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14.5k · Sep 2011
"The Scarlet Letter"
Wuji Sep 2011
Hester was imprisoned for her sin,
She had betrayed her own kin.
By ******* with a different man,
She ruined her family's master plan.

They could've lived peacefully in Boston,
If it wasn't for Hester's sin.
Now her husband wants pay back,
On the man who was with Hester in the sack.

While in prison Hester had a little girl,
She decided to call her Pearl.
As an added bonus she received a new family crest,
A scarlet letter for her breast.

As she walked out of jail,
Her life seemed to derail.
As the people in the crowd,
Mocked her with a tone so loud.

She stood on the scaffold so she could repent,
While the townspeople picked at her feelings like she was a dent.
Her husband manged to get into the crowd,
He put a finger to his lips for he was too proud.

When it was over Pearl and her went home,
To a cottage far away so they could be alone.
Hester tailored cloths to keep her family alive,
For in family values they were not deprived.

She decided she would still perform good deeds,
Helping the town's people with all there needs.
She beat the system with hard work and determination,  
Even if her sin will send her to an eternity of damnation.

A scarlet letter "A",
To separate night from day,
To make Hester pay.
We'll see what society has to say,
Will spirit be broken, nay.

Her husband went to find the guy,
Who ****** his wife and denied.
He then got a patient for him to care for,
Arthur Dimmesdale, who was the *****.

Almost certain that he was the one,
The doctor had himself some vengeful fun.
He wanted the priest to feel his pain,
At this point the doctor is no longer sane.

He bombed his thoughts with mental missiles,
The words he said hurt like wild whistles.
The priest knew he needed to repent as well,
He tortured himself till blood was the only thing he could smell.    

But that was not enough for the priest,
For the visions of his sin wouldn't cease.
So he stood on the scaffold so he could repent,
He screamed in the night but no one gave him their two cents.

Until his lover and daughter came to the scene,
And then something magical happened like it would in a dream.
A meteor flew down from the heavens and marked in the sky,
A letter "A" way up high.

The Priest and Hester deiced to meet,
In the forest in about a week.
They talked and made a plan,
To get out of this foreign land.  

After the Priest's last speech,
The family would leave for an European beach.
But the doctor found this out,
And boarded a trip on the same route.

But before the family tried to leave,
The priest had some unfinished ends he needed to weave.
He ripped off his shirt and there on this chest,
A ****** scarlet "A" just like the one on Hester's breast.

A scarlet letter "A",
To separate night from day,
To make Arthur pay.
We'll see what society has to say,
Will faith be broken, nay.

The priest then died right there,
Giving all the town people a scare.
The doctor had never got his full pay pack,
The purpose of life, he now lacked.

Now for the good news you will hear,
The doctor died within the next year.
Pearl and Hester left that place,
And went back to their home base.

Pearl married a rich man,
Despite being the "devil's brand".
But as for Hester she had returned,
To the place that she yearned.

Back to Boston where she was labeled,
But this time the scarlet letter "A",
Didn't mean "Adulteress",
It meant "Able".    

A scarlet letter "A",
To separate night from day,
To make Hester pay.
She changed what society had to say,
With her spirit, she had created her own way.
Basically a poem version of a summer reading book I had to read and pretty much my best byproduct of procrastination. All credit to the author and the story he told of course.
9.7k · Jun 2012
Wuji Jun 2012
Feeling so worthless,
I can't digress,
I'm just worthless.

I never take the gold,
This is getting old,
All the racers pass by,
You see,
I'm worthless.

Wish I could repress,
The fear in my chest,
That I am just worthless,

I'll never be there,
For all to stare,
Lifted high above,
I'll be alone,
At home,
No one there because I'm...

A pest,
Retreat to my nest,
Where I am more than less.

Can't escape that bar code,
Bars me to a price.
But feel free to take me for free,
Since I am a grain of rice.

Thinking really gets you sometimes.
5.6k · Aug 2011
Wuji Aug 2011
In this world, this imperfect world,
So many problems are born.
Everlasting conflict,
Which as a collective species,
we are torn.

Do animals have rights?
Is there a God?
Did we come from primates?
Is the answer to the problems war?
Everyone just shakes and nods.

We deserve to know,
What's going on in this show,
That we call life.

Is it too much to ask,
To have a chat,
With the man behind the mask?

Please don't stall,
Cause I can no longer take,
This truth withdrawal.

None of us are thinking,
We are all brothers after all.
Everyone shares the same planet,
We all drink the same water.
Can't we just peacefully share this big blue ball?

Everyone seems to want answers,
But they don't know who to ask.
Pious fools pray for the knowledge,
Citizens look towards the government,
Only to get the answer from a mask.

We deserve to know,
What's going on in this show,
That we call life.

Is it too much to ask,
To have a chat,
With the man behind the mask?

Please don't stall,
Cause I can no longer take,
This truth withdrawal.

Too many questions!
Even more answers!
They believe what they are told,
And go back to their daily routine,
Like hypothesized dancers!

