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Jan 2015
I almost died last night,
I only died that night.
I filled myself to the brim with poison,
And I swear I died that night.
Stumbled around the treehouse,
I swear I had no sight.
I had all my friends worried,
That I would die that night.
So now I'm hearing stories,
the truth comes out of my plight.
How I did and said stupid things,
and how I almost died that night.
I'm sorry to burden you with my body,
I'm sorry I vomited on the floor.
I'm sorry that I layed in your bed,
Drenched in used Chipotle.
I'm sorry I called you the wrong name,
but everything about me that night was wrong.

I almost died last night,
but I'm still alive.
Throw up in my hair,
tears in my eyes.
Sorry isn't good enough.
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