, 2018
Nov 2019 · 86
Hide & Seek
XIII Nov 2019
I'll go hide
You'll be the it
I'll go full camouflage
Don't expect me in the closet

You started the countdown
For you I'll be invisible
For I am someone you wish is gone
Open your eyes and you'll see me no more

But know that this game will never end
You will look for me whether you like it or not
For I am the only one that can complete your existence
I am the bearer of our sentence's dot
© Cepheus January 18, 2018
Nov 2019 · 100
I'm All Ready
XIII Nov 2019
I am Cepheus the king
And I ride a phoenix
Though dethroned
Cassiopeia shall come back soon
© Cepheus January 17, 2018
Nov 2019 · 86
Cepheus' Death
XIII Nov 2019
Goodbye Cepheus, goodbye
You have let go and had that last cry

Goodbye Cassiopeia, goodbye
It is another constellation's time now
Jan 2018 · 617
Spoiled Untold Words
XIII Jan 2018
My words
that are written are swords.
They hold the truth
to my thoughts—
stabbing cold,
sometimes old
but always bold,
left to be spoiled
but I still hold.
It is time to speak of the untold.
Are you ready?
Nov 2017 · 669
Do While
XIII Nov 2017
Would you rather have a longer do while loop?
Should I change the datatypes of the variables stored?
From int
To bigint?

I’d rather not
Coz it should be fixed asap
If it’s a bug
Before it’s too late and the production has gone live
Programmer problems.
Nov 2017 · 586
XIII Nov 2017
You asked me,
"If there's recreation, would you still choose to love me?
I wish it's me.
Sorry, but I wish it's still me."

This is my answer, my love,
**"This is my recreation,
and I still choose you."
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