That's why I just say,
Makes more sense then the other ******* you feed us.
Why don't you believe us?
Your political answers are just lies,
To protect the nationalistic demise,
Of our country.
Just tell us the ******* truth!

We deserve to know,
What's going on in this show,
That we call life.

Is it too much to ask,
To have a chat,
With the man behind the mask?

Please don't stall,
Cause I can no longer take,
This truth withdrawal.
5.3k · Jun 2012
Alaskan Sunrise
Wuji Jun 2012
I want to find my Alaskan Sunrise.
Her appearance rare but burned into memory.
Whose warmth begins a new era in time.
Doesn't last long but neither does high tide.
Her beauty is an Alaskan Sunrise.
Burns away evils of the past.
Replacing my thoughts with a warmth that will last.
The light at the end of the month,
Tunnels of darkness a tricky labyrinth.
But I will find that Alaskan Sunrise,
All in good time,
As I wait out the dark,
Dreams of her warmth,
Warms the hollow tree's bark.
My Alaskan Sunrise will melt the dark ice cold,
Erase the old,
Replace with gold,
Hell, I'm already sold.
Alaskan Sunrise,
All in good time.
I can wait in the darkness.
Wuji Jul 2012
With a smile the martyr ascends.
Killing for peace.
Dieing for peace.
Thrives for peace.

With a smile the martyr ascends.
Paradise in eyes they die.
Tears in eyes they die.
Twisted ties of us all seem to die.

With a smile the martyr ascends.
As he ascends he lives on.
Everyone mocks the martyr and where he will live on.
Some claim he will not live on.

Martyr martyr I believe you live on.
Your cross can carry you,
Into the caressing arms of your dreams.
Martyr martyr can you take me?
I've wanted to be happy for so long.

With a smile the martyr ascends.
They all laugh.
Shunning him they all laugh.
Mocking his one hit or miss chance to finally find peace they all laugh.

With a smile the martyr ascends.
They all think less of you I am sorry.
They all hate you for your sacrifice I am sorry.
Your god will reward you because it too will be sorry.

Martyr martyr I believe you live on.
Your cross can carry you,
Into the caressing arms of your dreams.
Martyr martyr can you take me?
I've wanted to be happy for so long.
Stop laughing at him.
4.7k · Dec 2011
Wuji Dec 2011
Imperfections, Imperfections, Imperfections
Imperfections, Imperfections.

That's all that she sees.
Looking at the mirror,
Markin herself up,
With a thousand fees.

Sees something that,
She don't like,
She has to workout,
Go for a hike.

She doesn't like,
The way she looks.
Gonna fix herself up,
With some needles and hooks.

Sees everything bad,
Though she looks good.
But some people knock her down,
Knowing she'd call the vultures to pick her for food.

But what she don't get,
About herself,
Is that a high opinion of you,
Is true wealth.

Also she must think,
About others.
Tell an obese woman,
That you are the fat one when you stand in-font of her.

Tell the starving boy,
That you're the scrawny dude.
Tell the average American,
You eat too much food.

Think about what you say,
Cause someone might have it worse.
Don't say you want to die,
Like the dear family member in the hearse.

Remember that the perfection of something,
Is what you think is right.
But how can anything be so,
When we have all lost sight?
For those who play "I spy" on themselves looking for every unwanted detail.
4.3k · Mar 2012
Wuji Mar 2012
Justice isn't doing the right thing.
It's just about balancing the scale,
Between right and wrong.

He killed a man,
You know what to do.
Chamber to his head click click boom.

The scale must always be,
In a mutual state.
Who ever touches the scale will meet their fate.

Eye for an eye,
Who can argue with that.
Strike for strike, **** for ****, prepare to receive your bill.

You owe us many of things,
An arm, a leg, a wife, three fingers,
And everything else you took away.

If your life doesn't pay the toll.
We will simply carry the ones,
And take them from those who you love.

This is blind justice,
For how can it care.
It is a scale,
Libra is always fair.
The stars say I am Libra. Stars can't talk.
4.0k · Jul 2012
Beaches Of Dubai
Wuji Jul 2012
Another day goes by on the beaches of Dubai,
And I'm sitting here drinking my tea.

No explosions or death,
Erosion not theft.
Just enjoying my days on the beaches of Dubai.

Planes over head,
My head filling with dread,
As the bombs begin to drop from the sky.

Now we all need to say,
Goodbye to the beaches of Dubai.

Bombed for our oil,
Exterminated for our pride.
We now say goodbye to Dubai.

Big American men,
Dressed in gold suits and ties.
They will always deny.

Their seeing off the land tonight,
Can't wait to get their prize,
That big old slice of oil flavored pie.

And they will never learn to share.

Now we all need to say,
Goodbye to the beaches of Dubai.
Those beaches.
3.8k · Jul 2012
Mr. Mosquito
Wuji Jul 2012
Drained drained drained,
Drained my life again.
Mosquitoes will drain until the end ,
Drained drained again.
They drain the blood and life,
They are ******* knife.
But as they drain your life again,
They can only descend,
And descend,
Until out of sight.
Can't see swarm ahead?
Must be out of mind.
So the saying goes,
True words always rhyme.
Mosquito mosquito,
You must have drained my life.
I am full of empty thoughts,
The only thing looking good is that knife.
Sorry Mr. Mosquito,
This time I take the blood.
And if the scent lures you in,
You have clearly had enough.
If I drain the blood,
Will it remove the pain?
Or maybe the mosquito will help me out,
And allow me to avoid a carpet stain.
Mr. Mosquito,
It looks like you are all that I remain.
Are you jealous of the husk you ******,
Who can no longer feel pain?
Drain the sinks before closing.
3.8k · Jan 2012
Metallic Utensils
Wuji Jan 2012
With a family that is not mine.
I sit there waiting,
Am I just wasting time?
Metallic utensils,
Dance on the plates.
Scratching and scraping,
What a horrible date.
Father looks *******,
Daughter ******* on and on.
"Cut your hair!"
You think I care?
The spell is fading,
I am starting to wake up.
But my bed,
Is oddly comforting.
So stay in bed.
Although knowing,
That soon,
I will,
Need to,
Get up.
Why am I still here?
3.6k · Nov 2012
Anaconda Scarf
Wuji Nov 2012
There's a serpent around me,
Coils me close.
Rough skin scratching,
Holes in my coat.
It's rolling like waves of sand paper,
Tearing the life outta me.
But the closeness,
Reminds me of a time of peace.
Funneling poison down my own throat,
Grind my flesh on jagged rocks and roads.
Walking on hot stones to the motivate my step,
Putting on my anaconda scarf to keep warm from the daft.
If I am hurting,
Then how can you hurt me more?
Can't be drowning,
If I'm beached at shore.
My snake protects me with pain,
Chokes the hopes outta me.
I'm turning from blue to purple,
But let me drown in my own sea.
It is rather cozy.
3.6k · Jul 2012
For I Am A Lighthouse
Wuji Jul 2012
I will keep looking,
For I am a lighthouse.

I will always see the good in everything,
For I am a lighthouse.

Confused I will search for answers,
For I am a lighthouse.

Help any ship along the sea,
For I am a lighthouse.

Wait in a single spot unmoving,
For I am a lighthouse.

Slowly decaying from the inside,
For I am a lighthouse.

Alone for all my days,
For I am a lighthouse.

Never will have any true partner,
Because no one builds two lighthouses next to each other.
What a job.
3.5k · Dec 2012
The Libra and The Leo
Wuji Dec 2012
Destined to dominate,
Taming a fierce lion.
Velvet whip at the ready,
The cracks make her purr.

She is so used to being in control,
My time to take the reigns.
Give her pain and suffering,
To make the scale equal again.

She might want to win,
But she loves when I bring her to her knees.
Manipulating the monster,
That I thought controlled me.

Your sentence is simple,
Eye for an eye.
You killed me inside out,
Now it's your time to die.

Glad you did your research,
Now it's time for the test.
Will you fight me off,
Or can you truly not resist?

I have the power in this cage,
Lock me in,
So I can't engage.
You would look it up. What better place than the sky?
3.0k · Oct 2011
Wuji Oct 2011
I am a puppet,
Here are my strings.
This one's for my mouth,
And this one's for my wings.

You can make me fly,
O so high, in the sky,
Till I die.

You are in control,
Just the way you like it I'm sure.
Making me do tricks,
Getting all of your sick kicks.

You stand above me,
With your fidgeting fingers.
Making me dance around,
To your favorite singers.

Make me jump,
Make me fly,
Make me happy,
Make me cry,
Make me crazy,
Make me high,
Control where I look,
With my eyes.

I do your biding,
Like it or not.
I'm addicted to your control,
Like some are to ***.

I feel like,
It'll be this way till I die.
Yet you drop some scissors,
What are you trying to imply?

But now I found the scissors,
And you know what I'm going to do?



I didn't really think this through...

Because before I knew,
It I fell to the floor.
Like an overdosed,
Ritalin *****.

Lifelessly alone laying,
On the ground.
The only thing I hear,
Is your fake laughing sound.

So there I lay limb over limb,
Not knowing where to go.
Then to my dismay,
You mange to cause me even more woe.

For beside me,
A new puppet takes my place.
And your once gentle hand,
Comes down on me, and I am erased.  

Now I think,
I miss your strings.
And all of your,
Cute little things.

I might have been a puppet,
But I loved my master.
Until she got bored,
And caused this disaster.

I loved a disaster,
Which was my master.
But what should I know?

I am just a puppet.
A puppet is no good without it's strings.
2.9k · Dec 2012
Charming Sex Toy
Wuji Dec 2012
A charming *** toy,
That is all I am to you.
One who will still stay close,
And ******* too.

A charming *** toy,
With good looks and scary eyes.
I'll pleasure you for hours,
But love, I will always deny.

A charming *** toy,
To make you hurt like you do to others.
I'll make you beg for forgiveness,
For touching me under the covers.

A charming *** toy,
For when you feel alone.
Wishing someone would make you pay,
When you don't want to leave your home.

A charming *** toy,
What if you fell for me?
How could it possibly work,
When I will never be there for you like he.

A charming *** toy,
Only I can say no.
Though ******* you my little slave,
Is the only thing I know.

A charming *** toy,
Why should I even feel?
An unemotional psychopath like me,
Should just enjoy the meal.
That really is what I am.
2.8k · Apr 2012
Prison Cell 3025
Wuji Apr 2012
So hot in the stone walled algebra room.
Heat suffocates the students leaving us all confused.
Got so hot in there all I could do was rip out my hair.
Ripped it out chunk by chunk until it was all gone and I was bald.
But, but, but, still too hot.
Stripped to nothing I threw off all my cloths.
Sat at my desk naked and bald.
Now I am far too cold...
I get bored in math.
2.7k · Sep 2011
Wuji Sep 2011
Are a,

My blood,
All day and night.

I like the distance between us,

The thought,
Of ripping you off,
Causes me great fright.

I look at you,
My parasite.

Cannot believe,
There is anything more beautiful in sight.

For you,
Have my blood,
And replaced it with venom.

And plan to bomb my heart with terrorist.
Go ahead,
Send 'em.

For I know,
That when my heart explodes,
It will be too much for you to bear.

And you will explode,
Into a scarlet blaze,
Knowing that I no longer care.
A relationship shouldn't feel like leech therapy, should it?
2.6k · Jul 2012
Emotion Umbrella
Wuji Jul 2012
Standing by myself before gates of open sky,
There she stands in front of me looking right into my eyes.
Open plains but I know the rain might just pour down,
So I stay hidden away under my umbrella.
Every answer is empty not caring what we do,
Whatever you want I promise I'll be content.
It's not a lie, no not all I just want to be your doll,
But I am locked in my emotion umbrella can't even feel the rain.
Never a chance of getting wet or misstep because I am protected from the pain.

Anything I want next time?
How about you get me out of this thing?
I don't need any promises any more,
Meet me at the door.
Because I can't walk in there with my emotion umbrella.
That touch will always tease me.
2.5k · Jul 2012
Strawberry Cake
Wuji Jul 2012
Dead neck down,
Smile on face,
Feed me friend,
Let me eat cake.

Can't dance like everyone,
That's not how I roll.
Fateful accident,
****** up my world.

At least I get that strawberry cake,
Licking the fingers of my good friend.
I can feed her too,
If she is willing to play pretend.

If it's not broke don't fix it,
When it does you replace.
Stop feeding me so much,
I'm choking on strawberry cake.

I can't stop her and the food,
Shoved down my throat I chew.
Shoveling handfuls in,
How much more of this can I do?

Stopped breathing then,
Couldn't believe my fate.
A tragedy,
Killed by strawberry cake.
Not a bad dream if I wasn't paralyzed.
2.5k · Aug 2011
How To Conquer Death
Wuji Aug 2011
People die everyday,
Once they die for their sins they will pay.
Like actors in a play,
They leave the stage at the close of the day.

But what of the actors that stay,
The ones who's hair have turned gray?
The old ship captain forever watching over the bay?
The dog that eternally remains a stray?

What if they had conquered death,
By committing the ultimate theft?
By stealing life to prolong the woe,
Just by eating a fallen crow.

Eat a crow,
And you will know,
How to play the main role,
In your own show.
You will conquer death,
Be better then all the rest!
In fact you'd be the best,
If you just eat the crow.

It gets better I assure you,
You don't even need to make a stew.
Who even knew,
That eating it raw will do?

Just find one on the ground,
In fact find a bunch and make a mound.
Luckily for us crows can be found,
All year round.

You know you want to conquer Death.
Come on you kleptomaniac, commit the theft.  
Steal some life to prolong the woe,
Eat the ******* crow.

Eat a crow,
And you will know,
How to play the main role,
In your own show.
You will conquer death,
Be better then all the rest!
In fact you'd be the best,
If you just eat the crow.

Eat a crow,
Eat a crow,
Eat a crow,
Conquer Death and eat a crow.

It worked for me,
It'll work for thee.
I am not as old as can be,
I am almost sixteen.

Haven't died yet,
So does that mean I've conquered Death?
I ate the crow,
How could I have said no?

Eat a crow,
And you will know,
How to play the main role,
In your own show.
You will conquer death,
Be better then all the rest!
In fact you'd be the best,
If you just eat the crow.
Thank you Sara Nicole Gagnon, our conversion on crows inspired me to right this. I still don't get why you are frightened by such an elegant bird.
2.5k · Feb 2012
Current Colosseum Clashes
Wuji Feb 2012
Watching men defeat each other,
Like it's our own little Colosseum.
People pay to be up close,
To be with the winning team as they boast.

The women stand at the side,
Cheering for front line tide.
They will crash with the other team's wave,
Split the difference bets are made.

Body on body they battle each other,
Do they even know one and another?
Or do they just follow the coach's words,
"Push forward boys, make them hurl."

Game after game,
They do the same thing.
Win or lose,
They still get paid.

Paid the big bucks to put on a show,
Commercials roll on before you know.
Get you to buy, get you to watch,
Buy this ****** like Miss March.

Forty-Sixth battle same as all before.
Crowds will still cheer, the cheerleaders are all ******.
Losers will *****, and the Referee always *****.
These mindless men get paid the big bucks.
The CCC keeps the masses appeased.
2.3k · Aug 2011
Wuji Aug 2011
The boys marched off to war one by one,
They thought that war would be very fun.
Hunting and killing bad guys,
Destroying the ones that plot our demise.
The boys marched off to war, O' war.  

The second squad came in two by two,
They heard that the first squad went, "kablew".
Scared a little they marched on,
Spinning their little tiny batons.
The second squad marched off to war, O' war.

Body bags came back three by three,
Blood dripping down to their knees.
Mothers and fathers gather around,
As their children are put in the ground.
We just let them die, for lies.
"Ants go marching one by one."
2.2k · Feb 2012
Sappy Love Poem
Wuji Feb 2012
She's a freak,
She's quite meek,
And her cheeks,
Are divine.
Not sure,
If it's love,
But is that a crime?
To like,
A little crush,
On a girl so cute.
I barely know,
Much about her,
But I'd gladly,
Change that truth.
So let's sit,
On a couch,
And watch some movies.
Get to know each other better,
Or maybe you might,
Just slip me some roofies.
I guess that works too,
But if you go,
That route,
May I say,
No need,
To drug me,
I won't complain.
I want,
To be,
For you.
Twisted love poem? Yes.
2.1k · Mar 2012
Wuji Mar 2012
Pumping iron,
Sweating blood,
Gritting teeth,
Plays in mud.

Macho man,
Athlete of space,
Needs to win,
Every race.

Loves his body,
Masturbates all night.
Looks straight in the mirror,
**** to his own sight.

Goes to the gym,
To wallow in sweat.
Work out, work out, work out,

Can't stand them,
We all call them jocks.
Self centered ignorant *****,
Wish they could **** their own *****.
Cannot stand them.
2.0k · Aug 2011
Poor Lady MacDuff
Wuji Aug 2011
"The thane of fife had a wife,
And where is she now?"

...She's dead,
...She's dead,
...She's dead,

And now she's in heaven or hell,
Probably hell.
Quoted part is from the play "Macbeth". I made this up on the spot while reading the passage out loud to the rest of the classroom and they enjoyed it. Read it to yourself to the tune of "BINGO".
1.8k · Oct 2011
My Boomerang
Wuji Oct 2011
She is my boomerang,
The sad song I have on replay.

Every now and then,
She escapes me.

I break down thinking I lost her,
Only to have her return.

She's my boomerang,
The song I must of sang, a million times.

A repeated offense until it's a crime,
She's my boomerang.

I can't believe that I don't move,
Instead I just stand here waiting for you.

Every time you come back around,
I catch you and keep you safe and sound.

Only for you to leave me again.

She's my boomerang.
My crippled walking cane.
The cloud that causes rain.
My love who I disdain.
The reason for my pain.

Yet I catch you,


She's my boomerang,
And I know she'll be back again.
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool over and over and over again, SHAME ON ME.
1.7k · Aug 2012
Pimp's Birthday
Wuji Aug 2012
****'s birthday,
What to get?
Pimps got all I have.
Can't get you physical,
You have my state of mind,
Already locked under key.
It's too bad you'll never really know me.
I am much deeper than a *****,
More to my smile than ***.
I have a mind,
Of clashing thoughts,
Never knowing,
How to dress.
What can I possibly give you,
If you already claim to be happy?
If you don't need me,
Then why do I need you?
****'s birthday,
And I can't decide.
What do you want from me?
Don't you already know you have my hide...?
A gift card should do....
My present to you is anything.
1.7k · Oct 2012
Half Asleep On A Trampoline
Wuji Oct 2012
And I lay here looking at the sky,
Counting all the leaves that are prepared to die.
Yet they all stay up attached to their tree,
Helping it live on as they die from the disease,
Called Winter.

It's called Winter,
Freezes over the warmth.
It's called Winter,
Pauses back and forth.

And now you know you're trapped,
For nature's mid year nap.
Don't you love the taste of the sap,
As you fall down to your knees.

Until then I lay here.
Until then I will lie.
Waiting for the boss to come down,
And tells me that now is the time to die.

The birds are flying over head,
They make Vs in the sky.
Why not make tissues birds,
For all the ones who cry?

I wait here laying down,
Eyes upon the sky.
Waiting for that lucky bird,
To fall from reaching too high.

Or maybe he'll be alright,
Maybe he'll be just fine.
And just **** on me,
I pray that I am such a lucky guy.

Maybe the Winter will let me be,
Until then I look toward the sky.

Now it's getting dark,
Don't have a clue why,
But I see the bright lights over head,
Now I'm ready to die.
It was the first day of Jr. year and I just had to go home and be a kid.
1.6k · May 2013
February Fifth
Wuji May 2013
February fifth,
Rest an old hero,
Taught me many things I know.
Never explained in short word,
Unless it was goodbye.
Told me he loved his handsome grandson,
And let himself die.
Complicated beyond fixing,
Didn't stand a chance,
Once so fit and healthy,
Took a seat for his mid life dance.
Known throughout the world,
He had many friends,
Could get us in the places once we arrived,
With a whisper and a grin.
Announced to his whole plane,
That his grandson was born,
They all cheered my name,
Toasted to a new horn.
And now you are gone,
I look at you laying there,
Smiley sweet as if laughing,
That so many people cared.
I went up to the open casket,
And there I cried,
Rest In Peace Papa,
That was are final goodbye.
1.6k · Nov 2012
Wuji Nov 2012
Just a human being,
Just a ****** up thing.
I'll make up my mind and close on own coffin doors.

I dance with the crowd,
And sleep by myself.
Mounted high upon the hill tops of your superstitions.

I am so gently picked up,
But thrown harshly to the ground.
Your every word causes the balance in me to turn.

I can stare at you for days,
Or blink my eyelids away.
Always thinking of the moment when I will be at peace.

Just a human being,
Just a ****** up thing.
Is there a good reason I can't just be left alone?
I hope not...
1.5k · Nov 2012
Wuji Nov 2012
He stands back,
He lets the fire burn.
Understanding why each spark was lit.

Speaks his words fairly,
Truthfully with no bias.
He alone determines good from bad.  

You can't understand him,
He doesn't understand himself.
He might tempt you but don't expect him to take.

Seeing it all at once,
Yet knows how each piece works.
A man who likes to spectate.

He is looking at you now.
You look so happy.
He smiles.
I watch it all unfold.
1.4k · Jan 2015
I Almost Died Last Night
Wuji Jan 2015
I almost died last night,
I only died that night.
I filled myself to the brim with poison,
And I swear I died that night.
Stumbled around the treehouse,
I swear I had no sight.
I had all my friends worried,
That I would die that night.
So now I'm hearing stories,
the truth comes out of my plight.
How I did and said stupid things,
and how I almost died that night.
I'm sorry to burden you with my body,
I'm sorry I vomited on the floor.
I'm sorry that I layed in your bed,
Drenched in used Chipotle.
I'm sorry I called you the wrong name,
but everything about me that night was wrong.

I almost died last night,
but I'm still alive.
Throw up in my hair,
tears in my eyes.
Sorry isn't good enough.
1.4k · Aug 2012
You Can't Wait For Too Long
Wuji Aug 2012
I feel like I don't,
Life is but a joke,
As we all wait,
For that sarcastic punchline.

I love to wait,
I hate to hate,
But everyone around,
Disgusts me.

A hobby of mine,
Is to waste all my time.
Wishing and wanting,
For the next best thing.

Wish I could be,
The finalization of we,
We of all people
In one final being.

Until all things are one,
My waiting is never done.
Please join me,
As I wait for the sun.
The sun has a lot of meaning to me.
1.4k · Nov 2012
Desires Untold
Wuji Nov 2012
Death a theft,
Steal the life away.
Go away flooding light,
I hate your glare.
Reminding me of the blindness,
I once had to feel.
Superficial spot lights,
Seem to always shine through,
The dirtiest stained glass.

Never enough gas to keep me warm at night.
And it's a long night,
The darkness whispers,
Desires untold,
Not sure why I wrote this. Math class is weird.
1.4k · Mar 2012
You Are Happy
Wuji Mar 2012
You break my heart,
You move along,
And you are happy.

On to the next,
The next new best,
And you are happy.

You traded up,
I fell right down,
And you are happy.

Happy you were right,
Happy I was wrong.
Sad that you aren't tight,
Mad I saw your thong.

You conceited *****,
I built you up,
And you are happy.

Spread rumors like,
They're STDs,
And you are happy.

All of our love,
Been burned away,
And you are happy.

Happy you were right,
Happy I was wrong.
Sad that you aren't tight,
Mad I saw your thong.

See me with,
Someone new,
And you are happy.

Rose my fist,
Flipped you off,
And you are happy.

Called you a *****,
An open door,
And you are happy.

Happy you were right,
Happy I was wrong.
Sad that you aren't tight,
Mad I saw your thong.

Sad and alone,
All by yourself,
And you are happy.

Crying over,
Past memories,
And you are happy.

Cursed every,
Word you've said,
And you are happy.

Aren't you happy you were right?
I'm happy I was wrong.
Sad that you're even less tight?
Mad they all saw your thong?
I am happy.
1.4k · Oct 2011
Light Switch Love Affair
Wuji Oct 2011
On and off, on and off,
Lights are on,
Now it's dark.

This is the reason for my despair.

On and off, on and off,
Lights are on,
Now it's dark.
This is my love affair.

Light's are on,
Everything is great,
You and I,
A pair destined by fate.
Creating memories for us to forever know,
Neither of us wanting,
For this love to go.
It seemed the sun always shined,
You could make me smile anytime.
You knew my ins and outs,
All of my mental routes.

On and off, on and off,
Lights are on,
Now it's dark.

Light's are off,
Everything is covered in dark.
A giant part,
Is missing from my heart.
And as for the memories,
They are being painfully hammered into my head,
Every time I remember, one is nailed in deeper,
Causing me dread.
Can't be removed,
Can't be soothed,
My heart is now grooved.

On and off, on and off,
Lights are on,
Now it's dark,

Light's are on,
Everything is fixed.
Couldn't be happier,
I really missed this.
We decided that this wouldn't happen again,
Let's keep our love safe.
It seemed our thoughts wouldn't bend,
Closer and closer we got.
All my feelings of darkness,
I had forgot.

But then you stopped caring,
If the lights were on.
Claimed you could see in the dark,
You said that I was wrong.
This really is your fault.
But the sad thing is,
I wish it was mine.
So I could say sorry,
And we can flip the light switch on,
For one last time.

On and off, on and off,
Lights are on,
Now it's dark.

This is the reason for my despair.

On and off, on and off,
Lights are on,
Now it's dark.

I need someone that can have my heart repaired.

On and off, on and off,
The light bulb is broken,
Now it's forever dark.

This is my love affair.
Off and on. On and off. I wonder if you too suffer the cost.
1.4k · Sep 2012
My Pain Is Your Pleasure
Wuji Sep 2012
They like the way you bleed,
They like the way you scream.
It's a service to you and them,
It's a service that they need.  
You are a device.
You are a tool.
A Swiss army knife of pleasure.
Even if it costs you an arm.
Sharing is caring you know,
We share my blood in an oath.
Sister and I by blood,
Is this ******?
Will I ever get enough?
I have scratches,
I have scars,
I got bite marks all over my arm.
Takin blood,
Takin pain.
Because darling I love your eyes when your insane.  
We are the true animals,
We both come alive as we sense blood.
Your sharp blades and euphoria,
Are what really tie me to the ground.

And I smile the whole time,
Knowing that,
My pain is your pleasure.
Then I fade away.

Only to stop you at your discretion.
****. I feel so...innocent somehow.
Wuji Nov 2012
Inner peace,
The last piece.
See the whole picture,
Thanks to the inner piece.

Only I know what is right,
And guess who knows what's wrong.
Everything rests in my hands,
So no I won't get in your thong.

Can't you see I am trying to save you,
Don't you know you are in love?
Stop sending me invitations I can never deny,
You're already so high above.

I am not worth it,
Why chance a sure thing?
I am nothing special,
So just stay away okay?

You'd think I'd be divided in two,
But my body and mind our one.
I will always know what is best,
And when I can be wrong.

Not with you though,
Not now at least.
I wish I could be truly mad at you,
But I have found my inner peace.
You'll never find it. That is your flaw.
1.3k · Jun 2012
Here She Comes
Wuji Jun 2012
Here lies the bride,
****** ripped wide,
Married rich, a bribe.

Watch her walk,
The guests all talk,
Open mouthed minister gawks.

Masquerade party,
The lock and the key,
Binds two for all eternity.

The smile they share,
Warming with care,
Trapped in a stare.

Married, her dream fulfilled,
Kids, a home, family dinners, that's the drill,
No money for the bill.

Last chance to run,
Last chance for fun,
Eclipse the sun...

Here she comes.
And they liv...well they lived for a couple of years.
1.3k · Oct 2012
Can't Focus
Wuji Oct 2012
I've got that anxiety man,
Faces all around me seem to sag and frown.
Preacher man tells me to look at the sky not ground.
But I want to give the bugs the curusty of eye contact as I walk over them.
Why is their life so simple and mine so unsure?
Bet bugs don't even love they just **** and crawl on.

**** man, I hate all these eyes.
Tip toeing after me like the headlining band.
Not waiting to begin ******* as I head on my way in.
All the clocks say ten but the sun screams it's dawn.
Why aren't I in ******* bed right now...
Can someone shut that bird up!?
Birds in my head.
1.2k · Sep 2012
Wuji Sep 2012
Looking in your eyes,
Hoping you will decay.
Unleashing all your everything,
So I can get a taste.
Wondering if when you crumble,
Will the townspeople fix you up?
Or will the pieces stay where were left,
Even though we all know that's not right.

Can I keep a part anyway?
A souvenir for all the trouble?
Can I sleep with a smile sketched on my face,
Even if it's from denial?
Feast off the dieing because you'll never run out of food.
1.2k · Aug 2012
High On Your Narcissism
Wuji Aug 2012
Stabbing stabbing,
Never wishing he had,
Everything that makes him sad.
Once betrayed now he has his own goal,
To put in end to the ones that made him pay the toll.

People are disgusting,
Not only that but they are distrusting,
Always needing revenge for the most pointless of crimes.
Out doing each other because why not be better then what we were originally,
Why even try?

What bad taste,
That left in my mouth,
As all positive thoughts will head south.
Everyone hates someone but why does anyone care?
High on your narcissism you think no one compares.
It's sickening.
1.2k · Apr 2012
Wuji Apr 2012
Trying to reach the stars,
Rising rising and yet,
I am stopped by invisible bars.

Landlocked alone,
Clouds like curtains cut me off,
Chained to my home.

I see you and all of your grace,
Floating above the clouds,
Somewhere far out in space.

I fly forward with all my might,
Trying my best to get to,
This amazing sight.

But then the air stops me,
Holds me back from,
That which I need.

I push forward and forward till I begin to bleed.  
Can't break the barrier,
So I fall to the Earth as a seed.

Know what I want,
I want what I need,
But something blocks me from that which I see.
I will find my way through.
1.2k · Feb 2012
Wuji Feb 2012
Laying in bed,
Thoughts keep on turning.
Past seems too close,
All of my mistakes keep me yearning.

Yearning for those,
Who are up above.
Red Xs across my mind,
For those whom I loved.

Another one down,
Millions to go.
I was once a clueless boy,
Before tainted by a ***.

The taint which had painted,
My very soul.
Months of searching,
Just to be "Rick Roll'd".

My mind won't settle,
The storm will not calm.
Let the hurricanes rip out,
Each and every palm.

A gypsy, a nomad,
A pilgrim of the sun.
Tries to bring light to all,
Brought down by a gun.

Minds scattered,
The thoughts are no different.
"Who and where is she,
Why so indifferent!?"

So there I am,
Laying in bed.
Repeating the words,
That I should have said.
How many nights have I thought away?
1.2k · Apr 2012
Wuji Apr 2012
Printer sits in space,
Someone hit print to much.
Copies of people spew out,
True people loose touch.

Put on your North Face,
Slip on your UGGs.
Flirt with every ******* person,
Make fun of what you call bugs.

Coolest kid right?
Makes fun of those he doesn't get.
Threatens with violent words,
He'll get his way I bet.

A copy of a copy,
Popular in a house of mirrors.
Showing feelings isn't cool,
Mock the pioneers.  

Hate those copies,
Want them erased.
I'll go and break the printer,
That produces them in space.
I am not a copy.
1.2k · May 2012
Wuji May 2012
Everything I once thought was everything,
I have forgot.
All the feelings which I once felt,
Have left.
All the good times which lit my life,
I now drown in them in a kiddie pool.

Not with sadness,
Nor pleasure is there.
I have no feels for the past,
I no longer care.

A new light has entered,
I will catch it.
Better times have been had,
I will have more.
Nothing has been replaced with everything,
And once again I am whole.

Not with sadness,
But pleasure is there.
I have feelings for her,
I now care.
She is great.
Wuji Jul 2012
Unwanted living,
Can't stay for long.
All dies out,
Everything drowns.
Did your own dad,
Come to the final act?
Or was he not proud,
Of his son's wrath?

Who goes to killers' funerals?
And if they do,
Do they cry?
Who goes to killers' funerals?
Do they pretend,
They are in a happier time?

Killers were like you and me,
You and me were once babies,
Babies come from us,
We create killers.
We make funerals,
Killing innocents,
And blaming them,
We are at fault!

Who goes to killers' funerals?
And if they do,
Do they cry?
Who goes to killers' funerals?
Do they pretend,
They are in a happier time?

He was once a child,
Now he is dead.
The time in between,
Messed up his head.
Poor merciless killers.
1.1k · Jun 2012
Green Teens
Wuji Jun 2012
I am teenager and I want to be loud,
I am a **** and I **** around.
Smoking villages, smoking towns,
Teenage girls keepin me aroused!

**** nine lives I've only got one,
Got problems bro? "I feel bad for you son".
****** pop lyrics till the day is done,
****** teenagers already think they've won!

World is their oyster? More like a clam!
All the weirdos with their over done glam.
Sheltered sadist couldn't give a ****,
Girls so jealous of the Lady and the *****.

Smokin, smokin peace to all,
Relaxing freeloaders ignore all my calls.
Chill brother the world is just a big ball,
Getting throw into the sun like a glass vase to the wall.

Don't forget me! I'm the eyes.
Seeing all these strangers caramelize.
Suffer, suffer let the pain rise,
Karma gonna see to your demise.

Voices get quieter,
As I watch  them get higher,
Smiling so big, new furnace buyers.
I sit alone scared and tired.
Back in my day it was my day.
1.1k · Sep 2011
Wuji Sep 2011
You are,
Beyond the boundaries,
Of beauty.

You have,
Surpassed the sanctions,
Of sexiness.

You are,
Past the present idea,
Of perfection.

There is only one thing,
That you may not always be,
And that thing is being belonged by me.

So stay with me,
For I love you and you love me,
I want you to be apart of my,
Wuji Oct 2012
Pain is such a gain,
Love stitched into skin.
Smiling at that burning touch,
That I adore within in.
Delivered you to your lover's house,
Knowing you'll both have a better time,
Than I stuck inside my home alone,
I accept my own crime.
Your yeses and noes are constantly changing,
But I know that maybes can't be rearranged.
Can I keep this pain for myself,
Or must I move on...?
**** I hate this,
But what do you care?
You have someone always behind you,
I turn around to see that no one cares.
We touch to show our desires,
I think you are just a liar.
How can someone so happy with their partner,
Even glance my way?
I do everything. I withhold everything. I am the product of my own world.
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